50 Chilly Winter Captions for Pics You Take When It’s Cold

There is nothing more magical than a beautiful winter day, especially as we enjoy the various holiday seasons that go along with it! The snow-covered ground, the frosted trees, and the silence in the air all come together to give us gorgeous days we love to treasure. And of course, we also want to take as many pictures as possible when those days are near us. When we share those pictures to our social media pages, it is important to have the best captions to go with the photos.

We’re ready and able to give you what you need! Check out the following winter captions when you need a little something to go along with your fabulous pictures. Your followers will come back for more content every day!

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I Love Winter Instagram captions

When the end of the year is one of your favorite times, tell the world with the following photo captions!

  • My heart may be warm, but I still love the winter frost!
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like snowflakes!
  • Love is the bright sky during a slow snowfall.
  • Every snowflake is special, and I love them all the same.
  • I can never put into words how much I love the cold winter days!
  • Snowy days are always the very best.
  • If my love could be seen, I’d send you a blizzard of it.
  • I’m ready for cold winter days and hot chocolate nights!
  • Sipping my coffee and enjoying the winter weather. What could be better?
  • Beauty is in every speck of the snowflakes that fall.
  • It’s definitely the season to be freezing, but I can’t get enough of it!
  • Who wants to participate in the best snowball fight ever?
  • Snow angels are my way of expressing my love for the season.
  • Winter weather makes me happy to be alive!
  • It’s snow much fun to be outside!


Instagram Captions for Winter Selfies

When winter rolls around, make sure you take time out for a selfie and the best caption for it!

  • I’m freezing for your viewing pleasure!
  • Queen of the snow!
  • Who’s ready to start a snowball fight with me?
  • Wake me up when winter is over.
  • I’m the best at making snow angels!
  • My nose may be red from the cold, but I’m ready to enjoy the day!
  • It’s just me, the snow, the cold, and the open road!
  • I’m dreaming of a warmer day!
  • A selfie in winter helps Santa Claus find you on the big day!
  • Sure, it may be cold outside. But my heart is as warm as ever!
  • I’m wishing you the best season ever!
  • Ready to make the best snow angel ever!
  • I’ll be okay as long as I always have a hot cup of coffee.
  • ‘Tis the season for unlimited Starbucks!
  • Lots of kisses and winter wishes!

Winter Instagram caption.

Snowy days are always the best.

Funny Winter and Snow Captions

Get a chuckle out of your followers by combining one of your awesome pictures with one of our awesome captions!

  • Tons of free snow for the taking- you haul!
  • Now I know why Bumble the Abominable Snowman was so annoyed!
  • Home is where the heat; I mean, the heart, is.
  • Winter is a cold season, but it matches my heart!
  • Winter is the best excuse to visit Starbucks daily!
  • Snow and ice and everything nice.
  • Why do I live in a place that my nose freezes when I walk outside?!
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like hibernation.
  • As long as I can get to the coffee shop in the snow, all is well.
  • Snowflakes may be one of a kind, but does there have to be so many of them?
  • If you need me to come outside, please find somebody else-it’s too cold!
  • Does anyone even like this white stuff?
  • The snow is as cold as my soul.
  • The snow may be cold, but my heart will always be hot for you!
  • If life dumps snow on you, it may be time to move.


Winter hot tub captions

Make sure to take some great pictures when you are in the hot tub, and use a caption below when you share them with family and friends!

  • Cold air and a hot tub…what could possibly be better in life?
  • Winter can stay as long as it likes as long as I have a hot tub to enjoy!
  • Excuse me while I slip into something nice and warm.
  • There is nothing better than lounging in the hot tub when it’s snowing all around you!
  • Every night is hot tub night, even in the winter.
  • The air may be cold, but you couldn’t tell from my point of view!
  • If you need me this winter, I’ll be relaxing in the bubbles!
  • A cold drink, cold air, hot water, and lots of bubbles-what could be better?
  • Cold air, don’t care!
  • If you need me, I’ll be fighting the cold by enjoying some me time in the hot tub!
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like hot tub time!
  • Hot tub, hot chocolate, cold air, and snow. What could possibly be better?
  • The hot tub calls out to me on nights like this!
  • I never knew how amazing a tub full of hot water could be!


Winter puns for captions

Use a little wit and wonder for your winter pictures with the captions we have ready below!

  • There’s snow place like home during the winter months!
  • I don’t snow if I can take the cold anymore!
  • Come chill with us tonight!
  • Chill in the air, but you know I don’t care!
  • We’re always up to snow good around here.
  • I will always glove you.
  • I’ve never had snow much fun before!

Winter Caption.

I’m dreaming of a warmer day!
  • This winter is snow laughing matter.
  • Walking on thin ice-literally and figuratively!
  • Chillin’ all day and sleighing all night!
  • Sometimes it’s okay to freeze the day away!
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like the heck with this!
  • Winter only comes once a year-thank goodness!
  • My bones are as cold as the snow!
  • I’m s-mitten for you!


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50 Chilly Winter Captions for Pics You Take When It's Cold

50 Chilly Winter Captions for Pics You Take When It’s Cold


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