190 Beautiful Girl Names of Chinese Origin

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

China is known for its iconic landmarks like The Great Wall and Forbidden City, as well as its rich culinary culture, cutting-edge technological innovations, and martial arts.

China is also a multicultural utopia where multiple ethnicities coexist harmoniously. The country boasts at least 300 distinct languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Fuzhou, Shanghainese, to mention but a few.

The numerous Chinese languages have inspired some of the world’s cutest baby names. It doesn’t matter whether your family has deep Chinese roots or you’re simply looking for a thoughtful Chinese name to give to your new bundle of joy. There are thousands of amazing options to experiment with.

To get you started, we’ve prepared a comprehensive list detailing some of the cutest Chinese names for girls, along with their respective meanings.

Chinese Names for Girls

1. Alix – Alix means dignified.
2. An – Means peace or serenity.
3. Bai – Means purity or chastity.
4. Bao – Means gem or precious.
5. Bik – While Bi means green jade, Bik simply means jade.
6. Caihong – Means rainbow. The name might also mean colorful, sparkling, or beautiful.
7. Chan-juan – A compound Chinese name that means moon.
8. Chang – Chang means freedom or liberty.
9. Chang-chang – This compound name means flourishing.
10. Chao-xing – Means morning star.
11. Chen – A fairly popular Chinese name which means dawn. It’s appropriate for a baby girl born at dawn.
12. Cheng – Means accomplished.
13. Chin – Means golden or precious.
14. Chow – Means summer. Think of a baby born during summertime.
15. Chu – Chu means pearl
16. Chu-hua – Not to be misspelt as ‘Chihuahua,’ Chu-hua is a Chinese girl name that means spring.
17. Chun – Also means spring.
18. Chunhua – Another perfect name for a baby girl born during spring. The name actually means spring flower.
19. Cong – Means intelligent.
20. Da-chung – Means love spring.
21. Da Xia – Means hero.
22. Daiyu – Means black jade.
23. Diu – Means practical.
24. Dong-mei – Dong-mei means winter plums, which makes it a perfect name for a baby girl born in winter.
25. Ehuang – Means beautiful.
26. Eu-meh – Means stunning.
27. Fa – Means to send.
28. Fan – Means mortal. We’re all mortal beings anyway.
29. Fang – Much as the name conjures up the horrifying images of serpent fangs, Fang actually means pleasant aroma.
30. Fangsu – Means fragrant flower.

31. Far – Simply means flower.
32. Fen – Means scent.
33. Fen-Fang – Means fragrance.
34. Feng – Means maple.
35. Fu – Fu means wealthy and successful.
36. Fung – Means bird.
37. Genji – The name means divine or like God.
38. Gho – Means inspirational.
39. Guang – Means glorious.
40. Hai – Means from the sea.
41. Han – Han means country.
42. Hee – Hee means lotus flower.
43. Heng – Means everlasting. Obviously, you don’t expect your daughter to live forever. However, this name still carries heavy symbolism.
44. Hong – Hong means red.
45. Hop – Not to be confused with the popular herb with the same name, Hop is a Chinese name which means consistent.
46. Hu – Hu means tiger, or tigress in this case.
47. Hua – Means flower.
48. Hualing – Means flowery tuber.
49. Huan – Means joy.
50. Hui – Means intelligent.
51. Huifen – Means smart or fragrance.
52. Huiqing – Means good luck.
53. Hui-ying – Means neat and smart.
54. Jia – Jia means favorite person, which makes it a name for your favorite girl. However, remember that parents shouldn’t be having favorite children.
55. Jia Li – Means perfect and elegant.
56. Jiang – A very popular Chinese name which simply means river.
57. Jiao – Means loving and tender.
58. Jiayi – Means auspicious, just like the occasion on which you gave birth to your baby girl.
59. Jie – Means clean.
60. Jilpa – Means role model or mentor.

61. Jing – Means bird.
62. Ju – The Chinese equivalent of the English name Daisy.
63. Jun – Means truth.
64. Juan – Although fairly common in many other languages, the Chinese version of Juan means grace.
65. Kai – Means beautiful or victorious.
66. Kaili – A common variation of Kai.
67. Kwong – Means broad.
68. Lai – Means the future.
69. Lan – Means orchid.
70. Lanfen – Means orchid’s fragrance.
71. Lanying – Means blue quartz.
72. Le – Means happiness.
73. Lee – Lee is a common name in various cultures, including English. In Chinese, Lee means plum.
74. Lei – Means thunder.
75. Li – Means plums.
76. Lian – Means beautiful willow.
77. Liang – Means sparkly.
78. Lien – Means lotus.
79. Liena – Liena means a woman that’s as beautiful as a lotus flower.
80. Lifen – Means beautiful or fragranced flower.
81. Li Hua – Means stunning pear blossom.
82. Li Jing – Means beautiful spirit.
83. Lijuan – Means gorgeous and graceful.
84. Liling – Means white jasmine.
85. Lim – The Chinese equivalent of the English name Forester.
86. Li Mei – Means beautiful plum blossom.
87. Lin – Means beautiful jade.
88. Li Na – Means elegant and graceful.
89. Ling – Ling is a fairly common Chinese name in various Western cultures. It means spiritual.
90. Liqin – Means a beautiful harp.

