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Many people balk at the idea of thank you notes because they believe that they are too cumbersome to write. However, if someone has gone out of their way to help or give you a gift, then they deserve a thank you note at the very least. Something as simple as sending a handwritten note can have a lasting impression. People are always willing to help those that are grateful. Therefore, take the time to write a thank you note. All you need to do is keep it simple and gracious. Not sure what to write in a thank-you note? Here’s how to show your gratitude with a meaningful thank you message. First, express your gratitude and name the action or the gift you received. Then write a few words about how you benefited from this action or gift.How To Write A Thank You Note. Tips For Thank You Messages.

The First Step: Pick the Right Stationary

The average person scrawls out a note on a basic piece of paper and stuffs it in an envelope. Yes, this is a better than no thank you note, but one should take a little more pride in their work. Therefore, it will be better to find nice and appropriate stationary to make a thank you note even lovelier than before. Stationary is easy to customize by adding a name or initials to the top. The design does not have to be elaborate, and it can even be done at home with a stamp. The key is to keep it looking unique without too much effort. Of course, one can always buy pre-made or blank thank you notes from any store. Pick a design that is cute and fits the occasion from wedding to baby. This is one way to make a thank you card even more special.How To Write A Thank You Note. Tips For Thank You Messages.

When to Send a Thank You Note

  • When someone does something nice for you, whether you receive a card or a gift or after an job interview being thankful and expressing gratitude is very important. You will be faced down with this task several different times in your life. Here are a few occasions of when a thank you note or letter is expected:
  • After receiving wedding, bridal or baby shower gifts
  • After receiving birthday cards and gifts
  • For holiday gifts (Christmas or Chanukah)
  • After a job interview
  • When you were the guest of honor at a dinner party
  • After someone does a favor for you
  • After a profitable business deal is made
  • To your teacher, pastor, mother, father, mentor or hospital staff


Begin with a “Hello”

  • Now, the stationary is picked out, and it is time to begin writing the note itself. It is best to begin the note with a greeting followed by the “thank you for…” This will keep the note succinct and to the point without gushing. You will then need to explain why you liked the gift or needed their help. Specifics are important because it shows that you are not just sending out generic thank you notes. It also gives the thank you note recipient a reason why you enjoyed their help or gift so much.
  • You can begin this section with something as elaborate as “my gratitude will never be sufficient, but thank you…,” or something simpler. You are not writing a thesis, and it does not have to be more than a couple of sentences. The point is to show them you appreciate the thought more than anything.

Adding More Detail

  • It is always nice to add a little more detail to a note such as a “I hope to see you again soon” or “it was lovely to see you enjoying yourself at our wedding.” It can even be something goofy like a compliment on their new job or a comment on a cool blog post. The added detail should express a sentiment that lets them know you are thinking of them.


The End

  • If you are unsure how to end the note, then you can then thank them again for the sake of it before ending the note. Close the note with an appropriate greeting such as: sincerely, best, thanks, love or see you soon. Pick the closing that best suits your relationship and feelings. Do not forget to sign your name at the bottom too, and voila! You have accomplished the lost art of writing a thank you note. The process is not as painful or hard as other people will have you think.

Send it Out Soon!

  • One should always send out a thank you note within a month of an event or gift. The sooner it is sent out than the more it will be appreciated. Of course, it is always better to send a thank you not than not at all. Therefore, it is fine if you are not able to get out the hundreds you need to write until a later date. People just want acknowledgement, and a thank you note is one of the best ways to do it.

Key Things to Remember When Writing Thank You Cards:

  • Spelling is very important. All names should be properly written.
  • Write the note in pen for a professional look.
  • The one time you do not need to send a thank you note is when one was sent to you for something.
  • Avoid novelty stamps unless they fit the occasion.
  • Timeliness is everything. Try to send out notes within a month.
  • Stationary is important. Avoid lined or plain paper.
  • Neat handwriting is a must! A cursive script can be hard to read if it is not written plainly enough. Stick to plain print.


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