135+ Inspiring Japanese Girl Names For Your Newborn

Last Updated on October 14, 2021

Whether you live in Japan or any other country in the world, you must be familiar with Japanese names because of their profound use in anime cartoons and series. Today, we will dive into a set of very cute yet charming Japanese girl names.

Japanese girl names are inspired by the most inspiring elements. Their roots are derived from nature and have subtle pronunciations. It is a Japanese tradition to use family names for reference but this does not apply to babies.

These names are written in Kanji, Hiragana, or Katakana that represent syllables, words, and foreign words separately. For acquiring familiarization as to how these names are pronounced, click here.

We have segregated a large plethora of names into different categories. Feel free to click on the one that appeals to you the most!

Popular Japanese Girl Names Inspired By Nature

These names are very common and easily recognized by people. Their pronunciations are familiar to those that are not even native Japanese. These names are a popular choice because of their enchanting meaning and keen association with viable elements.

  • Akari – Akari stands for a ‘red pear tree’. Its delicate sound is appealing to the ears and the meaning is nature-inspired.
  • Sakura – We all know this one. Sakura means cherry blossoms which are abundant in Japan. Sakuras are one of the most beautiful assets of Japan and hence emerge as a common pick from the name list.

To find out more about these lovely cherry blossoms, click here

  • Cho – Cho means butterfly and who doesn’t love these two winged vibrant creatures? A perfect choice for a bright personality!
  • Izumi – Izumi is a spring or fountain. It has an association with the aquatic and soothing elements of nature.
  • Hina – Hina is a beautiful name derived from the radiant sun and warm light.
  • Niko – Niko refers to two lakes. Calm and serene vibes are radiated from this name.

Rare And Unique Japanese Names

These names are not so famous and may only sound familiar to those native to Japanese culture. They also have perceptive meanings.

  • Nozomi – Nozomi relates to someone trustworthy and reliable.
  • Ahma – Ahma translated to ‘black rain’. This name gives off gothic vibes and I find that very cool!
  • Chiyo – This means ‘a thousand generations’. It has a wise and far-fetched meaning to it.
  • Tsumugi – This is the name of the pongee silk of Japan.
  • Aya – Aya means colorful. It is a short but delicate name.

Japanese Names For Pure And Gorgeous Girls

These names are inspired by beauty and natural radiance. They also prove to be the perfect set of names for baby girls.

  • Emi – Emi relates to either a beautiful smile or a beautiful painting.
  • Aina – Aina relates to the eyes. It is used to describe girls possessing deep and gorgeous eyes.
  • Kiyo – Someone with a pure heart should be named Kiyo because that is what the name translates to!
  • Maemi – Maemi means ‘beautiful and truthful smile’.
  • Hitomi  – Hitomi relates to ‘history’ but is also used to describe someone with beautiful eyes.

Japanese Girl Names That Translate To ‘Beauty’

  • Amei
  • Akemi
  • Anzu
  • Asami
  • Emica
  • Emiyo
  • Fumiko
  • Hayami
  • Kaori
  • Katsumi
  • Mika
  • Misaki
  • Misato
  • Miyo
  • Moe
  • Minori
  • Tadami

Japanese Girl Names With Meanings Sorted Alphabetically

The Letter A

  • Ai  – Relating to love or affection.
  • Aiko – It has a dual meaning: love and child.
  • Akane – Deep red.
  • Aoi – Blue
  • Asuka – Flying bird.

The Letter B

  • Bara – Rainbow.
  • Biju – A pearl.
  • Bianka – Beauty and incense.

The Letter C

  • Chiaki – A thousand autumns.
  • Chie – Good fortune or a thousand blessings.
  • Chihiro – To seek.
  • Chinatsu – A thousand summers.
  • Chiyo – A thousand worlds.

The Letter D

  • Daria – Dark beauty.
  • Daika – Love.
  • Daki – A princess.

The Letter E

  • Etsuko – A child of joy.
  • Emiko – A beautiful child.
  • Emika – A blooming flower.
  • Erika – Smart and entertaining.
  • Ena – Clever and pretty.

The Letter F

  • Fuyuki – The winter snow.
  • Fumi – Wealth and hope.
  • Fujiko – A princess.
  • Fusae – Kindness.
  • Fuyume – A dream.

The Letter G

  • Ginkgo – Silver.
  • Gumi – Kindness or fruit.
  • Gaya – Progressive.
  • Ginga – The river.
  • Genki – The tree.

The Letter H

  • Hanami – A flower or a fountain.
  • Haku – A beautiful stone of black color.
  • Haya – Free.
  • Himari – Love.
  • HikariLight

The Letter I

  • Iroha – The companion.
  • Ichigo – To live a long life.
  • Ibuki – A princess.
  • Inori – Love.
  • Iwa – Laughter
  • Iri – The gallant.

The Letter J

  • Juno – A new hope.
  • Juri – A pearlescent gift.
  • Jouhana – A flower.
  • Jinko – The benevolent.
  • Junshi – The samurai.

The Letter K

  • Kazane – The sound.
  • Kai – Free.
  • Kauri – The heart.
  • Kei – Aromatic.
  • Kure – The sunset.

The Letter L

No known names with L.

The Letter M

  • Mikasa – The shade.
  • Murasaki – Purple.
  • Mira – Love.
  • Miku – The sky.
  • Megumi – Blessed.

The Letter N

  • Nemu – A dream.
  • Nara – To come.
  • Nuie – The laughter.
  • Natari – Management.
  • Nonose – The world.

The Letter O

  • Ohana – Happiness.
  • Oume – Plum.
  • Orimi – Fruit or kindness.
  • Oichi – The city.
  • Ougetsu – The moon.

The Letter P

  • Puyumi – Interest
  • Pika – The pearl.
  • Purin – Bell.
  • Pyua – Pure.
  • Popori – Village.

The Letter Q

No known names with Q.

The Letter R

  • Reina – The water.
  • Reika – Summer.
  • Ren – A pure heart.
  • Reiran – An orchid.
  • Rau – Wings.

The Letter S

  • Setsuna – The rainbow.
  • Sayori – Peace and concord.
  • Sorashi – Infinite in space and time.
  • Sachi – Fortune.
  • Suna – A star.

The Letter T

  • Takemi – The auspicious one.
  • Teru – The bright one.
  • Tama – Coral.
  • Takane – The peak.
  • Tamae – Forever and ever.

The Letter U

  • Umi – The ocean.
  • Usaki – To bloom.
  • Una – Waves.
  • Uki – The moon.
  • Utau – Song.

The Letter V

No known names with V.

The Letter W

  • Wakaba – The sun or the leaves.
  • Wako – Serenity
  • Watane – Restful.
  • Wakuyo – The world.
  • Wakuko – A long time.

The Letter X

No known names with X.

The Letter Y

  • Yuna – A dream.
  • Yue – The moon.
  • Yuno – A new hope.
  • Yuzu – A citrus fruit.
  • Yuu – Forgiving.

The Letter Z

  • Zen – It means ‘thanks’.
  • Zerin – The Forest
  • Zuiho – Drops.

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