250 Fun and Creative Names For Your Fantasy Football Team

Last Updated on December 24, 2021

A good fantasy football team name is an excellent way to make your team stand out from other clubs within the fantasy football community. The name can also help you pay your heartfelt tribute to your favorite real-life football team.

But coming up with a creative name for your fantasy football team isn’t exactly a walk in the park. That’s especially true for larger teams comprising members with diverse interests.

However, there are hundreds of amazing ideas for your fantasy football team. You only need to know where to look.

In this post, we highlight the top 250 fun and unique names to give to your fantasy football team. Each name is listed against the specific real-life football club behind its inspiration.

Fantasy Football Team Names Inspired by Soccer Teams

1. A Little Silhouetto Of Milan – AC Milan.
2. Ajax Treesdown – Ajax Amsterdam.
3. Arse N’ All – Arsenal.
4. Arselona – Barcelona.
5. Aston Vanilla – Aston Villa F.C.
6. Athletic Bilbao Baggins – Athletic Bilbao.
7. Athletic Dildo – Athletic Bilbao.
8. Athletico Balboa – Athletico Bilbao.
9. Bantalona – Barcelona.
10. Barcabona – Barcelona.
11. Barce Loners – Barcelona.
12. Bare Arse Lona – Barcelona.
13. Bayer Neverlosen – Bayer Neverlusen.
14. Beating Chastards – The name of a non-league team from England.
15. Bebbi – Bebbi is a nickname for anyone from Basel. The name dates back to around the 18th century.
16. Blunderland – Sunderland A.F.C.
17. Bolton Squanders – Bolton Wanderers.
18. Boredom Squanderers – Bolton Wanderers.
19. Borussia Teeth FC – Borussia Dortmund.
20. Boyo Munich – Bayern Munich.
21. Brian Munich – Bayern Munich.
22. Buy N’ Mimic – Bayern Munich.
23. Chicken Tiki Taka – Barcelona, after their famous ‘Tiki Taka’ playing style.
24. Chilin’ N Hot Spa – Tottenham Hotspur.
25. Clwb Pêl Droed Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch – This is arguably the longest fantasy football team name in the world. Surprisingly, it’s actually a real-life soccer team in Wales.
26. Colonel Getafe – Getafe C.F.
27. Crapston Villa – Aston Villa F.C.
28. Cry Me A River Plate – Crystal Palace.
29. Crystal Meth Palace – Crystal Palace F.C.
30. Crystal Phallus – Crystal Palace F.C.
31. Deportivo Morón – This is the actual name of a real soccer team. Sounds quite funny in English.
32. Die Roten – Bayern Munich.
33. Dynamo Chicken Kiev – Dynamo Kyiv.
34. Dynamo Kebab – Dynamo Kyiv.
35. Eat A Melon – Inter Milan.
36. Enter My Lawn – Inter Milan.
37. Exeter Gently – Exeter City F.C.
38. Expected Toulouse – Toulouse F.C.
39. Fake Madrid – Real Madrid.
40. Farce Elona – Barcelona.
41. Farcelona – Barcelona.
42. FC Copenbadly – FC Copenhagen.
43. FC Dopenhagen – FC Copenhagen.
44. FC Santa Claus – This is a real team from Finland.
45. Fiorentina Turner – Fiorentina.
46. Forever United – Manchester United.
47. Fried West Ham United – West Ham United F.C.
48. Genoa-cide – Genoa C.F.C.
49. Ham Sandwich FC – West Ham United F.C.
50. Hannover 69 – Hannover 96.
51. Hardly Athletic – Charlton Athletic.
52. Hell Shit – Chelsea.
53. Hercules – There’s an actual Spanish soccer team by the same name.
54. HIV Eindhoven – Eindhoven.
55. I See Melons – AC Milan
56. I See My Lawn – AC Milan
57. I Stay In Villa – Aston Villa
58. I Stone Villa – Aston Villa.
59. I’ll Marry Ya – After the Spanish team Almeria.
60. Inter Bred – Inter Milan.
61. Inter Ma-Lamb – Inter Milan.
