How TunesBank Can Help You Convert Audible Content to MP3

Last Updated on August 24, 2021

With the continuous progress and development of the times, the pressure of modern life is enormous. All walks of life are affected accordingly, fast food, fast fashion, and even the way of reading consumption have undergone earth-shaking changes, from paper books, e-books to audiobooks.

Audible is one of the largest audiobook media platforms, it helps people listen to books to liberate their eyes. In this way, you can listen to audiobooks while doing your own things, saving precious time and learning what you want without spending too much effort.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But what you need to know is that Audible adds DRM protection to all audiobooks and encodes audiobook files into encrypted .aa and .aax formats to prevent people from downloading, copying, and transferring audiobooks to devices that are not authorized by Audible.

In other words, you can only play them on designated players and devices. It has become a major obstacle for us to enjoy Audible books. Fortunately, there is a TunesBank Audible Converter that can convert Audible to MP3 and other popular formats with ease. After that, you can play Audible on Sony Walkman, iPod devices, Apple Watch, Kindle devices, etc. without restrictions.

Today, we are going to discuss the performance and function of TunesBank Audible Converter in depth, and offer a simple and straightforward guide on how to convert Audible to MP3 with just few clicks.

TunesBank Audible Converter Review

TunesBank Audible Converter is a profession-grade tool to convert Audible to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC without install iTunes and login Audible account. Besides that, it can unlock the Audible DRM from audiobooks effortlessly. It is very convenient for those who want to play Audible on MP3 player and other non-Audible-approval devices.

What’s more, it can remain 100% lossless Audible audio quality, preserve all ID3 tags, metadata and chapters information like title, artist, author, etc. in the converted audiobooks. More than this, by using advanced technology, you can use built-in split function to separate the large Audible files into smaller segments by chapters or parts. In this way, you can play Audible audiobooks on any devices.

TunesBank Audible Converter Features

The following are some outstanding features of TunesBank Audible Converter:

Remove Audible DRM from Audiobooks

Audible audiobooks are encrypted with DRM (Digital Rights Management), which prevents Audible audiobooks from being played on non-Audible-authorization devices. That means users cannot transfer Audible to any device and player for playback. TunesBank comes to help, it can unlock the Audible DRM encryption from audiobooks with just one-click, and you can enjoy DRM-free Audible books on your device freely.

Convert Audible to MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC

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Besides unlocking the Audible DRM protection, TunesBank Audible Converter allows you to convert Audible audiobooks to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV with lossless quality. You can convert Audible to any format you want, MP3 is compatible with the most devices, M4A can work perfectly with Apple products and WAV and FLAC will provides superior listening experience for users.

ID3 Tags, Metadata and Chapater Info Kept

If you like organized files, you will like the function of TunesBank Audible Converter to retain ID3 tags, metadata and chapter info. It can save the useful information of the original audiobook to the converted file, such as book title, author name, artist, genre, etc. It will enable that the audiobooks in your list are arranged in good order and easy to find. Finding an audiobook or author among many audiobook files will be a piece of cake.

No Need to Install iTunes and Audible Authorization

There are many Audible audiobook converters on the market, they all need to authorize Audible account in iTunes to convert Audible to MP3 and other popular formats. Amazingly, you don’t need to install iTunes App to your computer and get Audible account approval before converting process with TunesBank Coverter, which save you a lot of troubles.

100X Lightning Conversion Speed

Different from the 1:1 conversion speed of other converters on the market, the conversion speed of TunesBank Audible Converter can reach to 100X lightning speed. In this way, you can easily convert dozens of hours of audiobooks in a swift with TunesBank.

Converting Audible in Batch

Apart from 100X conversion speed, TunesBank also supports to convert Audible files in batches. This is a function that most converters lack, and it will cause any quality loss. All audiobooks will have the same file integrity in the output files. Incredibly, TunesBank allow you to choose different format for each audiobook in batch converting. 

Cut Large Audiobooks into Smaller Segments.

