heart touching shayari in english for love, boyfriend, girlfriends

Are you looking for heart touching Shayari in English? if you yes, then you are in the right place. where I  share with you lots of and best of best Heart touching Shayari in the English language. Below are listed heart touching Shayari in English shorts. also, you will found here 2 lines and you can share your boyfriend, girlfriends.

heart touching shayari in english
heart touching shayari in english

heart touching Shayari in the English  language 

heart touching shayari in english
heart touching shayari in english
  1. Whose meeting is not written in the fate, Love with them is amazing.
  2. Don’t know when our freedom ended, complying with the restrictions of Talluqaat
  3. I am not the rain of your destiny that may rain on you, You have to change your destiny to get me.
  4. Now Daman-e-Dil Chor do worthless hopes, I have endured a lot of pain, I have lived a lot of heart
  5. If you ask from the heart, even today you are mine, It is another matter that luck has cheated.
  6. we wish them all, promised to fulfil, Did we know, It was only a wish to leave us.
  7. Not seeing this face now opens the heart, Sometimes even some mirrors lie
  8. Tell me whether my dreams are false, That whenever I saw you I saw you with me.
  9. Accidents were more in my eyes, Your only love is your only pain waiting for you
  10. Yesterday a fakir looked into my eyes and said, Oh man, you were very happy… before falling in love…

heart touching Shayari in English  2 line 

heart touching shayari in english
heart touching shayari in english
  1. The light of the cities is very strange, Despite the light, it is difficult to recognize faces.
  2. You have smothered love like wet wood, Neither got full water nor could it be extinguished.
  3. He said goodbye thinking that There are poor people…. what would you give other than love?
  4. How is this work done to your love?. Four bites are not pricked now, all your intentions have changed
  5. Emotion will not change like my dates, The desire to love unrequited will last a lifetime.
  6. You live without us. I don’t know why we can’t stay without you.
  7. We could not say anything to him, after so many emotions, We remained strangers to strangers after so many meetings.
  8. When you meet someone, keep a distant relation, Often the ones who put on the chest are very tormented.
  9. Whoever I saw crying I found, This love seems to me to be the puck of a fakir.
  10. Everyone knows how to cry. But everyone has. Not one to celebrate with love.

heart touching Shayari in English for your boyfriend

heart touching shayari in english
heart touching shayari in english
  1. Will go away leaving you on your condition, What is the value, time will teach you.
  2. Life comes, just listen, I am sitting in love, give me some advice
  3. Oops, his cries were amazing too. It hurts to say this on the matter then I will not talk
  4. I remember you very much, I don’t get any time from your remembrance
  5. I have heard that someone else has started liking you too, If you want more than us, then become of him.
  6. In your love like this, I will be auctioned, I will be your name after all.
  7. think I’ll get everything, in my life. But he is in your hands, I can’t be
  8. Specially, we were also very much his, But according to their leisure.
  9. It is a different matter that you were heard. Otherwise, God was mine too.
  10. where am I alone? A lot stays with me. solitude, silence, helplessness. All of these are guarded.
  11. Light a lamp that there is a feeling of existence, In this darkness my shadow also left me……!!!
  12. wish to meet, But never tried. Thought when God has believed him, So without seeing it, you will worship it.
  13. It is difficult to die without the person without whom, That person stopped coming even in dreams.

heart touching Shayari in English for girlfriends

heart touching shayari in english
heart touching shayari in english
  1. books are just like me, Full of alphas but silent.
  2. I had to get punishment in love, I too had broken many hearts to get you…
  3. If I got incomplete love, my sleep also got disturbed. If there was an anonymous life, so many people used to sleep comfortably.
  4. There was a big difference between you and my love, You only tried, we only believed.
  5. What should I write in such a way that your heart gets peace, Is it not enough to say that you are my life?
  6. Like my silence, Don’t read so carefully. If you understand. Then you too will be silent.
  7. Don’t take me away from your close ones, You are the only reason I have to live.
  8. If there was no love, I would have told. Your one silence ruined my life.
  9. Take care if you ever take care of us. At that time we will not be there to support you
  10. I have a place in a strange settlement, Where people meet, less peeping is more.
  11. Distance is starting to feel good, now I. Now the mind is tired of forced love.
heart touching shayari in english
heart touching shayari in english

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