65 Winter Captions for Pics That Are Literally Cool

Winter is a wonderful season, and it’s the perfect time to take pictures and post them on social media. Though you may be eager to share a photo of you on skis or a picture of your dog on a sled, take a minute to create a caption for it. Make the caption you create funny, heartwarming, cute or clever.

Your winter photo and the caption underneath it should make anyone who sees your post appreciate the pros and cons of winter. Because winter is a special time of year, let it be known. Use these winter captions if you can’t think of any on your own or if you don’t feel the ones you’ve come up with don’t make you smile.

Funny Winter Captions

If your winter photos make you laugh whenever you look at them, let people who see your pictures on social media laugh even harder by posting these captions underneath them:

  • Never try to convince someone you lost 30 pounds when you’re dressed for snow in the winter. Who could tell?
  • Why do they say the streets are covered in a blanket of snow when snow doesn’t keep you warm like a blanket does?
  • My dog loves playing in the snow. He also likes drinking out of the toilet.

  • As beautiful as winter is, I’d rather be building a sand castle than a snowman.
  • I’m hot to trot right back into the house for a mug of hot cocoa.
  • I’m not fat, I’m just overdressed!


Short Winter Captions

Sometimes, short captions like these are all you need to make the pictures you post more impressive:

  • It’s all about winter!
  • A snow-white wonderland.
  • Snow makes me smile.
  • Snowflakes are falling on my head.
  • A crisp winter day!

Funny winter caption.

I’m not fat, I’m just overdressed!


Short winter caption for Instagram.

It’s a hot cocoa day!

  • Snow angels in paradise.
  • Winter doesn’t get better than this.
  • The ultimate snow day!

  • Frosty bliss is this!
  • My toes froze!
  • Time for hot chocolate!
  • It’s a hot cocoa day!
  • Delightfully blinding snow!
  • Blinded by the snow.
  • In a snow-day state of mind.
  • Here comes the snow.
  • Winter is magical!
  • Snowflakes on my tongue!
  • Snowflakes kissing my cheeks.
  • Beautiful first day of snow!
  • Beautiful is the snow!


Winter Love Captions

A moment of winter love captured in a photo shouldn’t be posted without a caption, so choose one of these to make the picture you post more heartwarming:

  • Nothing warms you up as much as a hug on a cold winter day.
  • With your hand in mine, my heart is melting every step of the way.
  • I never thought winter could be so much fun until I met you.

  • Staying warm under the covers with you is what I like doing most in the wintertime.
  • I can feel warm on the coldest winter day when you’re standing by my side.
  • A kiss from you is all I need to stay warm.

Winter love caption.

A kiss from you is all I need to stay warm.


Instagram Captions for Winter Selfies

You can take a picture-perfect selfie, but without an interesting caption, it may not be so likeable. To change that, use one of these captions:

  • Showing off my winter gear to the best of my ability.
  • Who needs a manicure when you have mittens?
  • Boots look hot in the wintertime.
  • Soft socks warm my feet as much as winter warms my heart.
  • Knee-deep in snow is where I want to be.
  • Having fun sinking my feet into knee-deep snow.
  • Winter always makes me look fat.

  • Watching the snow fall is such a beautiful sight!


Winter Hot Tub Captions

Being able to immerse yourself in a hot tub when the weather is cold is one of life’s pleasures, so post winter hot tub pictures along with these captions if you want to share that wonderful experience:

  • Winter makes you appreciate your hot tub even more.
  • Few things are more heavenly than looking out of your window at the falling snow and stepping into a hot tub.
  • Happiness is warming your body in a hot tub in December.
  • It never feels like winter when you’re in a hot tub.

  • Hot tub, cold winter!
  • Take the chill out of winter by relaxing in a hot tub.
  • Getting into hot water on a cold winter day is always pleasurable!


Missing Summer Captions in Winter

Although you may enjoy the winter months, you may find yourself missing summer. If this is you, post a winter picture that expresses that emotion, along with one of these captions:

  • Though the snow’s beauty is enchanting, so is the beach in the summer.
  • It’s snowy days like this that make me miss summer.

  • I’ll be happy when the snow melts and the summer sun shines again.
  • Oh, summer, you’re on my mind and I miss you.
  • Counting the days until summer!
  • I’d rather be wearing summer sandals than winter boots!
  • Looking forward to putting my winter coat away in storage and taking out my bathing suit.

  • I love a hot beverage on a cold winter day, but I’d rather the day be hot and the beverage iced.
  • So, I’ve had enough of winter already. I’m missing summer.
  • Coffee in Winter Caption
  • Enhancing your photos of coffee in winter with these captions can be as stimulating as a cup of java.
  • Winter is more enjoyable when you’re drinking coffee.

  • Watching the snow fall while drinking hot coffee is a magical moment.
  • Nothing warms you up and makes you appreciate a snow day more than a good cup of joe.
  • The coffee smells wonderful, and the view of the snow-covered trees looks awesome.
  • As I sip on coffee, the snow lights up the night.
  • Coffee always helps make a winter day warmer.


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