65 Uplifting Monday Blessings and Prayers to Kick-start A New Week

If you’re twelve years or older, you most certainly experience the dreadful Monday blues from time to time. And if your weekly routines are inevitably boring and uninspiring, then you probably experience Monday blues every week.

Monday blues refers to the low-spirited feeling characterized by anger and depressed moods, typically experienced on Monday morning at the prospect of facing the week ahead. The feeling is common among workers and students who feel that their routines have become annoyingly mundane or difficult.

Monday blues can get worse with time, especially if you continue with your seemingly boring weekly routines. The resultant mood changes could take a major toll on your mental health. And without early interventions, it may only be a matter of time before your workplace productivity or school grades begin to suffer.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to kick Monday blues in the butt and start every week with high energy. One such method is by encouraging yourself or someone else with Monday blessings and prayers.

We’ve compiled a collection of 65 Monday blessings and prayers to help you or your dear ones kick-start a new week in style. Whenever you wake up each Monday morning feeling like you’re already too exhausted to face the week ahead, all you have to do is say these blessings. You’ll be able to attract happiness and new energy, which is just the right combination required to beat Monday blues.

‘Good Morning’ Monday Blessings

1. After a good weekend of rest we return to the routine, do not start your week complaining. The best way to start is by thanking. Always be grateful for another day. Good Monday morning.
2. Because God is great, I know that this new week will be blessed and everything good will happen in the tranquility of everyday life. Good morning and happy Monday…
3. Everything you do this week and beyond will bring you nothing short of success. Your star will rise. Your light will shine. You will do exploits. Have a mighty blessed week. Good morning.
4. Good morning handsome/beautiful. Rise and shine! May your week be as lovely as you are.
5. Happy Monday morning to you, may this day be a blessing to you, be inspired to achieve your dreams in the best way possible.
6. It doesn’t need to be a holiday to enjoy the beauty of a morning. Sometimes Mondays offer the best morning of the week. Good morning!
7. Launch out strong into the week. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams. They are as valid as anything can be. You will make it. You will succeed. Have a blessed Monday and a great week too. Good morning.
8. May all the 10,080 hours that make up this week yield blessings for you. Beginning from this Monday, may your week be as amazing as you are. Good Morning.
9. May this Monday bring you energy, zest and enthusiasm, and hundreds of smiles to make your week brighter.
10. May this Monday treat you kindly. Accept what you cannot change and work on the things you can improve.
11. Mondays are great to greet a new week full of optimism. And I bet you have never had a beautiful Monday morning than this one today. Good morning and may you arise and shine!
12. Okay, enough fun already. It’s Monday! Time to work, time to be productive. May you find joy and pride in your labor this week. Have a blessed one.
13. On this beautiful Monday morning, I wish you a day full of adventure. May every day be such an adventure that you will cherish all your life.
14. The secret to your success is found in your daily agenda… Do the right things every day . . . and you will eventually achieve what you set out to do. Good Monday morning.
15. Today marks the beginning of another working week. Take things easy and take good care of yourself today. Good morning.

Uplifting Monday Blessings

Beautiful Flower Growing in the Morning Sunlight

1. As you start this new week, may it mark the beginning of new things in your life. May you encounter great and wonderful things that will always remind you that you are blessed. Stay positive and you’ll surely be fulfilled.
2. Here’s wishing you a Monday full of happiness. May you be filled with all the energy you need to see you through this day.
3. I believe today would be a good day. I wish you all the best things life has got to offer to you. May your day be lovely and your week amazing. God bless you.
4. May great and wonderful blessings of the day visit you and dwell with you. This Monday is definitely going to be great. I wish you an awesome day.
5. May your life attract favor and goodness this week. May you not labor too hard for anything good. Happy Monday.
6. Mondays can be hard, but what keeps you going is on the inside. Keep going. Be great.
7. Sending cool Monday morning vibes your way. I pray that all your expectations shall not be cut short. May you find a billion reasons to give thanks and be happy because you are blessed.
8. The game plan for this Monday: be positive, stay positive no matter what.
9. Today will be the starting of great and exciting things in your life. Welcome to a week of laughter and gladness. Have a glamorous day because you are a blessing to our generation.
10. Today’s Monday. May beautiful things locate you this week.

