What Is Divine Timing And How Can You Harness This Force To Better Your Life

Last Updated on November 24, 2021

‘Everything in life happens at the right time and for the right reasons’ ~ Anonymous

Picture the following scenario!

You graduated from college ten years ago but have been on an unsuccessful job hunt since then. After years of endless frustrations, you eventually decide to shift your focus from looking for employment to creating one. You take a $1,000 bank loan, rent a facility downtown and set up a consultancy firm in your area of expertise. But just as your business starts to gather momentum, you receive a job offer from a multinational company. The opportunity sounds lucrative. It’s like a dream come true. You’re now faced with the dilemma of taking up the highly-attractive job offer or sticking to your consultancy business.

Or perhaps you’ve always toyed with the idea of hitting out on that girl next door. But for some reason, you’ve never mustered enough courage to approach her despite the fact that she seems to be sending positive vibes your way. After several months of knowing her, the lady dies in a tragic car crash. And in some strange twist of fate, you finally meet your soul mate while mourning your deceased crush.

Now, the above scenarios have one underlying similarity. They all lend credence to the old adage that ‘everything happens at the right time.’

Whether you’re a firm believer in fate or not, it’s important to understand divine timing. That’s because the universe knows exactly the ideal time to bring things into your life. And as you shall find, the timing is always perfect.

But what constitutes divine timing and how can you harness this concept to better your life? That question shall be the focus of this post.

What Is Divine Timing?

Divine timing is the belief that everything that occurs in our lives happens at precisely the right time. Of course, the right time isn’t necessarily right in our human perceptions. In fact, the timing may seem outright awkward from our own viewpoints.

That’s because as humans, we all have certain goals we wish to accomplish sooner or challenges we desire to overcome faster. We therefore invest our time, efforts, and even money in bringing our plans into fruition.

However, the universe doesn’t always work that way. There may be occasions when our plans are coincidentally aligned with those of the divine power. But more often than not, our goals and ambitions tend to work at cross purposes with those of the universe. And divine plans will always prevail since the universe understands what’s best for us.

Therefore, it’s imperative to listen to what the universe is telling us through signals like angel numbers. That way, we’ll be able to bring our plans into alignment with those of the universe.

By submitting to the divine timing, we accept that everything that happens in our lives is controlled by a higher power and intended for our ultimate benefits. That ranges from seemingly ordinary occurrences like waking up a little late for work to more drastic events like divorce or bereavement.

Cardinal Rules for Trusting Divine Timing

Galaxy in Space

1. Know How the Universe Communicates

The universe is always talking to us, even if not necessarily causing events to happen in our lives.

One principal rule for embracing divine timing is to understand the signs that your higher power is talking to you. This is particularly important if the events that are about to take place in your life may have far-reaching implications. Examples of such events include divorce, job loss, or the loss of a loved one.

Fortunately, there are plenty of signs that something momentous is about to go down in your life. Examples include;

• Seeing certain angel numbers
• Seeing certain symbols from nature, such as flower blossoms, cloud shapes, or constellations
• Experiencing miracles, such as cheating death multiple times over a short timespan
• Having certain dreams and visions
• Synchronicity of events, such as seeing people in black suits wherever you go
• Preemption, whereby everyone around you seems to be doing the things you’re constantly contemplating
• People or things you think about keep appearing in your life
• Hearing a voice call your name when there’s no one around
• When a song you’re thinking about randomly starts to play on the radio
• When random thoughts spring to your mind, coupled with a compulsive desire to implement them
• When everything in your life seems to be going unusually right or wrong
• Technological malfunctions

2. Understand That You’re Not in Control

Thought Provoking Questions in Life

There’s a reason it’s called ‘divine timing’ and not ‘human timing.’ That’s because the timing is beyond our control.

It’s only human to want to be in control of everything. But when the universe causes things to happen in your life, your options may only be limited to complete surrender.

3. The Timing Doesn’t Have To Feel Right

As we’ve already highlighted, the universe will allow events to occur in your life at precisely the right time. In most cases, the timing will seem shocking, unusual, or utterly ridiculous.

However, there’s no use questioning the justice of divine timing. Rather, you’d do best to make the necessary adjustments in your life so you can embrace the sudden, drastic changes about to take place in your life.

