150 Exotic Hawaiian Girl Names That Depict Power And Beauty

Last Updated on October 12, 2021

Have you ever been to Hawaii? It is one of the most breathtaking states of America. Its glistening waters and sun-kissed shores are a sight to remember. Hawaiian baby girl names are just as exotic and beautiful as the state itself!

To have a look at the astounding features of Hawaii;

The Hawaiian language mostly has unisex names to offer. However, the language has enriched itself with modern flavors to propose sets of beautiful baby girl names. These names have taken inspiration from the local Hawaiian islands and their outstanding unique features.

To get acquainted with the pronunciations of Hawaiian girl names;

Below, we have sorted Hawaiian baby girl names into easy-to-access categories so that you can seamlessly navigate a name for your beloved daughter.

Hawaiian Baby Girl Names Inspired By Nature

These names relate to oceans, colors, heights, and everything in between. Nature-associated names are affiliated with soothing vibes and hence prove to be one of the most popular choices of Hawaiian names.

1. Lokelani – Lokelani refers to a gorgeous and vibrant rose in the shade of red.

2. Alaula – This name means ‘light of dawn’.

3. Alani – Alani is a lovely orange tree.

4. Haleakala – Means ‘house of the rising sun’. This name gives off radiant vibes!

5. Moana – The glistening ocean.

6. Anuenue – It means ‘rainbow’.

7. Wai Nani – It means breathtaking waters and is descriptive of the aquatic elements of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Baby Girl Names For Fearless Girls

This is a hand-picked collection of traditional Hawaiian names inspired by virtues of power and strength. Every parent wishes to see their daughters conquer the world and shape their destiny. These names might just resonate with your vision!

1. Ailani – Ailani in the Hawaiian language refers to the higher chief. The perfect name for a girl boss.

2. Ikaika – Another name for empowered young girls. Ikaika means powerful and robust.

3. Makana – Makana is a gift.

4. Koa – Used to describe fearless women!

5. Keilani – Keilani means ‘glorious chief’.

Unisex Hawaiian Baby Girl Names

These aren’t strictly names for females but since the Hawaiian language is diverse but somewhat merged, these names fall in an intersectional segment to be used for both males and females.

1. Ka Mea – This name translated to ‘the one and only’. It has such an impactful and unique meaning!

2. Punahele & Maka – Punahele & Maka both mean ‘favorite’. Very cute names for newborns!

3. Kaulana – This refers to someone popular.

4. Ku U Maka – The apple of my eye!

5. Kealoha – Kealoha means someone who is loved dearly.

6. Ahuahu – This name refers to health and wellbeing.

7. Ailana – Ailana means ‘Island’ and gives off exotic hues!

Floral Hawaiian Baby Girl Names

1. Kapua – Kapua stands for lovely blossoms.

2. Kiele – Kieles are gorgeous Gardenias.

3. Lokelani – These are red roses of small sizes.

4. Oliana – Stands for the Oleander flower.

5. Pikake – Jasmines.

6. Roselani – Roselani, as the name suggests, are gorgeous red roses.

7. Pua – Pua simply translates to ‘flower’.

Hawaiian Names Classified Alphabetically With Meanings

The Letter A

1. Akela – Graceful and noble

2. Abela – Breathing

3. Abigail – My father’s delight

4. Abha – Brightness

5. Abilene – Born where the grass grows

6. Ada – A noble personality

7. Adena – The subtle one

The Letter B

1. Bahar – Season of spring

2. Banu – Lady-like

3. Bambi – Little girl

4. Bao – A gem

5. Bathsheba – Daughter of the vow

6. Bea – Voyager

7. Belgin – Pure

The Letter C

1. Cadence – The rhythm

2. Caitlin – Chaste and pure

3. Calista – Woman of utmost beauty

4. Calandra – Lark

5. Calfuray – Flower of purple

The Letter D

1. Dayla – To draw water

2. Dara – Halo of the moon

3. Dalia – A branch

4. Damaris – Gentle

5. Daya – Sympathy

The Letter E

1. Ewe – Happy

2. Eden – The delightful one

3. Eleu – The lively and cheery one

4. Edera – Mighty

5. Enakai – The glowing sea

The Letter F

No known names in F.

The Letter G

1. Gali – A spring or fountain

2. Gilana – Eternal joy

3. Gana – Garden

4. Geva – Hill

5. Gabrielle – Brave

The Letter H

1. Hali – The unique one

2. Hoku – A star

3. Hava – Breathing

4. Heba – The gift

5. Haiku – Kahili flower

The Letter I

1. Ipo – The beloved one

2. Ideh – An idea

3. Iolana – The soaring bird

4. Ilima – A flower

5. Ilana – Sunshine

The Letter J

1. Jora – The autumn rain

2. Jah – Fiery

3. Janna – Paradise

4. Jharra – Princess

5. Jezebel – Pure

The Letter K

1. Kye – The sea

2. Kaki – A child

3. Kala – The fine arts

4. Kaili – Deity

5. Kiana – Soft

The Letter L

1. Laka – Attraction

2. Loke – The flower

3. Laka – To tame

4. Lexine – Defender of mankind

5. Luana – Happiness

The Letter M

1. Malu – Forgiven

2. Mele – A rebellious woman

3. Magda – A high tower

4. Malca – The queen

5. Mannah – A supernatural power

The Letter N

1. Naia – Floating

2. Nina – Love and hope

3. Nira – Consisting of water

4. Nanna – Courageous and brave

5. Naniah – Beautiful

The Letter O

1. Ola – Wealth or greetings

2. Odelia – The wealthy one

3. Oline – The joyous one

4. Ona – The graceful one

5. Olina – Light

The Letter P

1. Peni – Pretty and gorgeous

2. Pazia – Golden

3. Penina – A jewel

4. Puni – A heavenly flower

5. Palani – A free person

The Letter Q

No known names from Q.

The Letter R

1. Rapa – The moonbeam

2. Rayna – Queen

3. Rishona – The first one

4. Rahab – Large

5. Rena – The graceful one

The Letter S

1. Sela – The savior

2. Sarai – The princess

3. Sheba – Success

4. Shobi – The glorious one

5. Sabra – The patient one

The Letter T

1. Tema – The righteous one

2. Tove – Gorgeous

3. Tobit – Good

4. Temina – Honest

5. Tivona – Lover of nature

The Letter U

1. Ulani – The cheerful one

2. Ualani – Rain from the heavens

The Letter V

1. Varda – A deity

2. Vidette – The beloved

The Letter W

1. Wila – The loyal one

2. Walina – Softness

3. Wikolia – The victorious woman

4. Waiola – A violet flower

The Letter X

1. Ximena – The hearing one

The Letter Y

1. Ydel – Praise

2. Yaffa – The gorgeous one

3. Yemena – Beautiful

4. Yarkona – Green

5. Yadira – A friend

The Letter Z

1. Zia – Enlightened

2. Zan – Support

3. Ziva – Life

4. Zita – Harvest

5. Zee – The happy one

6. Zula – The brilliant one

7. Zahar – The morning light

8. Zila – A shadow

9. Zaza – Of flowery nature

10. Zisel – Sweet one

11. Zerlinda – The beautiful dawn

12. Zambda – Meditation

13. Zehava – Golden

14. Zelpha – Sprinkling

15. Zakia – The bright one

16. Zayit – Oil

The FAQ Section

What is a good Hawaiian name for a girl?

Lanakila is a unique name that means ‘the victorious one’.

What does the name Nala mean in the Hawaiian language?

It means calm skies, just like those of Hawaii!

What does the name Kehlani mean in the Hawaiian language?

It means ‘the sea and the sky’.

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