25 Adorable Hamster Memes That Will Surely Brighten Your Day

Last Updated on November 22, 2021

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who won’t find four paws, bright eyes, and wispy whiskers on a small package cute. Hamsters are generally considered great starter pets for people of all ages.

But what makes them so adorable? And how do you care for one?


How To Take Care of Your Hamsters

Who wouldn’t want to keep a pet that doesn’t need constant attention? Or gets enough exercise by simply running on a wheel? How about one that doesn’t eat a ton everyday?

As a bonus, hamsters don’t need your help grooming. They also appreciate it if you leave them be. These little creatures typically don’t come with proper care sheets. While hardy, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore them and they’ll take care of themselves.

First, make sure you know what species of hamster you have. You might end up with something too big or too small for them, which can cause injuries. There’s a wide range of products designed to house hamsters. They’re cute and colorful, too.

Enclosures that promote proper air circulation are a must-have before getting started.

Make sure that their enclosure has a more natural feel by providing hay-based bedding materials. Your local pet store or resident expert can give you accessible options.

Giving them fresh food every other day ensures happy little critters. Changing the menu regularly also helps their digestion. Pets with minimal supervision still won’t spare you from the monthly bedding changes and weekly cleaning of their enclosures.

A trip to the vet at least yearly is a great way to keep them contented.


Adorable Hamster Memes

Small, spirited, and inspiring, hamsters are relatively easy to care for.

They’re also inexpensive – provided you don’t let them breed out of control. Depending on how many you want, they require minimal space. Just plan special play days (a hamster ball is perfect for this) for them and they can remain happy and healthy.

Let these adorable critters put a smile on your face with these delightful hamster memes!


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