62. Inter Me-Lawn – Inter Milan.
63. Inter Me-Van – Inter Milan.
64. Inter Ya-Gran – Inter Milan.
65. Inter Ya-Sister – Inter Milan.
66. Is Your Motherwell? – Motherwell F.C.
67. Ivory Toast – After the Ivorian national soccer team.
68. Juvenile Offenders – Juventus
69. LA Dairymilk – LA Galaxy.
70. La Lepra – Newell’s Old Boys. In Spanish, the name means ‘The Leprosy.’
71. Leaders United – Leeds United.
72. Leave A Fool – Liverpool.
73. Leave My Arse-elona! – Barcelona.
74. Let Me Inter-tain You – Inter Milan.
75. Liver Half Full – Liverpool.
76. Liverfull – Liverpool.
77. Lone Ranger – Liverpool.
78. Lone Walker – Liverpool.
79. Los Pincharratas – Estudiantes de la Plata. In English, the name means ‘Rat Stabbers.’
80. LSD Eindhoven – Eindhoven.
81. Main Chest N Titty – Manchester City.
82. Man Of The Chest United – Manchester United.
83. Man Titty United – Manchester City F.C.
84. Manchester Obesity – Manchester City F.C.
85. Man-chest-hair United – Manchester United.
86. Moleicester City – Leicester City F.C.
87. Napoleon Bonaparte – SSC Napoli.
88. Norfolk N’ Chance – Norwich City F.C.
89. Not In My Mums Forest – Nottingham Forest.
90. Not In Your Mums Forest – Nottingham Forest.
91. Occasionally United – Manchester United
92. Old Scaffold – Named after Manchester United’s stadium, Old Trafford.
93. Olympique Mayonnaise – Olympique de Marseille.
94. Outer Milan – Inter Milan.
95. Palanganas – Sevilla F.C. In Spanish, the name means ‘Washbasins’.
96. Paralympiacos – Olympiacos F.C.
97. Paris Ganjaman – Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
98. Pathetico Madrid – Athletico Madrid.
99. Pork Vale – Port Vale F.C.
100. Portugeezers – Inspired by the Portuguese football team or league.
101. Queens Park Strangers – Queens Park Rangers.
102. Racing Satan – Racing Santander.
103. Raoul Moatdrid – Real Madrid.
104. Rapid Viagra – Rapid Vienna.
105. Rapid Vienetta – Rapid Vienna.
106. Real Ale Madrid – Real Madrid.
107. Real Shock Ya Dad – Real Sociedad.
108. Real So So Bad – Real Sociedad.
109. Real Social Dad – Real Sociedad.
110. Real Sociopath – Real Sociedad.
111. Real Villa – Villarreal.
112. Roma Nova – Roma.
113. Royal Mail-drid – Real Madrid.
114. Sea Villas – Sevilla.
115. See Villa – Sevilla.
116. She’ll See – Chelsea.
117. Sporting Abeergut – Sporting Lisbon.
118. Sporting Ahardon – Sporting Lisbon.
119. Sporting Bad Haircuts – Sporting Lisbon.
120. Sporting Lesbian – Sporting Lisbon.
121. Stroke Titty – Stoke City F.C.
122. Sub-standard Liege – Standard Liège.
123. Surreal Madrid – Real Madrid.
124. SV Hangover – Hannover 96.
125. Texas Oldham – Oldham Athletic.
126. The Atlantic Rangers – Atalanta.
127. The Citizens – Manchester City F.C.
128. The Foxes – Leicester City F.C.
129. The Gooners – Arsenal.
130. The Grenaders – After the Spanish soccer team Grenada.
131. The Gunners – Arsenal.
132. The Hammers – West Ham United F.C.
133. The Juvenile Spirit – Juventus.
134. The Juvenile Squad – Juventus.
135. The Juveniles – Juventus.
136. The Red Devils – Manchester United.
137. The Romans – Roma.
138. The Villains – Aston Villa F.C.
139. Tottenham Hotsperm – Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
140. Toulouse Or Not Toulouse – Toulouse F.C.
141. Unreal Madrid – Real Madrid.
142. Vecchia Signora – Juventus F.C. In Italian the name means Old Lady.
143. Westend Villa – Aston Villa.
144. What For? – Watford.
145. Your Mum’s Athletic – Charlton Athletic.

