80 Exquisite Hawaiian Boy Name Ideas

Last Updated on October 12, 2021

For as long as I can remember, the act of naming a child has always been one that came with its fair share of joy, exhilaration, and difficulty. On the one hand, you’re celebrating the impending birth of your child, and that is undoubtedly a reason to rejoice. On the other hand, you’re tasked with representing the gift that is a child with one word. This proposition, in its entirety, is utterly thrilling yet terrifying.

We all know that a name is a form of identification denoted by a word or a set of words. The above is the case when it comes to objects. However, there’s a bit more to it when it comes to naming kids. Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you’d ever have to make as a parent. Why? Permanence! This is the name your child is going to carry throughout their life.  As such, it is worth giving a lot of thought.

Most parents already have an idea of lovely names for their kids. However, it may be challenging to get the rest of the family on the same page. It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, though. As you will soon find out, it can be a thoroughly enjoyable process.

There are various naming methods, ranging from naming your child after other people in your family history to choosing a name based on your culture or tradition. Take, for example, the marvellous city of Hawaii. Here, people are named after elements, islands, warriors, and deities. These unique names urge them to grow up brave, healthy, strong, and full of hope. Speaking of hope, that’s another beautiful name for a child.

If you’re a parent looking for a unique yet meaningful name for your baby boy, Hawaiian names might be the avenue to explore. In any case, you’re in luck because this article is dedicated to introducing you to the most beautiful, exotic, and jaw-dropping Hawaiian boy names. Without further dallying, let us begin!

