What Are The Male And Female Characteristics Of An Aries?

Last Updated on October 22, 2021

People born under the sign of Aries is a special crowd. In a nutshell, you can expect an Aries man or woman to be fiery and highly intelligent. But you did not knock on our door to get a single nut!

You want to learn more about the common Aries tendencies that you can expect. If your birthday falls under the celestial Ram, then this article will certainly provide you with valuable insights into your own zodiac nature.

The Elements That Rule an Aries Person

Many of the personality traits that are displayed by an Aries individual is said to be influenced by the elements that they were born under. The three main components include the planet Mars, the zodiac Ram sign, and fire. Why fire? All zodiac signs are linked to one of the major four natural elements that make up our world. These include water, air, earth and fire. Yes, you guessed it! Plucky Aries is a fire sign.

Let’s see which traits an Aries person is expected to inherit from these powerful three influences.

  • Mars – Initiative and motivation. Impulsive choices.
  • The Ram – Determination and grace.
  • Fire – A zest for life, creativity. ego, selfishness, a bossy nature.

Is There a Difference Between Aries Men and Women?

Nope, not really. This makes a wealth of information available to both men and women who want to learn more about their fiery sign! That being said, each person is unique. We all bring our own personality, past, and upbringing to the table. Aries people share certain trademarks but no two are alike!

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the personality traits that are traditionally associated with those born under The Ram.

Leadership Comes Naturally

Due to their charisma, confidence and focus, Aries people are natural leaders. They take charge at work, at home, but also in other ways.

An Aries has good instincts and a natural affinity for taking the next step. This makes them valuable in a crisis or survival situation. Whatever the challenge, Aries people can rise to the occasion and lead those who need guidance. On the downside, others might see an inconsiderate Aries leader as bossy or domineering.

They Rock as Entrepreneurs

Aries individuals have the edge when it comes to starting their own show. They are gifted with flexible talents, drive, and the ability to take action. Combined with their leadership skills, it is no surprise that entrepreneurial innovation is one of their strong suits. One thing an Aries entrepreneur might struggle with, however, is to see projects through.

Aries Takes the First Step in Romance

When it comes to relationships, an Aries man or woman is exceptionally interesting. They usually initiate the romance, asking their crush out on a date or letting them straight up know that they like them. That’s the thing about an Aries – they don’t muck about with coy flirting or mind games. If they like you, they will very often just say so!

However, this does not mean that an Aries lover is blunt. They are among the most passionate and loving partners that you can hope for.

But while an Aries partner will protect you through thick and thin, help navigate the difficulties of life, and carry their weight in a relationship, some can be a bit overbearing.

Aries Often Fall Victim to Reality

One of the greatest strengths of this zodiac sign can also trip up some Aries individuals. That’s right, we’re talking about confidence. Aries people can get carried away, become overconfident and misjudge a situation.

For example, let’s say you impulsively buy stocks because you are – oops, confident – and believe wholeheartedly that they will bring great returns. Chances are that things will go south because you skipped the research or never learned the basics of trading. Caution is not a strong characteristic of this star sign!

An Aries often leap before they think and also tends to get frustrated when things do not happen quickly enough. This can make them prone to forcing things and muck things up even more.

The Bravest of the Zodiac

If your sign is The Ram, you can be so proud of this! Some experts say that Aries is probably the bravest zodiac of them all. This crown should come as no surprise. As we mentioned previously, an Aries individual tends to be courageous, fearless and primed to protect their loved ones at all costs.

Because Aries is such a strong sign, the best careers for them is often in the military, police or a high-pressure position in the corporate world. You know, jobs that require guts!

Aries Burns with Energy

If you have an Aries partner or family member, you probably cannot keep up with them! If you are the Aries, then your spouse or family probably lean on caffeine to match your stride! But this is the nature of Aries. You burn with both physical and mental energy.

On the positive side, this trait often means that Aries people are very active and healthy. On the downside, when so much energy is trapped in an inactive lifestyle or stagnant relationship, it can be soul-crushing for the Aries individual.

Another thing you need to watch out for (whether you are the Aries or someone else in your life), is burnout. Being on fire the whole time doesn’t leave much time to rest, so make sure that you or your loved one finds the balance between being fiery and recuperation.

Aries Parents are Great

Aries parents love being involved in their children’s lives. As you can probably see, Aries partners are very suitable as family men and women. They ardently love their spouses and when it comes to kids, well, they roll up their sleeves and dive in!

Contrary to what some might believe, an Aries parent is not a tyrant. Yes, the bossiness, cut-throat decisions, and the overconfidence about their own beliefs might be there. But surprisingly, an Aries parent can see things from a kid’s point of view too. This makes them protective, creative, and able to enjoy play-time with their offspring to the fullest.


Q: What are the Main Negative Traits of an Aries Person?

The most negative traits include being too competitive, overconfident, overbearing, reckless behavior, blind optimism, a fiery temper, and impulsive decision making.

Q: How Loyal is an Aries Partner or Friend?

Aries is exceptionally loyal. Deception is not one of their birth traits. Instead, they make devoted parents, partners, friends, and children.

Q: What can Make an Aries Ignore You?

Aries is all about freedom, decision-making, and interesting things. If you hold onto them too strongly or smother them, you risk their ire. In the same way, if you make decisions for them or bore them, an Aries will also give you the cold shoulder.

Q: What are the Physical Traits of an Aries?

Aries individuals tend to have good posture and pride in their stance, just like their zodiac sign The Ram. They are of average height but have athletic or slim bodies. An Aries is said to have a heart-shaped face, prominent nose, and strong bone structure.

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