190 Meaningful Korean Names for Boys

Last Updated on December 16, 2021

Korean is considered one of the world’s most difficult languages to learn. Interestingly, Korean names have garnered tremendous popularity among non-native Korean speakers in the recent past.

If you’ve just been blessed with a bouncing baby boy and are scouting around for the perfect name for him, you may want to look in the direction of Korean names.

One great thing to love about Korean names is that they’re incredibly symbolic. The names are also firmly rooted in culture and tradition.

Most importantly, Korean names evolve with time. That makes them the go-to option for parents who prefer trendy and sweet-sounding names.

Korean Boy Names

Outlined below are the 190 most meaningful Korean names for boys.

1. Bae – Means inspiration.
2. Beom-soo – Means to decorate.
3. Busan – Named after the second-largest city in North Korea.
4. Byung-ho – Means bright, glorious, great, or vast.
5. Byung-woo – Means the same thing as Byung-hoon. Also means eaves, a house, or the universe
6. Byung-wook – Means the same thing as Byung-hoon. Also means dawn or sunrise.
7. Chang-ho – Means to flourish, or prosper. Also means heaven, summer, or the sky.
8. Chang-hoon – Means spear or javelin. Also means to teach or guide.
9. Chang-nam – Means south spear.
10. Chang-woo – Means blessed spear.
11. Chan-woo – Means vivid or illuminating. Also means to help, protect, or bless.
12. Chan-young – Means bright flower or shining hero
13. Cheol-min – Means wise and witty.
14. Chi-won – Means to send on a distant mission.
15. Chul – Means firm
16. Chul-soo – Means wise. Also means refined or elegant.
17. Chul-woo – Means iron world or ‘wise universe.’
18. Daegu – Named after the city of Daegu.
19. Dae-hyun – Means great and honor.
20. Dae-sung – Means complete and huge.
21. Dae-won – Means Yahweh is gracious, great origin, or great spring.
22. Dal – Means moon.
23. Do-hun – Means law and merit.
24. Dong-chan – Dong means east, whereas chan means to praise.
25. Dong-chul – Means firm or strong east.
26. Dong-geun – Means east or foundation.
27. Dong-ha – Means east river.
28. Dong-soo – Means east water or east shore.
29. Dong-suk – Means pure east.
30. Dong-won – Means eastern origin.

31. Dong-wook – Means eastern dawn.
32. Geun – Means close to or foundation
33. Gun – Means to construct
34. Gyeong-wan – Means elegantly shining.
35. Ha-joon – Means handsome summer.
36. Han-bin – Means fence or well-bred.
37. Han-jae – Means to rule over a vast jurisdiction.
38. Ho – Means tiger or brave.
39. Ho-jin – Means brave, like a tiger.
40. Ho-jun – In this case, ho means summer, heaven, or sky, while Jun means handsome or talented.
41. Hong-gi – Means immense foundation.
42. Hoon – Means to teach or merit.
43. Ho-sung – Means bright victory.
44. Hyuk – Means leather or shining.
45. Hyuk-jae – Means shining ability.
46. Hyung-joon – Means someone with outstanding abilities.
47. Hyung-min – Hyung means elder brother, whereas Min means beautiful or gem.
48. Hyung-won – Means far older brother.
49. Hyun-ho – Hyun means dark or mysterious, whereas Ho means wide or abundant.
50. Hyun-jun – In this case, Hyun means wise or worthy, whereas Jun means handsome or talented.
51. Hyun-seung – Means worthy of inheritance.
52. Hyun-shik – Means wisdom or honesty.
53. Hyun-tae – Refers to something hugely dark or mysterious.
54. Hyun-woo – Means wealth, strength, or good luck.
55. Il-sung – Means one accomplishment.
56. Jae-beom – Jae means official, whereas Beom means tiger.
57. Jae-bong – Jae still means official, whereas Bong is a name for a mythical bird.
58. Jae-hyun – Means virtue or respect.
59. Jae-jin – Means to be around somewhere/something or to consist in something.
60. Jae-joon – Means deep mountain pass.

61. Jae-seong – In this case, Jae means to exist or be located at. It can also mean to kill or rule. Seong means honest or true.
62. Jae-seop – Means to wade through the woods. It can also mean talent or experience.
63. Jae-suk – Means officially vanquished.
64. Jae-won – Means to slaughter or rule.
65. Jae-woong – Means officially a hero.
66. Jae-yong – Means to officially use something.
67. Jeong-ho – Means correct or excellent.
68. Jeong-hun – Means correct or a good deed.
69. Jeong-jin – Means progress. It can also mean to hi something.
70. Jeong-mo – Means to feel the love and connection, especially of one’s mother.
71. Jeong-myung – Means to have one’s name anchored in something.
72. Jeong-suk – Means chaste or pure.
73. Ji-hun – Means wisdom or good deeds.
74. Ji-hwan – Means shining determination.
75. Jin-hwan – Means to shine or progress.
76. Jin-hyuk – Means to shine or truthfulness.
77. Jin-kyu – Means precious.
78. Jin-sun – Means to lead in the right way.
79. Ji-seok – Means strong-willed or determined.
80. Ji-tae – Means wisdom and serenity, combined.
81. Ji-woon – Means determination and luck, combined.
82. Ji-woong – Means wisdom or intelligence.
83. Jong-hyuk – Jong means virtuous, whereas Hyuk means leather or shining.
84. Jong-il – Means one day or one man.
85. Jong-soo – Means ancestry, foundation, or to blossom.
86. Jong-up – Jong means bells, whereas Up means business or profession.
87. Jong-yul – Means to heat a bell.
88. Jooheon – Means shining wealth.
89. Joo-hwan – Means shining jewel.
90. Joon-ki – Means standard or foundation.