Beautiful Hawaiian Baby Boy Names

  1. Aheahe: This translates to “as gentle as the caress of the breeze.”
  2. Akamai: This name means “to be the clever or intelligent one.”
  3. Aalona: This name means “high mountain.”
  4. Akam: This is a variant of the Christian name “Adam.” It means “made from the clay or earth.”
  5. Elta: This is the perfect name for devout Christians. It means “the Lord is my only God.”
  6. Haikili: This name is used to pay homage to the Hawaiian thunder God.
  7. Aikeni: This name is the Hawaiian version of Aiden, a word meaning “little fire.”
  8. Akela: Meaning “graceful.” A popular unisex name.
  9. Akoni: Which means “deserving of admiration and praise” and stems from the Latin origins of the name Anthony.
  10. Alani: Meaning “chief.”
  11. Alika: Meaning “guardian” in the Hawaiian language.
  12. Ano: This name means “peaceful.”
  13. Eisig: Perfect for a child who has brought gladness to your life. It means “one who laughs.”
  14. Ekewaka: Meaning “protector of wealth.” This name is the Hawaiian version of Edward.
  15. Hanale: Meaning “the one who is Lord of the manor.”
  16. Hani: Meaning “happy one.”
  17. Ikaika: Meaning “a man of strength.”
  18. Ipo: Meaning “sweetheart.”
  19. Kahiau: This is one of the most popular Hawaiian boy names. It means “selfless” or “generosity.”
  20. Kaimana: Meaning “diamond.
  21. Kaleo: This means “sound” or “voice” in the Hawaiian language.
  22. Label: This means “lion.” This is the Hawaiian version of Leo.
  23. Laban: Meaning “white.”
  24. Lewai: This is the Hawaiian version of the name Levi, meaning “attached.”
  25. Lilo: Meaning “generous one.”
  26. Lot: The name of a king.
  27. Lui: This means “famous warrior.”
  28. Makan: Meaning “house.”
  29. Makoa: This means “a bold man.”
  30. Maleko: Meaning “manly” or “warrior.”
  31. Mamo: Meaning “friend.”
  32. Mana: This means “supernatural” or “spiritual energy.”
  33. Mayel: This means “one who is well spoken.”
  34. Maui: This is the name of an island in Hawaii.
  35. Moke: This is a unique name meaning “a refined and elegant gentleman.”
  36. Haulani: If your son is born to rule, this is a great name as it means the “imperial ruler” in Hawaiian.
  37. Ikaia: An inspirational biblical quote to mean “God will deliver” and popular in Hawaii, where it originated.
  38. Mele: This is a unique name with an immense musical and creative background. It is used as a girl’s name as a variant of Mary, but as a boy’s name, it means “song.”
  39. Mendel: Meaning “wisdom.”
  40. N?koa: Meaning “warriors” or “fighters.”
  41. Ona: Meaning “sweetness.” This is a popular unisex name.
  42. Pakelika: A unique name meaning “the one who is noble.”
  43. Palani: Meaning “free man.” This name is the Hawaiian version of Frank.
  44. Hilo: This is a name that genuinely displays the richness of Hawaiian history and its geography. It means “first night of the new moon.” It is also the name of the biggest town in Hawaii. Coincidentally, this was one of the first places the Polynesians visited when they came to Hawaii.
  45. Kayl: This is a name that encapsulates the concept of freedom and independence. It means “free man.”
  46. Iokepa: This name has origins in Hebrew through St. Joseph and means “God will increase.”
  47. Kalani: Perfect for your little angel, this name means “of the heavens.”
  48. Keona: A heavenly choice for your baby boy, this name means “God’s gracious gift.”
  49. Malulani: Meaning ‘protected by heaven,” this name is an excellent choice for a beautiful baby boy.
  50. Kaeo: This Hawaiian name means strength and is used for the one who is born strong and healthy.
  51. Kahawai: Kahawai is a Hawaiian term for the “river.”
  52. Kaholo: This is the Hawaiian term for “speed,” meaning “the light-footed one.”
  53. Kahula: Meaning “dancing.” If you choose to name your child a bit later, this is the perfect name for a boy that can’t stop moving to the sound of music.
  54. Kalino: This is the perfect name for a child whom you have high academic hopes for. It means “the brilliant one” or “as bright as the sun.”
  55. Kalon: This Hawaiian term pays obeisance to the Sky God and his qualities. It means “the sky,” which also makes an excellent name for a baby boy. It can also be spelt as
  56. Kanoa: This Hawaiian term means “the one who is born free” or “the free-spirited one.”
  57. Kanye: This name means “freedom,” as embodied by the famed Kanye West.
  58. Kilo: Before you ask, no, this isn’t a measure of weight. In Hawaiian, it means “the youth is beautiful.”
  59. Kimo: This is the perfect name for the family torchbearer. It means “to supplant” or “to replace.”
  60. Koa: This name is inspired by the legends of brave warriors. It means “the valiant warrior.”
  61. Kukane: This is a name given to a child in whom you have great expectations. It means “the great man.”
  62. Leialoha: This name means “my darling son.”
  63. Makanui: This is a name born from Hawaiian mythology. It means “the prince born in the eye if greatness.”
  64. Ori: This is the perfect name for the baby boy that brightens up your day. It means “my light.”
  65. Pekelo: This is a beautiful name for a child that will stand the test of time. It means “abiding” and “steadfast.”
  66. Haleigha: This is the embodiment of sunshine. It means “the house of the rising Sun.”
  67. Hikialani: This name means “the one who looks up to the heavens.”
  68. Lolana: This is the perfect name for a boy born into a goal-driven family. It means “to soar.”
  69. Kahikilani: This is a term that signifies the celebration of a joyous occasion. It means “the arrival of the chief.”
  70. Kawika: This Hawaiian term means “a beloved friend.”
  71. Keimoni: This means “one that is one with the ocean of knowledge and uniqueness.”
  72. Kelili: This is a simple name that means “nobility.”
  73. Kika: This name signifies triumph over obstacles. It means “the one who is victorious at the battle place.
  74. Kepakiano: This name means “the gift from the Gods.”
  75. Konala: This name pays obeisance to God’s favour. It means “The ruler of the earth.”
  76. Kaiholo: This name exudes ferociousness and power. It means “the roll and roar of the seas.”
  77. Lahahana: This name is perfect for a child born in the summer. It means “the suns warmth.”
  78. Nohea: This unisex name means “born beautiful and blessed.”
  79. Uluwehi: This name means “a garden like Eden.”
  80. Puna: This means “the spring of water.”

Ultimately, the importance of naming a child cannot be overstated. Names don’t just serve as a form of identification. Our names tell a story, be it a victory over challenges or the turn of events your family had when you were born. Our names say to the world who we are and what we could become. To this end, I leave you with the words of Hanna Arendt. “Action without a name, a who attached to it, is meaningless.”

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