105 Fierce And Masculine Irish Boy Names

Last Updated on October 12, 2021

Irish culture is a rich amalgamation of Anglo-Norman, Scottish, and a tad bit of English culture. Its Gaelic roots lodge far back to the 1100s. With such a vast historical background, Irish boy names come out as one of the most intriguing sets of names.

In this article, we will introduce you to a variety of Gaelic and Celtic names for your newborn. Irish boy names aren’t just reserved for the people of Ireland only; they are particularly popular in the United States due to their subtle and distinctive pronunciations. For more on pronunciations, check out this video:

Below, we have sorted for you the most appealing Irish boy names. Skim through your favorite category with ease and opt for a name that will suit your child the most!

Happy scrolling!

Irish Boy Names With Celtic Roots 

Celtic names are influenced by a large plethora of languages and cultures, most of them being Indo-European. If you wish to find out more about The Celts, click here

Here are a few popular names that we hand-picked for you.

  • Cian – Cian is a lovely Irish name and means ‘to endure’.
  • Boudicca – This is an ancient Celtic name that means ‘the victorious’.
  • Tadgh – Tadgh is a beautiful name that means ‘poet’.

Irish Boy Names With Gaelic Roots

Gaelic is a Goidelic group of Celtic languages. It is majorly influenced by Scottish roots. To find out more about the Gaelic language, click here.

  • Odhran – Odhran means a ‘little pale green one’. It might seem like an odd name but is quite famous in Ireland!
  • Rory – Rory means ‘red colored’.
  • Senan – It is the name used to describe a ‘little wise person’.
  • Cathal – Cathal means ‘strong in battle’ and is a robust name filled with might and valor!
  • Ronan – This is a cute name. It translates to ‘little seal’.
  • Callum – Callum is a peace-radiating name that means ‘Dove’.
  • Eoin – Eoin means ‘young’ and this name is also used in the famous book ‘Lord Of The Rings’!

Irish Boy Names That Depict Masculinity And Might

If you’re looking for names that scream fierceness and power, then look no further! 

  • Aedan – Aedan is a name that manifests resilience. It describes someone ‘born of fire’! Is that cool or what?
  • Aengus – Aengus is a noble name that means excellence and strength.
  • Brian  – Brian means strong and noble. It is a fairly common name in the United States.
  • Aodh – Aodh means fire and is a rather sizzling name!
  • Cearney – Cearney means a victorious champion. It is also written as Carney or Kearney.
  • Cearull – Used for someone fierce in battle!
  • Conall – Conall is a hound, strong and fierce!
  • Donal – Ruler of the world.
  • Eirnin – Coming from the Iron metal.
  • Gearoid – The spear-carrier in battles.

Famous Personalities Who Have Irish Names

  1. Oscar Wilde
  2. Hugh jackman
  3. Shea LaBeouf 
  4. Liam Neeson
  5. Brian Byrne
  6. Dolores O’Riordan

Irish Names Sorted Alphabetically With Meanings

Have a look at our easy and convenient list of Irish boy names for your baby boy.

The Letter A

  • Ardan – The one with high aspirations

The Letter B

  • Bradan – It means ‘Salmon of knowledge’ and it is associated with a famous Irish folktale called Fion MacCool.
  • Broddy – Coming from a muddy place
  • Brendan – Prince or King

The Letter C

  • Cannice – Means an attractive person
  • Cian – The ancient enduring one

The Letter D

  • Daire – Fruitful and fertile
  • Daithi – To describe swiftness
  • Darcy – The descendant of the dark one
  • Dillon – A flash of lightning. It is also written as ‘Dylan’.
  • Donncha – A brown-haired warrior

The Letter E

  • Eamon – Guardian of the riches
  • Enda – A bird-like with a freedom of spirit
  • Eoghan – Born of the yew tree

The Letter F

  • Fiedhelm – The ever-good
  • Finbar – The fair-haired one

The Letter G

  • Gallagher – The descendant of the foreign helper
  • Grady – The noble and illustrious one

The Letter H

  • Hugh – Hugh comes from the name ‘Aodh’ which means fire. It is one of the most popular Irish names. Hugh also means intellectual and intelligent.

The Letter I

The Letter J

  • Jarlath – It is the name of a famous saint born in 550 Anno Domini.

The Letter K

  • Kellen – The little rock

The Letter L

  • Lee – A poem. It is also the name of a river.
  • Liam – A strong protector
  • Larkin – The fierce one
  • Lochlan – The land of the lochs
  • Lorcan – Silent but fierce

The Letter M

  • Malachi – It means ‘my angel’
  • Murtagh – The skilled one
  • Murphy – The sea warrior

The Letter N

  • Niall – Passionate and vehement

The Letter O

  • Oscar – Champion warrior

The Letter P

  • Patrick – The one who is nobly born
  • Proinsias – A little french man

The Letter Q

  • Quinlivan – The gently shaped or athletic
  • Quinn – The intelligent one

The Letter R

  • Ruari – The great or red king
  • Rooney – Champion and leader

The Letter S

  • Seamus – The one who supplants
  • Sean – God’s gracious gift
  • Shea – It is an Irish surname
  • Sullivan – The black-eyed one.

The Letter T

  • Tierney – Lord or chief
  • Turlach – The one who comes to aid
  • Tully – The peaceful one

The Letter U

The Letter W

  • William – Helm or desire

The FAQ Section

What are some cool Irish boy names?

What are the most popular Irish names? 

What are some unique Irish names for males?

What is the most Irish first name?

  • Jack
  • James 
  • Daniel
  • Conor
  • Saoirse
  • Coaimhe 
  • Aoife which
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