Monday Prayers

1. As you are ready to begin the week, I pray that God’s happiness shall fill your heart. May this week be that of prosperity and upliftment. I wish you a wonder-filled day ahead. Have a blessed Monday.
2. As you begin a new week, may you experience an abundance of everything you need. May God continually open the floodgates of heaven for you so that you never lack a thing.
3. As you begin the week, I pray for God’s blessings and goodness upon your life. May He give you the wisdom and strength to deal with every circumstance you may come across today and every day of your life.
4. As you begin the week, may it signify the beginning of greater things in your life. My prayer is that the blessings of God will be with you both today and every other day of your life. May many people see the glory of God shining brightly upon your life.
5. As you begin today, I pray that your life radiates God’s favor all around you. May joy not cease from your heart because Monday’s blessings are unlimited.
6. As you go out today, I pray that God’s Goodness and mercy shall be upon you. It will surely be an amazing day for you and your loved ones. Enjoy this blessing-filled Monday morning.
7. As you open your eyes to the light of this bright Monday morning, I pray that God guides and directs your path. Welcome to another day of fulfillment and blessings. Have a happy Monday.
8. As you prepare to begin a new week, I pray that God’s favor and blessings shall follow you around like your very own shadow. Have a blessed Monday morning and week ahead.
9. As you start the week I pray that you shall not lack any good thing the new week has to offer. With the new day, expect new opportunities, and make it count. Have a fabulous blessed Monday.
10. As you start this week, may God send His guardian angel to keep you safe. Here is another Monday that will usher you into a week of blessings and favor. Remain blessed.
11. As you start today with a smile on your face, you will achieve all the goals and aspirations you have in mind. You may not have a challenge-free week, but you will have the strength to face whatever comes to you. I wish you a progressive Monday, stay blessed.
12. As you will begin a new week, I pray that the challenges you face will not knock you out. Have a lovely day, and a blessed week ahead of you.
13. Brand new Monday is here again, which is the beginning of a new week. Forget all your disappointment from last week and focus on how to make this week a success. I pray that God directs your path. Stay blessed.
14. He that dwells in the secret place of the highest shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” As you begin the week today, do not forget to dwell in the presence of God. He will grant you your heart desires and open doors of great opportunities for you. Have a great day.
15. It’s Monday again! I declare that you will encounter uncommon wealth, favor and blessing that will take your breath away. I wish you a progressive Monday and a happy new week.
16. May only great and wonderful blessings of the day visit you and dwell with you all day round. This Monday will be great if you start it with a smile on your face. I wish you an awesome day and week ahead.
17. May the light of God shine brightly upon your life. People will see Christ and his marvelous deeds in your life as you step out to begin this Monday plus the week ahead. Stay blessed.
18. May this day be filled with gladness and joy. God’s grace and mercy will follow you from today and throughout the rest of the week. I hope you have blessings filled Monday spiced with joy.
19. Monday it is again! I pray you to break through every setback you encounter throughout the last week. Start this week with a beautiful smile and a hopeful heart. Remain Blessed.
20. My prayer for you this Monday morning is that may God make all your Mondays feel as enjoyable as your weekends.
21. My prayer for you today is that every circumstance you come across today shall be a stepping stone to scale up to greater heights. This Monday morning will be one of the best you have had in a while. Have a great day.
22. My prayer for you today is that God’s favor and grace will go with you. He will be your strength and shield you from all forms of destruction. Amen. Have an awesome Monday.
23. On this day I pray that you succeed in all that you lay your hands on. God’s favor and goodness will be visible in your life. Happy new day, dear. Have a pleasant Monday morning.
24. Thank God it’s Monday! I decree in your life that every stumbling block on your way to success shall give way to exceeding greatness. Have a pleasant Monday morning filled with blessings.
25. Welcome to another beautiful Monday morning again! As you start the week, I pray the Lord blesses you in ways you don’t expect. Today will be one of the best days of your life. Have a great day.

Monday Blessing Quotes

1. Attack Monday with enthusiasm, laughter, thousands of smiles, and cheerfulness.
2. Count your blessings, then you will realize that the Monday blues are not worth regretting.
3. Don’t let anyone trivialize the amazing things you are capable of. Your hands are blessed and everyone knows this. Go ahead and do exploits. Have a great week.
4. Every Monday is a chance to start a new life, so use it.
5. Have a blessed Monday, remember that it is the first day without mistakes.
6. If you feel the blue early in the morning, then take a deep sigh and say this is just a wonderful day where you would have your say. So, stay blessed, Wish you a lovely morning!
7. Meet this Monday with a smile. Work hard and remember that you don’t have to impress anybody.
8. Meet this Monday with positive thoughts and you won’t face negative things throughout the week.
9. Monday comes after Sunday, but it comes before a Sunday too! Think about it!
10. Mondays are tough only for those people, who don’t know how to spend them cheerfully. Get up and have fun today!
11. Sometimes Monday morning can be hard to face but to make it through, be positive and know that each is a blessing that comes from God.
12. Start a new week, you are unstoppable, invincible, and powerful today.
13. This Monday is the beginning of your happy journey throughout the whole week, so enjoy it.
14. Wake up already! This is the only Monday you have this week.
15. You have saved your energy on Sunday. It’s time to wake up fully charged and ready to climb the top of life.

Final Word

I hope you could find an amazing Monday blessing from the above collection to encourage yourself or your dear ones who may be grappling with Monday blues. Just remember that, like positive affirmations, Monday blessings should be repeated frequently enough for them to work.

Also, you must act the part. Behave as though you’ve already achieved the happiness and success you’re praying for, and your wishes will surely come true.

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