80+ Instagram Captions for Girls of All Ages

Want to keep this picture in our collective memory for some time? Whether you want to upload your selfie or someone took this great pic of this amazing woman, your followers are dying to see it.

When you post your photos on Instagram, say something funny or clever, or say something that expresses your thoughts about each photo. Use the following captions to make the pictures you post on social media entertaining, memorable and complete.

Short Instagram Captions for Girls

Use these captions when you know that a few words will say it all.

  • Just being me is easy.
  • Diva in training.
  • Beautiful baby.
  • Naturally pretty.
  • Hair I am.
  • Femininity at its best.
  • Do I care?
  • Looking good.

Caption for girls to use on Instagram.

Looking smart.


Caption for girls to use on Instagram.

Enjoying myself!

  • Ageless!
  • Spa beautiful!
  • Triple pretty!
  • Two too pretty!
  • Years beautiful!
  • Too sexy for this photo.
  • Gotta be me.
  • Bad hair day.
  • Bitchy woman!
  • Woman in love.
  • Classy lady.
  • Looking smart.
  • Nail art lover.
  • Had one too many.
  • More beautiful than ever!

Caption for girls to use on Instagram.

Women know the power of a smile.

  • Always in style.
  • Smiling for the camera.
  • Couldn’t care less.
  • Enjoying myself!
  • Trying to look pretty.
  • My new haircut.


Cute Instagram Captions for Girls

When you feel like warning for extreme cuteness alert, here’s what you’re going to need.

  • So incredibly cute is my sweet baby.
  • Dimples like these make this little girl too cute for words.
  • Tipping the scale on the smile-o-meter.
  • This is what cute looks like.
  • A smile makes the face look cuter.
  • A sweet girl pose can melt the heart.
  • Trying to look good on my worst bad hair day.
  • As you can tell, girls love the color pink.
  • Women of any age can look cute in a photo.
  • Read my lips and repeat my smile.
  • I said cheese for this photo and then had a craving for cheese quiche.
  • Pigtails look adorable on little girls.
  • A woman who smiles knows how to brighten your day.
  • A smile is a bowl of ice cream with whipped cream on top.
  • If you see me smiling, it means I’m thinking of you or a new pair of shoes.
  • Women know the power of a smile.

  • Not her happiest moment, but cute nonetheless.
  • Love is written all over this girl’s face.
  • Girls love having their nails done and looking cute.
  • No woman is cuter than one who is smiling.
  • Precious is the twinkle in the eyes of a woman in love.
  • A smile is as beautiful as the woman wearing it.
  • Cuteness is in the eyes of the beholder.
  • My inner child is out of control.


Instagram Captions for Pretty Girls

When beauty is indisputable (#always), use these Instagram captions:

  • In nature’s garden, the woman who’s smiling is one of the prettiest flowers.
  • Autumn leaves as beautiful as the woman they surround.
  • Makeup makes pretty girls gorgeous.
  • An image of a beautiful girl has to be shared. #savingtheworld
  • Makeup is my best friend.
  • Being pretty doesn’t make life less stressful, but it helps.
  • A cover girl appears on social media.
  • A pretty face smiling out of a fur-trimmed hood adds to the beauty of winter snow.
  • Pretty girls are attractive because they smile more.
  • Women who do good deeds are more attractive than those who don’t.
  • Women who think positive are pretty women.
  • Keeping up with being as pretty as can be.
  • Being who you are is more beautiful than being who you think you should be.
  • There is no need to hide a pretty face under makeup.
  • A girl’s attitude should be as attractive as her face.
  • A smile can change the word pretty to prettier.
  • Sometimes you just need a little makeup to feel prettier.


Girls Night Out Captions

Use one of these captions under last (or this) night’s photo with the girls.

  • Girls just wanna have fun.
  • So many cocktails, so little time.
  • A woman’s blessing can be a fun night with these amazing ladies.
  • Part of the reasons why I go to the gym.
  • Drink moderately – or go out with us sometimes.
  • Posting this in case we don’t remember.
  • Livin’ la vida loca con las chicas tonight.
  • A wise woman once said: Cheers!
  • Wine gladdens a woman’s heart, too.
  • Brought these girls with me to brighten up this night.
  • Doctors prescribed nights out, light drinking.
  • Here’s to a better tomorrow, girls!
  • Girl company is my medicine.


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