It has a useful built-in Splitter can cut the chunk of audiobooks to multiple smaller clips by chapters or time, which is very convenient for users to organize, manage and play Audible audiobook on small MP3 players and portable devices.

Customize the Output Parameters

Users can choose to personalize edit the output audio parameters such as Bit Rate and Sample Rate according to your needs. In this way, you can get the Audible files you want.

Compatible with Windows and Mac Computers

TunesBank Audible Converter can be compatible with both Windows and macOS, and strongly supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (64-bit), Mac OS X 10.12 or higher, including macOS Big Sur 11.5.

Enjoy Audiobooks Anytime, Anywhere.

After converting Audible to MP3 files, you can listen to audiobooks anytime, anywhere at your fingertips. It is also very convenient for you to enjoy Audible audiobooks on multiple devices at the same time without a family plan. You can share audiobooks with friends unlimitedly.

How to Convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3?

After introducing some superior features of TunesBank Audible Converter, now it’s time to start using the smart tool. Here, we are going to show you a quick guide on how to convert Audible to MP3. 

Step 1. Download & Install TunesBank Audible Converter to Computer

Before you converting, download and install the TunesBank converter to your computer. TunesBank offers free trial to experience, you can convert 2 entire Audible books for free.

Download TunesBank Audible Converter(Windows)

Download TunesBank Audible Converter(macOS)

Step 2. Download the Audible Books to Computer

Download the Audible books to local drive from official website and the Audible App.

Step 3. Launch TunesBank Audible Converter

After TunesBank Audible Converter is successfully installed, double-click it to activate the software on your computer.

Step 4. Import Downloaded AA/AAX Audiobooks to TunesBank

You can directly drag and drop the downloaded Audible books to the TunesBank main interface or tap “Add File” button to choose the downloaded audiobooks you want from local drive then import to TunesBank Converter.

Step 5. Choose MP3 as Output Format 

TunesBank Audible Converter comes with support for 4 output formats including MP3, M4A, FLAC and WAV. In the “Output Settings” tab and choose MP3 as output format. Different from other Audible converters, TunesBank supports to set different format for each audiobook in the batch converting. You can also adjust other parameters such as Bit Rate, Sample Rate and cut the audiobook into smaller parts by chapters or parts.

Step 6. Start to Convert Audible to MP3

If all settings are preset, press the “Convert All” button to convert Audible audiobooks to MP3. It will not cause any quality loss during the process.

Step 7. View the Converted Audible Files

When the conversion finished, turn to the “Completed” section and hit on “Open File” to locate the Audible MP3 audiobooks. And now you get the unprotected Audible files and you can listen to them anytime, anywhere without any restrictions.

Pros and Cons

The moon will wax or wane. Like any other software, TunesBank Audible Converter also has its advantages and disadvantages. After our test and comparison, We can draw a conclusion that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.


  • Easy to use, user-friendly interface, no any ads, free updates.
  • Bypass the DRM from Audible AA/AAX audiobooks in legal.
  • Convert Audible to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV with original quality.
  • Retain ID3 tags, chapters info like book title, author, images, etc.
  • Customize output parameters such as Bit rate, Sample rate, etc.
  • No need to install iTunes App and Audible account authorization.
  • Cut the large Audible books to small segments by chapters or time.
  • Enjoy DRM-free Audible books on any device and player without limits.


  • Not free, spend $34.95 for lifetime use.
  • Mobile version is not supported, work well with Windows and Mac system.

Final Verdict

If you are troubled by not being able to listen to Audible audiobooks on MP3 players, TunesBank Audible Converter is a useful and powerful Audible converter tool you have to try. By using it, you can easily unlock the Audible DRM protection from audiobooks and convert Audible AA/AAX audiobooks to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC without authorize the Audible account in iTunes App. If you are an Audible user, it is fast, smooth, easy to use, efficient and one of the must-have tools. In this way, you can easily get Audible unprotected files, then unrestricted listen to them on any device and player, including Sony Walkman, Apple Watch, iPod Shuffle/Nano/Touch and so on.

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