91. Liqiu – A perfect name for a baby girl born in autumn. The name means beautiful autumn.
92. Liu – Means flowering.
93. Li Wei – Means elegant and graceful.
94. Loi – Means thunder.
95. Luli – A cute female Chinese name that means dewy jasmine.
96. Mayleen – Means beautiful.
97. Méh-è – Means beautiful posture.
98. Méh-fùnh – Means beautiful phoenix.
99. Mei – Another female Chinese name that’s popular in other cultures. It means beautiful.
100. Meifen – Means fragrance.
101. Meifeng – Means beautiful wind.
102. Meihui – Means beautiful wisdom.
103. Meili – Means elegant or graceful.
104. Mei Lien – Means beautiful lotus.
105. Meilin – Means plum jade.
106. Meiling – A fanciful variation of Meilin.
107. Mei Xiang – Means beautiful fragrance.
108. Mei Xing – Means beautiful star.
109. Meiyin – Means beautiful.
110. Mei Zhen – Means beautiful pearl.
111. Mey – This cute-sounding Chinese name means pretty.
112. Min – Means smart.
113. Ming – Means educated or enlightened. Think the Ming Dynasty
114. Mingmei – Means a beautiful girl.
115. Mingxia – Means a bright glow.
116. Mingyu – Means a brightly-shining jade.
117. Mingzhu – Means a brightly-shining pearl.
118. Mu – Means admired.
119. Na – Na is a Chinese girl name that means elegant.
120. Ning – Ning means peaceful.

121. Ninghong – Has a similar meaning as Ning. It might also mean red.
122. Niu – Simply means girl.
123. Nuan – Means friendly.
124. Nuo – Means kind.
125. Nuying – Means female flower.
126. Peijing – Peijing means beautiful luxury.
127. Peizhi – Peizhi means beautiful iris, which makes it perfect for a baby girl born with unique eye color.
128. Ping – This common Chinese name means level-minded.
129. Qiang – Means red rose.
130. Qiao – Means beautiful.
131. Qiaohui – Means intelligent.
132. Qing – A combination of the green and blue colors.
133. Qingling – Means lucky years. The name is perfect for a daughter born during the most prosperous years of your marriage, career, etc.
134. Qingyang – Means sunshine of the heart.
135. Qiu – Means fall.
136. Rong – Means flourish.
137. Rou – Means mild.
138. Ru – Ru means a learner.
139. Ruolan – Means like an orchid.
140. Shan – Shan also means mild.
141. Shi – Means truth.
142. Shihong – Shihong means the universe is red.
143. Shu – Means kind.
144. Shuang – Means joy.
145. Shui – Possibly inspired by the traditional Chinese art of Feng Shui, Shui means from the water.
146. Shun – Means good-natured.
147. Song – Means pine tree.
148. Susu – Means peace and quiet.
149. Suyin – Means simple-sounding.
150. Tai – Means to map out.

151. Ting – Means graceful.
152. Tung-mei – Means winter plums.
153. Wang Fang – Means beautiful. The name may also mean monarch.
154. Wang Li – Wang Li also means monarch. It could also mean logic.
155. Wei – Means the one.
156. Weici – Weici means to nurture love.
157. Wen – Means educated or literate.
158. Xia – Means rosy clouds.
159. Xiang – Xiang means good luck.
160. Xiaodan – Xiaodan is another excellent name for a baby born at dawn. The name simply means little dawn.
161. Xiaofan – Xiaofan means little ordinary.
162. Xiaohui – Means little wisdom.
163. Xiaotung – Means morning redness.
164. Xiu – Means elegant.
165. Xiulan – Means beautiful orchid.
166. Xue – Xue is a great name for a baby girl born during winter or in snowy conditions. The name means snow.
167. Ya – Means graceful.
168. Yan – A name for the bird swallow.
169. Yanling – Means Beijing forest.
170. Yanyu – Means Yan jade.
171. Yi – Yi means profit.
172. Yin – Yin means shade.
173. Ying – Means clever.
174. Yingtai – Means flower terrace.
175. Yong – Yong means bravery.
176. Yu – Means rain or jade.
177. Yuan – Not to be confused with the Chinese currency, Yuan means shining peace.
178. Yue – Yue means moon.
179. Yuèhai – Means beautiful moon.
180. Yuèqín – Means moon-shaped lute.
181. Yuming – Means jade brightness.
182. Yun – Yun means of the clouds.
183. Yunru – Means tender and elegant.
184. Zan – Means helpful or supportive.
185. Zhen – Zhen means innocent.
186. Zheng – Means flamboyance or classy.
187. Zhi – Means wise or intelligent.
188. Zhilan – Means iris orchid.
189. Zhong – Means loyal.
190. Zhu – Means bamboo.


Chinese names are incredibly symbolic. So, when scouting for a perfect Chinese-inspired name for your baby girl, take your time to understand the meaning behind the name before choosing it.

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