75 Awesome Minecraft Pickup Lines

Last Updated on November 2, 2021

Are you looking for a Minecraft girlfriend or boyfriend? Do you enjoy the pleasure of speaking the same language?

Guess what; there are plenty of crafty Minecraft pickup lines that would impress anyone that plays this addictive game. Here are some of them:

Minecraft Pickup Lines

  1. You must be a Minecraft update cause I’ve been waiting for you all this time.
  2. Are you a superstar in the Minecraft world? I need your seed.
  3. Could you be a dirt block? I would totally dig you.
  4. Are you a creeper? Cause you make my heart go boom.
  5. I think you might be a witch. Because I’m definitely under your spell.
  6. You must be a Redstone torch. You activate my sticky piston.
  7. Your smile is more amazing than a Minecraft sunset.
  8. I would trade all my diamonds just to be with you.
  9. What’s up (girl/boy). Can we go strip mining?
  10. Can we go to my house and change your spawn location?
  11. you must be a fence because I can’t seem to get over you
  12. Could you let me into your nether? I promise to make you scream like a ghast.
  13. Can you be my Minecraft chest? I got plenty of stuff to put in you.
  14. You must be lava cause you are extremely hot.
  15. Something tells me you are obsidian. You know, you like it hard.
  16. Could you strip your armor and let me see your skin?
  17. You better find a diamond pickaxe. Because I’m harder than obsidian.
  18. Can I put my Minecraft bed next to you so we can mine faster?
  19. You must be the nether cause you are completely out of this world.
  20. Hey stranger? Are you a superb builder? Do you mind if we can build a relationship?
  21. I think you are a slimeball. Look how you make my piston sticky.
  22. I’m gravel. Why? Cause I’m falling for you.
  23. Could you be my lever? So you can always turn me on.
  24. I’m a professional miner. Can you let me build you a bedrock?
  25. Hey, honey block. Can I taste your sweetness?
  26. I’m not Barry Allan but I sure can speedrun my way into your heart if given a chance
  27. I BEElieve we were meant to be.
  28. You must be a totem of undying because when I’m next to you, I feel immortal.
  29. Can I be your Enderman and take you away.
  30. You are so breathtaking. You must be a diamond.
  31. My pickaxe is ready for you. All you have to do is agree to be my diamond ore.
  32. Come to my dirt house so we can do all the dirty things.
  33. Can I be your horse? I want you to ride me.
  34. You must be good at fishing cause I’m hooked.
  35. I got a shovel. Can you be my block of dirt for me to dig?
  36. You must be a health portion. I can feel my heart fill up when I’m around you.
  37. Call me your torch cause I’m about to light up your world.
  38. Can we explore territories together? Possibly the nethers?
  39. I got a pickaxe. Could you be mine to craft?
  40. I’m so lost in you. I might just need a JourneyMap
  41. Hey, Glowstone. I’ve got some golden apples for you. Could you come over to my house?
  42. Hi, pressure plate. You do turn me on!
  43. I’d like to tame you. Think that is possible?
  44. Did I just lag or it’s your charming smile’s doing?
  45. Relax, baby, and let me do the digging.
  46. You are the hottest lava I keep falling into (and don’t mind doing it over again).
  47. I don’t have a shovel but I surely dig you.
  48. Are you Enderman? Because you keep stealing my heart.
  49. You can’t have my cake. You are already sweet enough.
  50. Hey, I’d like to strip-mine you.
  51. Do you like love mode? Let’s switch to it and start breeding.
  52. You know, you are my TNT. You always blow me away.
  53. Hey, I’ve got some bone meal. Can I fertilize your wood?
  54. I bet you got a creeper in your pants. Is it ferocious? 
  55. Hey, it’s pig here. You got a saddle? You can ride me for as long as you want.
  56. Hello, pumpkin. It’s Enderman here and you know just how much I love you.
  57. I need a bucket of water. You are truly hot.
  58. You are definitely from the mines. Because you are a gem. Diamond, to be precise.
  59. Come check out my place. I wanna show you my biome.
  60. Hey dude. Got a tree farm? I think I need some wood.
  61. Every time I see you, my Sapling grows.
  62. Could you be my furnace? I got some meat I wanna put in you.
  63. Can I tell you something? I’m the best digger around. I got lots of gems and I don’t mind adding you as one of them.
  64. Hey, diamond armor, It sure must be lovely to be into you.
  65. You are like diamond ores. My face lights up every time I see you.
  66. My addition for you supersedes my love for Minecraft.
  67. Every day you get hotter than my PC does after a few minutes of playing Minecraft.
  68. You must be a good Minecraft world cause I can’t stop thinking of seeding you.
  69. Can we meet tonight? It will just be me, you, and Minecraft.
  70. Even when pixelated, you are still so darn sexy.
  71. If/when you come over tonight, I’ll introduce you to my Under Dragon.
  72. Your beauty is as impeccable as a 512×512 texture pack.
  73. Come over tonight. Golden apples and roasted pork are on the menu.
  74. You must be a skeleton cause you just gave quite a bone down there.
  75. You must be a dragon egg because you really are one of a kind.

Closing the curtains

Hey, we hope you enjoyed reading these sneaky Minecraft pickup lines. Use them on strangers, besties, and partners who enjoy Minecraft. If you got some more pickup lines, feel free to drop ‘em in the comments. Bye now

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