50 Pet Peeves That Will Never Fail To Ruin Your Day

Last Updated on November 6, 2021

We all have those little things that annoy us or wind us up; for many of us, pet peeves can be the smallest things that irritated us as we were growing up, or they could be newer hates that we have only developed recently, but one thing is for sure, they are hates that we can not control, and they never fail to ruin our days!

Pet Peeves

Maybe you don’t even know that you have a “pet peeve”, well here is a list of 50 super common pet peeves, I am sure that at least one or two of these applies to you.


  1. People who have to one-up every story – There is always that one person at a party who needs to have the better story or has had the better experience vs everyone else.


  1. Delivery food that spills in the bag – You have just paid good money for your food and when you receive it, it’s everywhere in the bag… need I say more.


  1. Lending something to someone and never getting it back – we all have that one friend. They know who they are.


  1. Asking questions during a movie is nearly as bad as spoiling the movie because they are ruining the movie for everyone else.


  1. People who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom – this is especially true in a post-Covid world.


  1. Guys who bring their guitars to every party they go to – there are always one or two of them, and they usually only know one chord and two songs, but hey, at least they try.


  1. People who say “No offense” – often, when someone says this, they will follow it up with something offensive.


  1. Other people staring at their phones – social media has ruined social interaction, nowadays, people are glued to their phones, and it is impossible to get a conversation out of them.


  1. Pushy vegans – you don’t eat meat or dairy or anything that comes near an animal? That’s cool, but you don’t need to tell everyone that will listen about how wrong they are for doing so.


  1. Slow Internet is a first-world problem, but it is annoying, and it always seems to happen when you need Wi-Fi the most.


  1. Slow Internet is a first-world problem, but it is annoying, and it always seems to happen when you need Wi-Fi the most.


  1. Formal social media departure announcements – okay, we get it, you’re taking some time off. You don’t need to tell everyone.


  1. Passengers who fiddle with a car driver’s radio – If it isn’t your car, then maybe you don’t need to be pushing buttons or changing the Godamn music!


  1. Confusing memes with a personality – I’m sure you have a personality somewhere, but sharing memes all of the time to mask the fact that you are as dull as dishwater is fooling nobody.


  1. Being gluten-free just for kicks – yet another dietary craze. This pet peeve is getting more popular.


  1. People who seriously think they’re kind of a big deal – there are always a few of these in any social circle.


  1. The word “literally” – it is literally the most annoying word. People use this word in place of some other words they have no clue how to use.


  1. People who call you “buddy” or “sweetheart” because they forgot your name – it’s just a little condescending isn’t it.


  1. Single socks from the washing machine – Washing machines always seem to do this. You will put in 20 socks and after the wash, there is 15 remaining.


  1. When you lose something and a person says, “Well, where was the last place you had it? – If I knew that, I don’t think I would be asking you, would I?


  1. Vaping – Every skateboarder or 16-year-old “cool kid” is walking around with a vape that is the size of a hard drive and makes them look like a human locomotive when they smoke it.


  1. People who recline their airplane seats without warning – There is no problem with you reclining your seat; maybe ask before you do so you don’t squash me?


  1. People who explain your own point back to you – it’s worse when they then try to pass it off as their own.


  1. People who overstay their welcome – This is a massive pet peeve, like take a hint!!


  1. People who won’t stop telling you that you have to watch their favorite show – We all have those friends who will tell you that you just need to see this show or else. Super irritating.


  1. Clapping when the plane lands – the only times that clapping after a flight is allowed, is when it is the pilot’s final flight before retirement or if he has avoided a plane crash and saved everyone.


  1. Redundant hashtagging – We know that it helps promote your post a little more, but we don’t need to see a short story after your Instagram post.


  1. Someone that is always late – Maybe you are that person. In which case, watch out!


  1. People who are really slow on self-service are always worse when they cause a huge build-up queue behind them. They will take 10 minutes to scan 2 items. Surely you could have just gone to a regular checkout?


  1. People that stare – I know I look good, but you don’t need to keep staring!


  1. Loud arguers or talkers – It is just awkward and no amount of pretending to be on your phone or listening to music can disguise the fact that you want to hear it.


  1. People that post on social media too much – anything in moderation is absolutely fine, but those of you that post every day, sometimes twice a day on social media, you need to relax.


  1. Slow drivers in the fast lane are more of a danger to society than they even realize. Slow drivers are so much more likely to cause a crash!


  1. Speech to text feature – it just never picks up what you want to say properly does it?


  1. People that double dip – especially with the whole global pandemic thing going on, this is a little taboo.


  1. People who steal your food – there’s nothing worse than coming home from a hard day at the office to see that the dinner that you had bought for yourself is gone.


  1. People that don’t indicate before they turn a corner – this is just as dangerous as driving slow in the fast lane!


  1. People that post quotes on social media thinking it sends a message – nobody thinks you’re being cool or mysterious, it’s just irritating.


  1. Interrupting – it’s just rude isn’t it.


  1. Leaving hair in the shower drain – This gives so many people the ick; please clean your hair from the drain!


  1. Those girls that can’t dance, move, or talk to someone in a club without taking a picture – this is Instagram and TikTok’s fault. Every girl feels like they need to show that they are having the time of their life for all of their social media “fans”.


  1. Dog owners that don’t pick up poo – its irresponsible dog ownership, simple as that.


  1. Parents that think that their kids can do no wrong – “Who? My little angel? Well there is no way that they would have done anything!” *rolls eyes.


  1. Nail biters – It just doesn’t look very nice, and its worse when they spit the nails out.


  1. People who stand at entrances at exits – do they not realize that they are blocking peoples view?


  1. People who reheat their tea or coffee in a microwave – this is a little more niche, but it is still kind of disgusting. Just make a fresh cup.


  1. The sound of chalk on a chalkboard – the sound can make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.


  1. People who don’t cover their mouth when they cough – In a post-Covid world, this is a biggie. People need to be so much more careful with how they conduct their coughing and sneezing in todays world.


  1. People who skip the queue – Once again, this is super irritating. We all have somewhere to be, it doesn’t make you more important than anyone else waiting to pay for their shopping.


  1. Slow cashiers – Especially when you are in a rush.


  1. People who use the words “feels” and vibes” unironically – again, this is the fault of social media, it has normalized the use of these ridiculous words.




What does it mean to have a pet peeve?

A pet peeve is a behavior or display that generates slight annoyance in people. They aren’t things that are so inappropriate and rude that they necessarily warrant anybody taking action, but they can be bothersome in a way that will make you roll your eyes in frustration.

Can a pet peeve be something small?

Yes, a pet peeve can be anything that annoys you a little or that causes you to roll your eyes. They may not be as annoying as someone or something explicitly ticking you off, but they can be irritating to deal with.

How can I best respond to a pet peeve of mine?

Honestly, the best way to respond to a pet peeve is not responding at all. Often, a pet peeve will be something that irritates us and us alone, so reacting negatively may only make you look bad.

Do funny pet peeves exist?

Yes, they certainly do! Some pet peeves can quite honestly be hilarious and are also super random. You will have seen some of the funnier and more interesting ones in the list above.

Are there any super common pet peeves?

Typically, loud eating or drinking is a pet peeve that drives people crazy. Other common pet peeves can include loud slurping at the bottom of a drink or scraping your teeth with a fork.

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