Fantasy Football Team Names Inspired by American Football Teams

1. Amazing Cowboys – The Dallas Cowboys.
2. America’s Fantasy Team – The Dallas Cowboys.
3. Apron Professionals – Akron Pros.
4. Arizona Canaries – The Arizona Cardinals.
5. Arizona Turdinals – The Arizona Cardinals.
6. Arizona’s Cardinal Sin – The Arizona Cardinals.
7. Atlanta Fellons – The Atlanta Falcons.
8. Atlanta Peaches – The Atlanta Falcons. This is actually a name that was rejected by the club.
9. Badger Badgers – The Wisconsin Badgers.
10. Beaver Dusters – This is the name for an actual high school football team from Oklahoma.
11. Big Blue Wrecking Crew – The New York Giants.
12. Blitzburgh – The Pittsburgh Steelers.
13. Bruise Brothers – The San Diego Chargers.
14. Cardiac Cardinals – The Arizona Cardinals.
15. Carolina Pandas – The Carolina Panthers.
16. Chicago Counterfeit Bears – The Chicago Bears.
17. Chicago Rocketeers – The Chicago Rockets.
18. Cincinnati Bungholes – Cincinnati Bengals
19. Cincinnati Bunglers – The Cincinnati Bengals
20. Cincinnati Burglars – The Cincinnati Bengals
21. Cleveland Clowns – The Cleveland Browns.
22. Cowboys Forever – The Dallas Cowboys.
23. Da Bear Necessities – The Chicago Bears.
24. Da Bears – The Chicago Bears.
25. Dallas Awesome Cowboys – The Dallas Cowboys.
26. Dallas Cowpokes – The Dallas Cowboys.
27. Deflate This – New England Patriots. The name is inspired by the Deflategate controversy where the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady allegedly ordered the deliberate deflation of all footballs used in the club’s victory against the Indianapolis Colts during the 2014 American Football Conference (AMC) Championship Game.
28. Denver Donkeys – The Denver Broncos.
29. Detroit Kittens – The Detroit Lions.
30. Detroit Loins – The Detroit Lions.
31. Dez Does Dallas – The Dallas Cowboys.
32. Dirty Birds – The Atlanta Falcons.
33. Fearsome Foursome – The Los Angeles Rams.
34. Fucking Hogs – The Washington Redskins.
35. Green Bay Baby Smackers – The Green Bay Packers.
36. Green Bay Whackers – The Green Bay Packers.
37. Homeland Defense – The New England Patriots.
38. House Of Cards – The Arizona Cardinals.
39. Houston Hillbillies – The Houston Texans.
40. Indianapolis Mopes – The Indianapolis Colts.
41. It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia – The Philadelphia Eagles.
42. Jacksonville Kittycats – The Jacksonville Jaguars.
43. Jacksonville Kitty-litter – The Jacksonville Jaguars.
44. Kansas City Chefs – The Kansas City Chiefs.
45. Legion of Boom – The Seattle Seahawks.
46. Lehigh Valley IronPigs – This is not an NFL club but the name for an actual minor league baseball team.
47. Maul of America – The Minnesota Vikings.
48. Miami Bottlenoses – The Miami Dolphins.
49. Minnesota Viqueens – The Minnesota Vikings.
50. Monsters of Midway – The Chicago Bears.
51. Motor City Madmen – The Detroit Lions.
52. New England Ex-Patriots – The New England Patriots.
53. New England Parasites – The New England Patriots.
54. New England Patty-cakes – The New England Patriots.
55. New England Traitors – New England Patriots. Also, in relation to Deflategate.
56. New York Dwarfs – The New York Giants.
57. New York Gigantics – The New York Giants.
58. New York Jet-lags – The New York Jets.
59. New York Midgets – The New York Giants.
60. New York Nevers – The New York Giants.
61. No Fly Zone – The Arizona Cardinals.
62. No-Name Defense – The Miami Dolphins.
63. Oakland Afraiders – The Oakland Raiders.
64. Oakland Fakers – The Oakland Raiders.
65. Oakland Loss-Makers – The Oakland Raiders.
66. Oil Barrens – The Houston Texans.
67. Old England Assholes – Sarcastic for the New England Patriots.
68. Old England Traitors – Another sarcastic name for the New England Patriots.
69. Orange Crush – The Denver Broncos.
70. Philadelphia Beagles – The Philadelphia Eagles.
71. Philadelphia Mocking Birds – The Philadelphia Eagles.
72. Pittsburgh Reelers – The Pittsburgh Steelers.
73. PSI Love You – New England Patriots. Another name inspired by the Deflategate scandal.
74. Purple Murder – The Baltimore Ravens.
75. Purple People Eaters – The Minnesota Vikings.
76. Raindrop, Crop Tops – The Dallas Cowboys.
77. San Diego Halters – The San Diego Chargers.
78. San Francisco $4.99ers – The San Francisco 49ers.
79. San Francisco 4th and 9ers – The San Francisco 49ers.
80. San Francisco Whiners – The San Francisco 49ers.
81. Sassy Cowboys – The Dallas Cowboys.
82. Scoreless In Seattle – The Seattle Seahawks.
83. Sea Bandits – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
84. Sea Pirates – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
85. Seattle Lumberjacks – The Seattle Seahawks. This name is part of a long list of names previously proposed but rejected by the club.
86. Seattle Seaweed – The Seattle Seahawks.
87. Should Have Been A Cowboy – The Dallas Cowboys.
88. Sons of Anarchy – The New York Jets.
89. SWAT Team – The Cincinnati Bengals
90. Taco-ver The League – The Dallas Cowboys.
91. The Aint’s – The New Orleans Saints.
92. The Deadskins – The Washington Redskins.
93. The Electric Company – The Buffalo Bills.
94. The G Men – The New York Giants.
95. The Greatest Show On Turf – The Los Angeles Rams.
96. The Green Gang – The New York Jets.
97. The Grizzlies – The Chicago Bears.
98. The Hexans – The Tennessee Titans, formerly known as The Houston Oilers.
99. The Houston Toilers – The Tennessee Titans.
100. The Spiritual Cardinals – The Arizona Cardinals.
101. The Over the Hill Gang – The Washington Redskins
102. Tittsburgh Feelers – The Pittsburgh Steelers.
103. UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs – Named after UC Santa Cruz.
104. Virginity Stealers – The Pittsburgh Steelers.
105. Washington Foreskins – The Washington Redskins.


When coming up with a perfect fantasy football team name, it’s best to consult all team members to ensure their varied interests are harmonized.

Also, the name should be unique, funny, and eye-catching. If possible, make the name intimidating enough to scare away or demoralize your rival teams.

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