How to Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

“Your thoughts create your reality. Your mind is more powerful than you know ‘~ Neale Donald Walsch.

Many people don’t realize how powerful their thoughts are. Which is why they see no problem dwelling on negativity.

But if we only understood the significant role our thoughts play in influencing our actions and life paths, we would never entertain a negative thought again. Instead, we would focus on the positive side of life even when there seems to be nothing positive coming our way.

Sadly, our mortal lives are so full of uncertainties and shattered dreams that it’s often difficult to keep a positive outlook at all times.

What if there was a way to see the universe for what it really is – a place of harmonious existence? And what if there was a way to take charge of our realities and make our wildest dreams come true?

Well, now there is. The answer lies in mastering the art of manifestation.

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation refers to the act or process of using your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and beliefs to bring something into reality. When you manifest something, you focus on what you really want and how you intend to achieve it.

Manifestation requires that you don’t dwell on the forces that could be working against your efforts to achieve your heart’s desires. Instead, it involves cultivating positive beliefs and feelings, as these are the key drivers that will propel you towards your dreams and reality.

However, manifesting something doesn’t only consist in longing for the thing and waiting for it to magic itself into existence. It also involves believing that you can achieve your dreams and taking concrete steps to get there. Plus, it involves adjusting your mindset to start living out your heart’s desires.

For instance, let’s say you manifest getting a job as the CEO of a blue-chip company. You can adjust your lifestyle to reflect that of your dream job even if there are no indications yet that you’ll ever get the job. For example, you can begin dressing, walking, and having phone conversations with the demeanor of a CEO.

There are various ways to manifest something. The most popular ones include meditation, visualization, and using your conscious or subconscious.

Can You Manifest Anything?

Yes, you can manifest just about anything. You only need to believe that you can achieve it. That involves getting rid of all limiting thoughts and beliefs.

But as we’ve already pointed out, manifestation requires taking concrete actions that will draw you closer to your goals. Therefore, you may need to develop a robust plan containing simple actionable steps to follow in the quest for your heart’s desires.

The Basis of Manifestation

The Law of Attraction is the basis of manifestation. According to the Law of Attraction, positive experiences result from positive thoughts while negative experiences spring from negative thoughts.

This assertion is based on the belief that our thoughts are made from pure energy which exists in two contrasting forms – positive and negative. Dwelling on positive energy can help improve your health, wealth, and social relationships, while dwelling on negativity will most likely cause suffering.

How to Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

1. Visualize It

The first step in manifesting anything is to visualize it. Visualization involves envisioning a clear picture of what you wish to achieve.

Ask yourself the following questions:

• Do I really need this?
• How will I benefit if I achieve this?
• How will achieving this make me and other people feel?

If you’re struggling to visualize your goals, you can always invoke the SMART approach.

SMART stands for:

• Specific – The goal should be well-defined and unambiguous.
• Measurable – There should be specific criteria to measure progress towards your goals.
• Achievable – The goal can be out of sight but shouldn’t be out of reach.
• Realistic – You should indicate what you can achieve considering the available resources.
• Time-Bound – There should be clearly-defined timelines within which you intend to reach your goals.

2. Put It Down On Paper

After identifying what you want to manifest, it may be tempting to commit it to memory. However, your mind may occasionally play games with you and cause you to lose track of your ambitions. So, note down all your dreams on a piece of paper.

Avoiding writing your wants on digital notebooks either, as these platforms lack the realistic feel that a physical notebook offers.

The best place to write the desires you wish to manifest is in your personal diary or journal. That’s because you always have these books with you. So, it’s difficult to lose touch with your dreams.

It’s also advisable to re-write your goals at least twice a day, preferably in the morning when you wake up and just before going to bed. Do this every day until such a time when you’ll have achieved them.

And whenever you write down your hopes and aspirations, spare some time asking the universe to help you achieve them. You can do that through prayer, meditation, visualization, or by speaking out your intentions.

3. Believe You Can Achieve It

It’s not enough to spell out your heart’s desires. You must also believe in the power to achieve them.

You’ll need to constantly assure yourself that you have all the knowledge and resources required to make your dreams come true. This involves cultivating a positive and abundance mindset despite the numerous factors that might be working against you.

Don’t entertain toxic people or limiting thoughts. Whenever your inner voice reminds you of how weak, poor, or uneducated you are, immediately whisper back messages of hope and optimism.

If you’re struggling to cultivate a sense of self-worth, just remember you’re deserving of all the good things in life simply by virtue of being a human.

4. Take Action

This is arguably the most important step in manifesting your dreams. You can’t manifest your goals without taking actionable steps towards achieving them.

So, after defining your dreams, noting them down, and believing you can achieve them, now is the time to start working towards those aspirations.

The most important thing here is to take aligned actions. In other words, the steps you take should be in harmony with whatever you aim to achieve.

For instance, if you wish to find love, you should start by giving love. Avoid emotional rigidity or behavior that could push your soul mate away instead of drawing them closer to you.

Another crucial element is to split your actions into multiple, actionable steps that you can easily implement to attain your ultimate goals. If you wish to buy your dream car, decide on a percentage of your monthly income to save and the duration to save towards the car.

5. Exercise Patience, Persistence, and Gratitude

While you can manifest anything, it takes patience and persistence to get there. It would be strange to manifest your dream job today and receive a recruiter’s call tomorrow.

So, be patient enough to appreciate that all the good things in life take time, and persistent enough not to lose sight of your dreams.

It’s also important to express gratitude for whatever life throws your way, whether good or bad.

Even if you don’t end up achieving everything you envisioned for, make a habit of counting your blessings. With time, everything will work out according to your heart’s desires.

Wrap Up

There’s no empirical evidence suggesting that manifestation works. However, cases abound of people who achieved seemingly unattainable goals simply by manifesting their aspirations.

All it takes is putting your minds to your dreams and taking practical steps towards achieving them.

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