4. Master the Art of Patience

Patience is a vital attribute when it comes to harnessing the power of divine timing. Even after submitting to the control of your higher power, it may be difficult to convince yourself that the universe will fulfill your heart’s desires.

Your plans may appear to take unusually long to materialize. And when they finally happen, they might fall short of your initial expectations.

Despite what things may seem, it’s recommended to exercise patience and complete trust in divine timing. With patience, you’ll begin to appreciate the fact that the universe is saving your best plans for last.

5. Embrace Change as the Only Constant Thing in Life

‘Change is the only constant thing in life.’

This adage rings true as far as divine timing is concerned.

Sometimes, things may seem to be working alright for you. You could be having a fulfilling job, raising a happy family, and living in your dream home. In such circumstances, it’s natural to become attached to your established way of life.

However, remember that the universe is always preparing us for better experiences. So, do not panic if a sudden occurrence throws your seemingly satisfying way of life into disarray. It’s all part of nature’s quests to improve you.

6. Note That Seasons May Affect Divine Timing

wyoming during winter time

Divine timing doesn’t always have to be random and unexpected. While change might take place at any time in your life, these changes can sometimes follow the rhythms and cycles of nature.

Therefore, it’s important to pay keen attention to nature’s rhythms and vibrations, such as the changes in weather patterns, migration of birds, the blooming of flowers, etc.

For instance, the onset of the rainy season symbolizes rebirth as the ground gives rise to new life. This might also be a perfect occasion for the universe to bring new blessings into your life.

7. Focus On the Events…Not the Outcomes

When the universe begins to steer your life in a particular direction, try not to focus on the eventual outcomes. Simply flow with the ride and enjoy whatever fate throws your way.

The sail may not always be smooth. However, have faith that the outcome will be what you’ve always desired.

A case in point is when you’re single and stumbles upon someone who makes your heart skip a bit. In such circumstances, it may be convenient to conclude that you’ve just met your soul mate and begin to visualize your lives together.

According to the concept of divine timing, you should instead try to take things slow. Perhaps begin by making each other’s acquaintance. Then get to know the other person better, spending the next couple of months as casual friends as you wait upon divine revelation on whether they’re your soul mate or not.

8. Don’t Let Yourself Be Held Hostage

If you’re a spiritual person, you probably already know that there can only be three outcomes to any prayer – Yes, No, and Wait. The same logic applies to divine timing.

You might have invested so much time in a project that you feel its completion is long overdue. Perhaps you’ve been waiting forever for your business to break even. Or maybe you’ve dated long enough and think it’s about time you walked down the aisle.

If things don’t seem to be working in your favor, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the timing is wrong. It might as well mean that your plans are totally unaligned with those of the universe. Therefore, your best bet would be to abandon those projects or put them on hold and concentrate on something else.

9. Embrace Your Weaknesses

Sometimes, before the universe reveals its plans for us, it may expose our weaknesses or the uncomfortable areas in our life.

For instance, you’re about to get a promotion as CEO of your company. You have all the hard and soft skills required for the job, except that you’re short-tempered.

Before you finally get the promotion, you may realize that you’re constantly getting subjected to situations that expose your hair-trigger temperament. Maybe you keep getting paired with a crazily annoying coworker, or a pesky neighbor just moved into the house next door.

Don’t feel shy about getting your soft underbelly (in this case your short-temper) exposed. Instead, use the opportunity to work on those inadequacies.

10. Pay Attention to What Isn’t Happening Too

Stay focused

A huge part of embracing divine timing consists in focusing on the events unfolding in your life.

However, it’s equally important to pay attention to things that aren’t happening. That’s especially true for things that are the direct opposite of what’s happening.

If you’ve been on a losing streak lately, it’s natural to dwell on your failures and even begin to question your self-worth. But what if you paused and paid more attention to the few wins you’ve bagged in the past?

Final Word

Trusting divine timing is surrendering yourself to the guidance of the universe. It’s believing that events will happen in your life at precisely the right time, no matter how long it takes.

All you need to do is have unwavering faith in your higher power while practicing the healthy habits we’ve highlighted above.

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