90 Free Hipster Fonts for 2022

Last Updated on December 24, 2021

How do you define a hipster?

A hipster is a person who stays updated with the latest trends; someone who is hip. Yet another definition for hipster means having a retro or a throwback vibe. Quite confusing, to be honest, but in graphic design and typography, being “hipster” may mean having a unique and somewhat vintage look without being outdated.

I think of it as in between the old and the new. Old in the sense that the designs aren’t too flashy or high-tech looking, but new because instead of looking grimy or way too grungy, the designs retain texture without looking antiquated. I believe that simplicity plays a huge role on having a hipster design and for fonts, certain typefaces look more hipster than others.

Remember the typefaces you saw on pinup posters or those which come from black and white photos?

Those are hipster fonts.

Hipster fonts remind me of the days when speedball pens and paintbrushes were used to achieve appealing fonts. Stencil-type letters are also great candidates for hipster-looking texts. Calligraphy fonts can be considered hipster as well.

When you’re looking for something which isn’t mainstream, more unique, and charming in its own quite old but kinda new way, I believe the following fonts are for you. Below you will find 70 fonts that scream hipster.

If you have presentations which need that bit of a hipster touch or perhaps you’d like to make a card with that hipster vibe, you can use these fonts for your project and make your finished product look instantly hipsterific. There are various font packages which make the presentation look attractive. Some of them are fontbundles, Pixel Surplus etc.

These packages provide you with a some of fonts for free. For exclusive fonts, you must choose the premium versions which are a bit costly but help you all the way to add additional look to your presentation. Are you planning for low budget? No worries!!! you can minimize the price with the help of fontbundle coupons available online.

Remember to play a bit with the colors and maybe even try combining these fonts with various textures to give your work a unique. For example, this parental control app used our fonts for their newsletter.

The power of fonts should not be underestimated. For just a quick example before diving into our topic – fonts are an important choice for any number of different activities that organizations like charities engage in, and every major charitable organization will have their own font family that they standardize their brand on.

In fact, most of these charities have entire brand identity kits, detailing exactly how their visual representation should look. One of the best known charities in the US – the American Red Cross – even discusses when and how specific fonts should be used to represent their brand. You can see a lot of this kind of creative thinking going into their current holiday giving campaign.

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Free Hipster Fonts

Note: The font title will lead you to the download page.

Odachi Brush Font

Falcon Free Font

Bondi Free Font



Southbank FREE Font

Octanis Font Family

Handletter Free Font

Stoked Display Typeface

Cast Iron Free Font


Ikaros Free Font

LIQUIDE Modern Font

Bemount Free Handwriting Font

Argon Free Font

Aquatico Free Font

Coves Free Font

Born Serif Humanist Font

Marvin Visions Typeface by Mathieu Triay

Klinic Slab




Free Peace Sans font




Alif Display Typeface

Zaio – All Caps Typeface

Zaio Rounded All Caps Typeface

Gordeous Typeface by Rajesh Rajput

Noway – Free Corporate Signage Typeface

Peenu – Free Hand-Knitted Typeface-min

Hamurz Typeface

Hamurz Typeface







Biko Regular




Le Super Serif

Chase Typeface


Brixton Bled






High Tide



Fancy Mr

The Quantum




Adam.CG Pro

QUARZ 974 Light




Flex Display


Liquor Typeface



Second Base



Premium Fonts

Mohave Typeface

Retro Gkrik



Odin Rounded







Duma Font

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