10 Exciting Brad Pitt Films for Your Next Movie Night

Last Updated on December 20, 2021

Golden Globe-winner Brad Pitt started his film career in 1964 when he appeared in the daytime soap opera Another World. After picking up more roles in television, his big break in Hollywood came after he was offered a small role in the now-famous movie Thelma & Louise. If you are a fan of this versatile actor and director, then our master list of top Brad Pitt movies has all the entertainment that you need!

1. Mr and Mrs Smith (2005)

John and Jane Smith’s marriage has lost its spark. After years together, their home life is dull but unbeknownst to each other, John and Jane are both contract killers working for different assassination firms.

They discover this explosive fact when both of them are assigned to kill the same target; Benjamin Danz. After they botch the assassination, John and Jane are given the order to eliminate their spouse. Initially attempting to do so, they discover that the Danz hit was a set-up from both their firms and the couple joins forces to retaliate against their employers.

2. Snatch (2000)

Turkish is a boxing manager who reluctantly agrees to let one of his fighters lose in a fixed match. When his boxer Mickey (Pitt) accidentally wins, Turkish faces a severe backlash from the criminals who had a stake in the match.

Unaware that this particular gang has also snatched a valuable diamond, he tries to make amends by repeating the fixed match where his boxer must lose. But Turkish discovers that his fighter has other plans and that a dog he adopted has swallowed a mysterious 86-carat (17.2 g) diamond.

3. 12 Monkeys (1995)

When, in 1996, a terrorist group called the Army of the Twelve Monkeys releases a lethal pathogen, most of humanity is wiped out. The survivors are forced to live underground but by 2035, they have the technology to send someone back in time. The idea is to track down the original virus and find a cure.

But the plan is not perfect. The man who is chosen to go back, James Cole, is a prisoner haunted by a particular nightmare and several times he’s sent to the wrong year, which almost gets him killed. When James finally makes headway he learns that the Twelve Monkeys never released the virus and that his nightmare is, in fact, a terrifying premonition.

4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Benjamin Button is born with a curious affliction. As a baby, he enters the world looking like an old man. Abandoned at an orphanage, his caregivers soon realize that he is ageing in reverse.

During his “childhood” he meets seven-year-old Daisy and over the years, they meet several times with Benjamin growing ever younger. When they reach a compatible age, they fall in love and have a daughter but feeling that his condition makes him a bad father, Benjamin leaves. But he has underestimated Daisy’s dedication and love for him.

5. World War Z (2013)

Gerry Lane barely escapes when the zombie apocalypse happens during a traffic jam. With his city of Philadelphia overrun by the undead, Lane constantly flees with his family from place to place in a desperate attempt to keep them safe.

Thanks to his UN ties they are accepted aboard a Navy ship where he learns that the plague can be traced back to a virus. Lane is given a choice – join a team that will have to leave the ship to find the source or his family will be kicked out of the safe zone.

6. The Big Short (2015)

In this star-studded movie, Brad Pitt joins actors like Christian Bale and Steve Carell to bring to life the true story of a group of traders who spotted the opportunity of a lifetime to join the super-rich.

Based on the 2007 US housing market crash, the movie follows the unbelievable events sparked by trader Michael Burry, who predicted the collapse before anyone had an inkling. Several others join him to profit off the coming disaster, a decision that could have dire consequences for the public.

7. Fight Club (1999)

This story is narrated by the main character (Edward Norton). Although the viewer is never given his name, he uses different aliases to visit support groups at night. He lies about having medical conditions but the truth is that he suffers from insomnia and just wants something to fill the night hours with.

On his way home one day, he runs into a soap salesman called Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). They end up having drinks together and the night ends in a fistfight. Having found the altercation cathartic to his life problems, he starts a secret fight club where men can similarly vent their frustrations without judgement. But Durden is not who he appears to be and soon, anarchy threatens an entire city.

8. Inglourious Basterds (2009)

In 1944, Lieutenant Aldo Raine forms a commando unit consisting of Jewish-American and rogue German soldiers. The unit’s sole purpose is to hunt down and terrorize Nazis. When Raine learns that several high-ranking Nazi officials, including Adolph Hitler, will be attending a film premiere at a Parise theatre, he decides to destroy the lot of them.

He has allies in a German actress who is also going to attend as well as the manager of the theatre, a young Jewish woman whose entire family had been killed by one of the attending Nazis. When suspicions are aroused, violence follows the unit but they refuse to back down.

9. Seven (1995)

When a vicious serial killer strikes, detectives Mills (Pitt) and Somerset follow a trail of bodies that represent the Seven Deadly Sins. They are unable to catch the killer as the spree continues, although they discover his apartment and several notebooks which betray, unsurprisingly, that the man is a psychopath. However, he is also a brilliant tactician and had planned the seven killings so well that both detectives are swept up in the horrifying conclusion.

10. Interview With The Vampire (1994)

Based on the Anne Rice novel by the same name, this dark and complex story follows vampires Louis (who is being interviewed in modern-day San Francisco) and Lestat, who turned Louis into a vampire in 1791.

After becoming one of the undead, Louis takes on the role of Lestat’s companion but they couldn’t be more different. Lestat is a remorseless killer while Louis suffers from remorse and empathy. When they turn a little girl into a vampire, the pair turn on each other and Louis flees to Paris in search of other vampires. But when their French counterparts learn that Lestat appeared to have been murdered by Louis, the consequences are spectacular and painful in a way that will please any fan of gothic horror films.

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