90+ Fall Captions for Instagram

Autumn is special. Leaves are turning color, the nights are cooler, and it is time to snuggle up and plan for all the fun upcoming fall activities. You want to enjoy the season and take lots of pictures of fall activities to share with others.

Whether taking walks in the gorgeous countryside, hanging out in front of a warm fire, or enjoying your favorite fall sporting events, you want to share those moments with friends and family. Here are several photo captions to help you share those special autumn moments on your social media posts.

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Cute Autumn Captions for Instagram

Look at you doing fall!

  • I blossom in the autumn!
  • Which one is the pumpkin and which one is me?
  • Orange is my favorite color.
  • Call me cutie-pie!
  • Fall leaves make me glow!
  • Staying cozy in my new fall sweater.
  • Do I look good in the pumpkin patch?
  • These apples match my cheeks.
  • Loving the fall spices.
  • I’m letting summer go and saying hello to autumn.
  • Here comes fall.
  • Seeing summer in the rear-view mirror.
  • Feeling better in a sweater.
  • I look good in flannel.
  • Above all, fall!
  • Simplify, eat pie!
  • Awesome autumn!
  • No stress, just pumpkin obsessed.
  • I believe in leaves.
  • Kicking leaves with my new cute boots!
  • I fly on pie!
  • Me and a tree. How cool is that?
  • Autumn colors rock!
  • Can’t talk now with a mouth full of pie.
  • I smell fall in the air.
  • I look better in a sweater than in a bikini.
  • I’ll always remember September.
  • I’m falling for fall and football.
  • Love seeing autumn again.
  • Looks and feels like fall.
  • Does flannel make me look fat?
  • Keeping it real with autumn.

Funny fall caption for instagram posts.

Be-leaf in yourself!


Fall caption for Instagram photo posts.

Call me cutie-pie!


Funny Autumn Captions of photos with friends

Why do fall colors always tickle your funny bone?

  • It’s not true that pride comes before the fall.
  • Living apple-y ever after is the best revenge.
  • Look me in the eye and say pie!
  • I’m falling for fall!
  • You had me when you said pumpkin pie.
  • Having a ball in the fall!
  • Aren’t you glad we live in a world where there is October?
  • Overdosing on pumpkin pie spice.
  • I’m giving my all to fall!
  • I get by on pie.
  • You finally have a reason to wear all those hoodies.
  • Excuse the marshmallow drips!
  • Halloween is a great excuse for eating candy.
  • I can’t give blood because I’m too full of pumpkin spice.
  • Feeling a little corny today.
  • Aww-tumm rocks!
  • Fall gives me an excuse for eating donuts!
  • Autumn gives me a pumpkin smile.
  • There’s a pile of leaves just calling my name.
  • Who knew I looked so good in gold?
  • Turning over a new leaf this fall.
  • I always say be-leaf in yourself.
  •  Autumn leaves means long sleeves.
  • A pumpkin a day keeps the goblins away.
  • Getting ready to wobble when I gobble up that turkey.
  • Be-leaf in yourself!
  • Raking leaves me aching.
  • Friends don’t let friends eat apple pie alone.
  • Let’s have a gourd time this autumn.


Fall Captions of photos with friends

Sharing the joy of autumn with friends is the best.

  • Friends, let’s make this a September to remember.
  • Let’s do autumn together!
  • Hot cider and friends. Nothing could be better.
  • We look good in sweaters.
  • Let’s do fall lattes.
  • Let’s get ready for Halloween.
  • I’m happy when I’m sharing a hot drink on a cold day with you.
  • Can’t wait for you all and football!
  • We’re thick as thieves when we see leaves!
  • Here’s some advice, fill up with spice.
  • Hey, friend, you can finally get out all those fall scented candles.
  • Let’s get smashed on pumpkins.
  • Good news friends, it’s time for s’mores.
  • FALLing in love with fall and you!
  • Sweater weather is best with friends!
  • So excited to share fall with you dear friends.
  • September is the start of something new to share with friends.
  • Glad my friends like dressing up for Halloween!
  • I’m falling in love with sharing fall with friends.
  • Autumn is a magic time for us to share.
  • Friends are the pick of the pumpkin patch.
  • We’re always changing, just like the fall leaves. Glad to be on the journey with friends.
  • Together we rock sweater weather.
  • Feeling grateful to share fall with you.
  • Sharing this beautiful autumn with friends helps me stop missing summer.
  • So lucky my friends like hayrides and pumpkin patches.
  • Thankful for friends who like turkey as much as I do.
  • Staying calm and cozy and sharing fall with friends.
  • Aren’t we lucky we get to do fall?
  • Longer nights mean spending more time by the fire with my friends.
  • Autumn is the next chapter in the book of life we are sharing.

Fall caption for photo posts.

Autumn leaves means long sleeves.


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