91. Joon-tae – Means great standard.
92. Jung-hwan – Means righteous, beautiful, or honest.
93. Jung-nam – Means talented or righteous.
94. Jung-sik – Means to influence with warm feelings.
95. Jung-woo – Means right space.
96. Jun-ha – Means to approve.
97. Jun-ho – Jun means handsome or talented, whereas Ho means bright, heaven, or sky.
98. Jun-sang – Jun means king or gifted, whereas Sang means yet and still.
99. Jun-seo – Jun means king or gifted, whereas Seo means to unfold.
100. Jun-seok – Means talented and virtuous.
101. Junsu – Means observance
102. Jun-su – Means talented and elegant.
103. Jun-young – Means forever beautiful.
104. Kang-min – Means jade river.
105. Kija – Inspired by the legendary Korean king by the same name.
106. Ki-jung – Means upright foundation.
107. Ki-moon – Ki means the action and process of, whereas Moon means a door, window, or gate.
108. Kun-woo – Means to build a world.
109. Kwang-ho – Means great light.
110. Kwang-hoon – Means light or rank.
111. Kwang-jo – Means castle of light.
112. Kwang-min – Means quick light.
113. Kwang-seok – Means stone light.
114. Kwang-seon – Means light and goodness.
115. Kwang-sik – Means to plant light.
116. Kwang-su – Means light by the water or shore.
117. Kyonh – Means brightness.
118. Kyung-chul – Means firm honor or respect.
119. Kyung-hwan – Means passing change or passing fancy.
120. Kyung-soo – Means bright and flowering.

121. Man-seok – Means even stone.
122. Man-sik – Means even, clear, or wisdom.
123. Min-chul – Means firm nation.
124. Min-ho – Means brightness and goodness.
125. Min-jun – Means intelligent, handsome, or talented.
126. Min-kyu – Means gentle or affable.
127. Min-seok – Means three jade.
128. Min-woo – Means jade house.
129. Moon-sik – Means to write or to plant.
130. Moon-soo – Means to write or to water.
131. Myung-bak – Means shining gourd.
132. Myung-hoon – Means to shine, teach, or merit.
133. Myung-jun – Means bright and handsome.
134. Myung-soo – Means brilliant shore.
135. Nam-gi – Means southern rise.
136. Nam-kyu – Means south and standard.
137. Oh-seong – Means five stars or planets.
138. Saem – Means spring or fountain.
139. Sang-chul – Means helpful or wise.
140. Sang-hoon – Sang means still, whereas Hun means good deeds.
141. Sang-jun – Means still handsome or talented.
142. Sang-won – Means still far.
143. Sang-woo – Means working man.
144. Se-hun – Means meritorious deed.
145. Seo-jun – Seo means felicitous omen or to open up, whereas Jun means handsome or talented.
146. Seok-ho – Seok means rock or strong, whereas Ho means sky or summer.
147. Seok-ju – Means strong or jewel.
148. Seong-hoon – Means to merit your accomplishments.
149. Seong-il – Means finished day.
150. Seong-jin – Seong means finished or completed, whereas Jin means town or marketplace.

151. Seoul – Named after the capital city of North Korea.
152. Seung-chul – Means to firmly win or inherit.
153. Seung-gi – Means the sun rising.
154. Seung-ho – Means great victory.
155. Seung-jun – Means excellence or genius.
156. Si-woo – Means an excellent universe.
157. Soo-geun – Means water foundation.
158. Suk-won – Suk means good or pure, whereas Won means distant and far.
159. Sung-ha – Sung means accomplishment and nature, whereas Ha means how or what.
160. Sung-soo – Means exceptionally sincere and loyal.
161. Sung-won – Means holy spring or source.
162. Sung-woo – Means holy house or universe.
163. Sung-yong – Means becoming the dragon.
164. Tae – Means great.
165. Tae-ho – Means glorious goodness.
166. Tae-il – Means great sun or great day.
167. Tae-min – Means great people.
168. Tae-soo – Means great water.
169. Tae-woo – Means great world or great universe.
170. Tae-woong – Means great hero.
171. Tae-yong – Means beautiful or strong.
172. Won-jae – Means to circle again.
173. Won-sik – Means the head of the family.
174. Won-yong – Means to circle a dragon.
175. Woo-jin – Means sudden progress.
176. Woong – Means hero or bear.
177. Woo-sung – Means sudden anger.
178. Ye-jun – Means talented.
179. Yong-gi – Means the base of the dragon.
180. Yong-ho – Means many dragons.
181. Yong-joon – Means talented or handsome dragon.
182. Yong-nam – Means south dragon.
183. Yoong-gun – Means sky dragon.
184. Yoon-sung – Means enraged ruler.
185. Young-chul – Means to shine with wisdom.
186. Young-gi – Means to stand in glory.
187. Young-ho – Young means to dive and swim, whereas Ho means vast and abundant.
188. Young-hoon – Means deep or lasting teachings.
189. Young-hwan – Means a light to shine forever.
190. Yun-seok – Means strong ruler.

Wrap Up

As you may have gathered, most Korean baby names comprise two elements. The first part is made up of the family name, whereas the second part is made up of the given name.

So, when looking for a perfect Korean male name for your baby boy, you should probably focus on the second element of the above-listed names.

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