50+ Captions for Wine Lovers and a Fine Glass

Who doesn’t love the taste of a good wine? When you pour a glass of wine, whether it’s an expensive red with hints of pomegranate and cherry or a cheap white that simply packs a good buzz, you know it’s probably a moment you want to share with your followers. With all of the pictures we take every day, you may get stumped on what you want to write as a caption.

Never fear, that is why we are here! If you have a bit of trouble coming up with your own caption, or the wine you have already consumed is making your brain a little loopy, we can help. Here are some wine captions you can use when you want to share your pictures on social media.

Clever wine captions

We all have a lot of fun drinking wine and thinking up clever captions, but if you need some help, check out the following!

  • My love language has always been wine!
  • Whining about wine makes no sense at all, if it gets you buzzed, it’s a good wine!
  • I fell in love at first sip.
  • There is something about wine that makes my creative side flow.
  • When there is a will, there is a wine.
  • You can bet there will be a great story after I finish this bottle of wine!
  • Red wine, white wine, if it gets you buzzed, what’s the difference?
  • It’s definitely wine-o-clock somewhere!

Clever wine caption for Instagram.

My love language has always been wine!


Funny wine caption for Instagram.

It’s definitely wine-o-clock somewhere!

Funny wine captions

As you get tipsier from your bottle, you’ll want to share your fun pictures- here are some great captions that will make them stand out for sure!

  • What do we want? WINE! When do we want it! NOW! What kind do we want? ANY COLOR!
  • Wine makes my creative juices flow. Or maybe it’s the fact that I keep spilling it.
  • Who says wine doesn’t make you smarter, I knew enough to finish the bottle and not waste it!
  • Be part of the solution-save water by drinking wine instead!
  • I wish they made a coffee-flavored wine that was socially acceptable to drink in the morning.
  • I accidentally bought a case of wine instead of a case of water-my bad!
  • There’s nothing better than a romantic stroll down the local wine aisle!


Wine tasting captions

When you are trying out new wine flavors and brands, we’re here to give you the perfect caption to go along with your perfect pictures!

  • Tasting this new brand puts me right on cloud wine!
  • The taste of wine is as sweet as the taste of a lover’s lips.
  • I’m doubting my taste buds tonight, so I plan on drinking until I’m positive I know what I like!
  • How am I supposed to decide what wine I like best when I’m faced with all these choices?
  • My taste buds are whining for wine tonight!
  • The first glorious sip of wine is always the best!
  • Reds, Whites, and Rosé- They all taste sublime to me!


Red wine captions

If you’re leaning towards the red wine tonight, check out these great captions that will go perfect with your pictures on social media!

  • Roses are red, just like my wine, so give me the bottle, and we will all be just fine!
  • Cabernet or caber-not? I think I will always choose the former option!
  • Give me reds or give me death!
  • Red wines are fine, just like me!

Red wine caption for Instagram.

Give me reds or give me death!

  • I love wine, so why not choose the color that represents that very love-red wine!
  • Home is where my beautiful bottle of red wine is waiting for me!
  • I can’t talk now- the red wines are calling me from the wine cabinet! Coming, Merlot!


White wine captions

It’s an awesome day when you can enjoy a nice glass of white wine, so use the following captions to tell the world how you feel!

  • To err is human, to drink whites, divine!
  • A quality Riesling makes every reason a good one!
  • I plan to Sauvignon Blanc out tonight for sure!
  • White wine is fine to drink after Labor Day, right? Asking for a friend!
  • White wine is fine all of the time!
  • White wine makes me happier than a kid in a puddle.
  • There is a 99.9% of white wine in the forecast tonight!
  • A nice Chardonnay goes a long way!
  • A nice glass of Pinot Grigio can make your day much better than it was!


Rosé wine captions

If you want to share your pictures on social media while you’re enjoying a nice glass of Rosé, check out the captions below to make it picture-perfect!

  • Rosé wine gets better with age, just like I do!
  • Go pink or go home!

Rosé wine caption for photo posts.

Go pink or go home!

  • I can Rosé all day and all night!
  • My favorite flower is the rose and my favorite wine is Rosé. Coincidence? I don’t think so!
  • On girls’ night we drink the pink!
  • Roses are red, Rosé is pink, my wine glass is empty, so I need more to drink!
  • There isn’t a big enough glass for the amount of Rosé I plan to drink tonight!

  • Stop and smell the enticing aroma of Rosé!
  • The forecast for today calls for being in my garden of roses drinking Rosé. Best forecast ever!


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