160 Unique German Names to Give to Your Baby Girl

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Choosing a suitable name for your baby girl isn’t a walk in the park. Ironically, that’s not due to a shortage of girl names. But rather because there are thousands of options to select from.

For starters, you want a name that your girl will be proud of when she finally grows up. I doubt any well-meaning parent would dare name their little girl after the infamous Biblical character ‘Jezebel.’

You’d also want to give your girl a unique and cute-sounding name. Not one that every other lady in the room can answer to.

Therefore, it’s necessary to think outside the box when looking for a decent name for your little princess. That includes exploring names with exotic origin, such as those inspired by the German language and culture.

German Girl Names

In this post, we highlight 160 cute and unique German names to give to your baby girl.

1. Ada – Means ‘noble,’ ‘happy,’ or ‘adorned.’ Addie is a common variation.
2. Adalee – Means ‘noble wood’ or ‘the nobility of the wood.’ Adali is a common variation.
3. Adaleigh – Means ‘one who’s honorable and full of morals.’
4. Adalia – Means ‘noble.’
5. Adelaide – Means ‘noble one.’ Common variations include Adeleide, Adele, Dell, and Lady.
6. Adellene – Means ‘kindness’ or ‘nobility.’ Adelina and Adelita are common variations.
7. Adette – Means ‘sweet’ or ‘noble.’
8. Adler – Means ‘eagle.’ Addler is a common variation.
9. Adolpha – Means ‘noble wolf.’
10. Agatha – Means ‘good and kind.’
11. Aili – Means ‘sweet.’
12. Alary – Means ‘the Elf Ruler.’
13. Alberta – Means ‘bright.’
14. Albertyne – Means ‘intelligent.’
15. Alda – Means ‘wise’ or ‘elder.’
16. Alex – Means ‘defender.’
17. Alfonsine – A name in tribute to Saint Alphonso.
18. Alia – Means ‘all’ or ‘another.’
19. Alice – Means ‘noble.’
20. Aliosa – Means ‘famous warrior.’
21. Alison – Means ‘noble.’
22. Aliz – Means ‘sweet.’
23. Alviria – Means ‘fair.’
24. Amalia – Means ‘fertility’ or ‘productivity.’
25. Amorie – Means ‘industrious.’
26. Anja – Means ‘gracious’ or ‘merciful.’
27. Anneliese – Means ‘grace’ or ‘favor.’ Popular variations include Annaliese, Annelies, Annalies, Liese, and Liesl.
28. Annike – Means ‘grace,’ ‘gracious,’ or ‘mercy.’ Popular variations include Annika, Anika, Anneke, Anike, and Anni.
29. Antonie – Means ‘priceless.’
30. Aren – Means ‘eagle ruler.’

31. Belinda – Means ‘bright serpent.’
32. Berdina – Means ‘glorious.’
33. Berdine – Also means ‘glorious.’
34. Berit – Means ‘glorious’ or ‘intelligent.’
35. Berlin – Named after the capital city of German.
36. Bernadine – Means ‘the courage of a bear.’
37. Bertina – Means ‘bright,’ ‘famous’ or ‘intelligent.’ Other variations include Bertine, Bertie, Tine, and Tina.
38. Bertrun – Means ‘shining secret.’
39. Bethilda – Means ‘warrior woman.’
40. Betsy – Means ‘consecrated to God.’
41. Bluma – Means ‘flower bloom.’
42. Bodie – Means ‘messenger.’
43. Brenner – Means ‘charcoal burner.’
44. Breslau – Named after another famous German city.
45. Bruna – Means ‘brunette’ or a ‘brown-haired person.’
46. Calia – Means ‘the most fair and beautiful.’
47. Cara – Means ‘a dear one’ or ‘a dear lady.’
48. Carla – Means ‘strong.’
49. Carleigh – Means ‘a free peasant girl.’
50. Carrie – Means ‘a strong woman.’
51. Chay – Means ‘a fairytale.’
52. Chloe – Means ‘victory,’ ‘achievement,’ or ‘conquest.’
53. Clara – Means ‘bright,’ ‘clear,’ or ‘one who’s distinguished.’
54. Clarissa – Means ‘bright.’
55. Cline – Means ‘the little one.’
56. Dale – Means ‘the valley.’
57. Dame – Means ‘a lady.’
58. Dorothea – Means ‘grace from God.’
59. Dresden – Dresden means ‘forest people who live near the river.’ However, the name is also a tribute to a prominent German city.
60. Eda – Means ‘wealthy and happy.’

