32 Pasta Captions About Every Party for Your Palate

Pasta is a type of noodle that’s made out of dough, and since so many people love it, you can find it on the menu at practically every Italian restaurant. On a Chinese restaurant menu, you may see it listed as noodles. One can never get bored with eating pasta because it comes in so many interesting shapes. You should know how delicious pasta is if you’ve ever eaten it.

If the plate of pasta set before you impressed you so much it moved you to take a picture of it, post that photo on social media. Think of a great caption to put below it. Let the captions that follow help you create your own, or just use the ones listed if you like.

Pasta Captions for Instagram

Before putting your pasta photo on Instagram, make your post even more appealing by adding one of these captions to it:

  • Carbs always taste better when they’re in the form of pasta.
  • I’ve been a spaghetti bender all my life.
  • Nothing fills you up better than a plate of pasta!
  • I’ve got gnocchi on my mind.
  • Pastina in soup makes me jump for joy!
  • Lasagna is my favorite pasta dish.
  • Pasta is my comfort food.
  • Life is boring without pasta.

Pasta caption for Instagram.

Life is boring without pasta.


Funny pasta caption for Instagram.

I’ve been a spaghetti bender all my life.

  • A plate of spaghetti with a dollop of ricotta in the center makes my mouth water.
  • Ramen, the other white noodle.
  • I like the way the tomato sauce fills up the holes in my rigatoni.
  • Pasta e fagioli always warms me up on a cold winter day.
  • How could you not like the taste of pasta?
  • Just looking at a plate of pasta makes me want to have some.
  • You don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never tasted gnocchi.


Funny Pasta Captions for Instagram

A picture of pasta will make you smile if you’re a pasta lover, and the captions will make you laugh if they’re anything like these:

  • Since I am unfamiliar with Italian food, I asked the waiter to tell me what was in the pasta e fagioli. When he told me it was made with beans and elbows, I told him I wasn’t a cannibal, and then I ran out of the restaurant.
  • It makes me wonder why vermicelli wasn’t named something else. In Italian, vermicelli means little worms, and the thought of eating worms makes me squeamish.
  • I wonder if eating angel hair pasta with fra diavolo sauce on it is sacrilegious since the meaning of fra diavolo is brother devil.
  • I hear that the only kind of pasta the pope eats is angel hair pasta.
  • Spaghetti becomes spillghetti when you try to eat it in bed.
  • They say eating too much pasta makes you fat. Like that’s going to stop me.


Pasta Puns To Make It Grate

Clever pasta puns are fun to read, so post these on social media, along with your pasta photo:

  • My penne alla vodka is sauced.
  • When I’m this hungry, I prefer that my pasta with pesto sauce be made with presto sauce.
  • I like to pasta the time eating this.
  • I think I’m turning into a pastaterian.
  • Pasta Margherita or “Pasta, Margherita!”
  • Elbow macaroni brings me to my knees.
  • I’ll soon have butterflies in my stomach if I eat this farfalle.
  • Rig me up with a plate of rigatoni.
  • I wish I had a penny or two for every penne I’ve eaten.
  • I’m convinced my linguine has linguistic abilities because it speaks to me in a language I understand, and linguine means little tongues.
  • Feel like I pasta away and went to heaven whenever I eat angel hair pasta.


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32 Pasta Captions About Every Party for Your Palate


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