75 Clever Apex Legends Memes That Only True Players Understand

Last Updated on November 22, 2021

The launch of Apex Legends in 2019 introduced an innovative spin to the typically regimented first-person shooter. What players got was a unique setting with cool aesthetics that intrigued many. The game also brought characters that have their own abilities – something usually seen in RPGs.

The patented and well-received Ping System saw extensive use here. It promoted a more tactical approach to matches – minus the typical toxicity players have to get used to when playing other FPS titles.


What To Expect Playing Apex Legends

Apex Legends had quite the story. Its narrative being a spin-off of that other game: Titanfall. It didn’t get in the way of the blasting and the fragging, but the slow build-up was welcomed by the community.

It has many characteristics of the standard free-to-play model where your wallet can impact how good you play. Playing the game is similar to other Battle Royale titles where you’ll spawn with your team at a certain point on the map.

Your objective is to take out competing squads who are just as eager to do you the same. You’ll scavenge for items, coordinate with teammates, and play your character to its strengths as part of a team. You know what to expect in these types of games: the last team standing takes the match.

Rounds are set to last 20-30 minutes, which is quite fast for a game that has several teams vying to outdo each other. Customizing your character by way of skins and weapon appearance schemes is another way you can stand out in the game.


Funny Apex Legends Memes

Fast-paced and full of surprises, one could say that this game is going to put you on the edge of your chair. Sure, it has its fair share of hiccups (i.e. campers, snowballs, smurfs, etc.), but it’s still a highly enjoyable one – especially if your team makes it.

Regardless of results, players will surely enjoy this clean, witty, and totally relatable Apex Legends memes.


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