61. Edel – Means ‘noble.’
62. Edelle – Means ‘someone who’s superior’ or ‘someone with an excellent taste.’
63. Ediline – Means ‘gracious.’
64. Edith – Means ‘prosperous at war.’ Common variations include Edie and Editha.
65. Eliana – Means ‘brightly shining or ‘beautiful.’
66. Elsa – Means ‘pledge to God.’
67. Elsie – Means ‘noble.’ Common variations include Elise and Elyse.
68. Emery – A gender-neutral name that means ‘industrious.’
69. Emilian – Means ‘rival.’
70. Emma – Means ‘universal.’
71. Erika – Means ‘eternal ruler.’
72. Evi – Means ‘life.’
73. Evonne – Means ‘archer.’
74. Florentia – Means ‘to bloom.’ Common variations include Florentina, Florentine, and Florence.
75. Freya – Freya has a Nordic origin. The name is inspired by the legendary goddess of beauty, love, war, and death. It means ‘lady’ or ‘mistress.’
76. Frieda – Also means ‘lady.’ A common variation is Frida.
77. Geraldine – Means ‘one who rules by the spear.’
78. Gerda – Means ‘stronghold’ or ‘enclosure.’
79. Gertrude – Means ‘spear of strength.’
80. Giselle – Means ‘pledge.’
81. Gratia – Means ‘God’s grace.’
82. Greta – Means ‘pearl.’
83. Gretchen – Means ‘little pearl.’
84. Gretel – Means ‘precious gem.’
85. Grisela – Means ‘pledge.’
86. Griselde – Means ‘gray battle maiden.’
87. Gunnel – Means ‘battle maiden.’
88. Halfrid – Means ‘peaceful heroine.’
89. Harriet – Means ‘one who rules the home.’ Henrietta is a common variation.
90. Heidi – Means ‘noble.’

91. Helga – Means ‘prosperous’ or ‘successful.’
92. Henrietta – Means ‘keeper of the hearth.’
93. Hess – Means ‘someone who wears a helmet or hood.’
94. Hilde – Means ‘battle maiden.’
95. Hilma –Means ‘resolute protector.’
96. Ida – Means ‘industrious.’
97. Ingeborg – Means ‘stronghold’ or ‘protection.’
98. Ingrid – Means ‘fair’ or ‘beautiful.’
99. Irma – Means ‘universal’ or ‘whole.’
100. Irmina – Means ‘war goddess.’
101. Isa – Means ‘strong-willed.’
102. Isolde – Means ‘ice ruler.’
103. Jaselle – Means ‘one who’s pledged.’
104. Jeri – Means ‘spear ruler.’
105. Johanna – The feminine version of the Biblical character John, which means ‘God is gracious.’
106. Juliane – Means ‘youthful.’ But don’t worry, your girl will love this name even when they’re grown.
107. Jung – Means ‘young.’
108. Jutta – The German equivalent of the Biblical name ‘Judith.’
109. Karin – Means ‘pure.’
110. Karlotta – Means ‘tiny and feminine.’
111. Katharina – Means ‘pure.’
112. Keller – Means ‘winemaker.’
113. Kikka – Means ‘mistress of all,’ in a good way though.
114. Kirsten – Means ‘someone who follows Christ.’ The English equivalent is Christian.
115. Krista – Also means ‘Christian.’
116. Kyler – Means ‘church’ or ‘a monk’s cell.’
117. Laura – A name inspired by the laurel tree.
118. Leonie – Means ‘lion.’ Leona is a common variation.
119. Liezel – Means ‘God is beautiful.’
120. Lina – Means ‘tender.’ It’s also a short form for Caroline or Carolina.

121. Lisette – Means ‘devoted to God.’
122. Lorelei – Means ‘alluring.’
123. Lorita – Means ‘honor’ or ‘victory.’
124. Lotte – Means ‘masculine,’ which is quite ironic for a girl name.
125. Louisa/Luisa – Means ‘famous in war.’ Aloisa is a common variation.
126. Luana – Means ‘graceful warrior.’
127. Mahler – Means ‘stain glassmaker.’
128. Maria – From the Biblical character Mary.
129. Marlene – A combination of Maria and Magdalene, which means ‘high tower.’ Common variations include Eileen and Marlena.
130. Matilda – Commonly shortened as Tilda, this name means ‘mighty in battle.’
131. Mendie – Means ‘little man.’
132. Mikkel – Means ‘someone who’s like God.’
133. Millicent – Means ‘work strength.’
134. Mina – Means ‘will.’
135. Morgen – Means ‘a person who circles around the sea to defend it.’
136. Nadetta – Means ‘the courage of a bear.’ Nadette is a common variation.
137. Oberon – Means ‘noble bear.’
138. Odelette – Means ‘the guardian of Mankind.’
139. Olga – Means ‘blessed’ or ‘holy.’
140. Rainah – Means ‘an advice giver.’
141. Renate – Means ‘to be born again,’ in the Christian context.
142. Rilla – Means ‘brook.’
143. Robbey – Means ‘an achiever.’
144. Robyn – Means ‘famous.’
145. Rosamund – Means ‘guardian.’
146. Rune – Means ‘secret.’
147. Saacha – Means ‘defender.’
148. Schneider – Means ‘tailor.’
149. Tammen – A name for someone who’s from the Tam region in Germany.
150. Tanja – The German equivalent of Tanya.
151. Ulla – Means ‘mistress of all.’ Again, not in a bad way.
152. Ursula – Means ‘little female bear.’
153. Valentina – A name inspired by Saint Valentine.
154. Vanda – Means ‘warrior.’
155. Vanetia – Means ‘the courage of a bear.’
156. Willa – Means ‘resolute protection.’
157. Winola – Means ‘a charming, peaceful friend.’
158. Zada – Means ‘someone who sows seeds.’
159. Zelda – Means ‘blessed’ or ‘happy.’
160. Zemirah – Means ‘blessed’ or ‘happy.’

Wrap Up

With such a long list of feminine German names, you’ve no excuse whatsoever for giving your baby girl a bland, boring name.

But after all is said and done, remember to choose a name that carries deep meaning and symbolism.

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