30+30 Unforgettable Wedding Captions for That Big Day

A day with a wedding in it is a day that we all love. Whether we’re the ones walking down the aisle or someone you love is taking the plunge, we always make sure that there are plenty of pictures of the event to look back on later. It’s one of the most important days and one that we want to commemorate as much as possible.

Figuring out the best caption for the big day can be a little more difficult, so that is where we can step forward to help out. We’ve put together a number of great captions to use for all of those amazing photos you’ll want to upload to Instagram when the event is over. Check out our list, and feel free to grab the ones that resonate with you the most!

Warm and Cute Wedding Captions for Couples

When you’re looking for some warm and fuzzy captions for your pictures, choose from the selection below!

  • All because these two met one day.
  • This is just the beginning of a lifetime of happiness for these two!
  • Together forever with their soulmate by their side.
  • Two hearts and two souls just became connected to one another today.
  • Forever isn’t long enough for these two!
  • Til’ “death do us part” is still not enough time together!
  • This day connects two wonderful souls together for eternity.

Funny wedding captions for couple to add to your photo posts.

It’s beginning to look a lot like forever!


Caption for your wedding photo posts.

Together forever with their side by side.

  • I’ll never stop falling in love with you no matter what happens!
  • Today is the day my heart becomes complete.
  • Every day will be better than the last with you by my side!
  • This is the day I have dreamed of forever.
  • Forever together, side by side.
  • There are no words to describe the joy I am feeling now.
  • Were here to show everyone how “happily ever after” is done.
  • Today is the beginning of the rest of our life together.
  • A beautiful day, a beautiful couple, and a beautiful happily-ever-after.
  • True love has never felt so right.
  • Three cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs.!
  • Blissfully happy has taken on a whole new meaning after today.
  • Today marks the beginning of a lifetime of love, adoration, and commitment.


Funny Wedding Captions for Couples

Laughter is necessary for a good time, so check out the following captions when you’re having a blast at a wedding!

  • We’re ready to hit- hit the cake table, hit a sugar high, and hit the dance floor!
  • I guess I’ve won the dating game!
  • Well, it’s time to delete Tinder, I suppose!
  • Did I really say til’ death do us part?!
  • I had my fingers crossed at the altar, does it still count?
  • We’re only here because it was too late to get a refund on everything.
  • We’re really just here for the cake and the alcohol!
  • We’re now bonded by the shackles of love!
  • My name sounds much better when you’re name is at the end of it!
  • Great, now I have to change my name on ALL of my identification!
  • Thank God for Pinterest or this venue would be a disaster!
  • I guess it’s too late to back out?
  • In sickness and in health…as long as it doesn’t get TOO bad!
  • All we need is love and lots and lots of patience!
  • The best couples understand the importance of having an open bar!
  • I hope I don’t fall on our first dance as husband and wife!
  • When two nerds marry, this is what it looks like!
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like forever!
  • We tied the knot, we’re taking a shot, and we’re absolutely hot!


Wedding Guest Captions

The perfect wedding equals the perfect pictures, so use one or more of the following captions to bring those pics to life!

  • I’m here for the three D’s- dancing, dining, and drinking!
  • I’m so glad I already have a designated driver on hand for tonight!
  • We came to see our favorite couple tie the knot, but drinks and cake definitely make the night even better!
  • Don’t throw the bouquet anywhere near me, please!
  • We’re here until they kick us out or the sun comes up, whichever happens first!
  • Find me on the dance floor for the rest of the night!

  • Dancing and drinking the night away is always a great time!
  • Partying and celebrating with the best couple in the world!
  • The royal wedding has nothing on these two!
  • Let’s see how many shots I’ll need before I get up to dance!
  • It’s time for champagne and shots to celebrate!

Funny wedding guest caption for Instagram.

Don’t throw the bouquet anywhere near me, please!

  • Here to celebrate two of the most wonderful friends in the whole world!
  • I hope someone is prepared to call the paramedics after I attempt to drunk-dance!
  • We’re here and ready to get the party started!
  • No wedding would be complete without us as guests!
  • What time did they say dinner would be served again?
  • Champagne is flowing and we’re ready to tear up the dance floor!


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