54 Cat Captions for Photos That Make You Go Meow

If you’ve ever owned a cat or, to put it more accurately, let a cat own you, you know how amazing felines are on many levels. You probably also know how difficult they can be at times. Even though kitties can be stubborn and drive you crazy with their determination to have things their way, they always melt your heart with their cuteness.

Because cats are adorable, you may find yourself taking pictures of your furry baby whenever you can. Jump at the chance to post those pictures on social media because cat lovers will be thankful that you shared them. If you need a cute, funny or angry caption to go with your picture, or an ideal explanation for a selfie, consider using these:

Cute Cat Captions

Add one of these delightful cat captions to your photo to maximize the cuteness of your image:

  • Aren’t I adorable? You know I am.
  • I always deserve treats. Just look at how cute I am and you’ll agree.
  • I am the definition of cute!
  • I’m much cuter than the dog. Besides, he smells like peanut butter.
  • Your slipper is my bed, and it’s the perfect fit.
  • I brought you a present.
  • I will lick your tears away.

Cat caption for your photo posts.

My cat and I have the Purrfect relationship.


Cute cat caption for your photo posts.

I am the definition of cute!

  • I knead you.
  • My mommy’s lap is my favorite place to nap.
  • I get away with ignoring you because I’m so darn cute.
  • My cat is irresistibly fluffy.
  • Napping where it’s nice and warm.
  • Scratch me under my chin, please.
  • Dressed up for Halloween.
  • My cat napping underneath the covers.
  • Lounging on the couch.
  • My beautiful blue-eyed Siamese.


Funny Cat Captions

Make viewers laugh with these funny cat captions:

  • Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I got a paper bag, and I’m going to hide in it.
  • My human gave me cat food for dinner, but since I’d rather have whipped cream, I grabbed the opportunity to lick the yummy white stuff off the top of her rice pudding.
  • Now that you’re done petting me, do you want to see my rear end?
  • I can’t understand why my hooman freaks out whenever I leave one of my ratty-looking chew toys on her pillow.
  • My cat is so exhausted, and so am I. He was up at 3:00 a.m. rearranging the shoes in my closet, and I woke up when I heard him tossing them around.
  • If my Munchkin cat could speak, she’d probably say, “What happened to the rest of my legs?”

Cute cat caption for Instagram.

Dressed up for Halloween.

Cat Love Captions

If your love of cats has inspired you to take photos of them, post your pictures with cat love captions like these:

  • I love my cat because he understands me.
  • This ball of fur fills my days with joy.
  • My cat and I have the Purrfect relationship.
  • Love is in the air when you have a cat in the house.
  • When my cat licks me, it’s telling me it loves me.
  • Kitty kisses always brighten my day.
  • Whenever I need some affection, all I have to do is pet my cat and wait for her to kiss me.
  • The love I have in my heart for my cat is immeasurable.
  • I frequently pause what I’m doing to give my love and attention to these four paws.


Cat Selfie Captions

Post a selfie with your cat, and use one of these captions to convey your feelings for your feline:

  • I love napping with my cat in the middle of the day.
  • I couldn’t think of a better place to be than at home with my kitty.
  • I love kissing my cat, although I’m not convinced my kitty likes all those kisses.
  • My shoulder is the perfect place for my cat to rest its head.
  • My cat will lick my nose every chance it gets.
  • Alone time with my kitty.
  • Snuggling with my cat for Christmas!
  • Here’s my cat fast asleep in my arms.
  • Striking a pose with my cat.
  • My cat looks up to me.
  • We are family. I got all my kitties with me.
  • My cat thinks she’s helping me work on my computer by walking all over it.


Angry Cat Captions

Angry cat photos can be fun to look at, especially if they are matched with captions like the ones below:

  • Of course, I have a nasty attitude. I saw you feeding that stray cat.

  • Leave me alone! What part of “hiss” do you not understand?
  • If I look like I’m getting ready to bite you, lighten up and stop annoying me.
  • Do I look happy to you?
  • Being the revengeful type, I’m going to leave a copious amount of my white fur on your black sweater.
  • I’m warning you!
  • By the look on my cat’s face, I think I pissed her off.
  • My cat thinks I’m intentionally trying to piss her off.
  • This is the face I got when I told my cat we were getting a dog.


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54 Cat Captions for Photos That Make You Go Meow


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