40 Hilarious Food Puns That Will Surely Whet Your Appetite

Last Updated on January 6, 2022

Admit it! No matter where you’re from or what your personality is, one thing is for sure; you could do with a hilarious pun from time to time. And when you come to think of it, nothing is more delicious than a well-packaged food pun.

Besides making you laugh your ass off, food puns can also help to spice up an otherwise dull conversation. Plus, these puns can work up your appetite and leave you craving for your favorite foods.

We’ve come up with some of the coolest and yummiest food puns that will leave you looking forward to your next meal.

1. Becoming a vegetarian is a huge missed steak.
2. Did you hear about the Italian chef with a terminal illness? He pastaway.
3. Did you hear how they caught the great produce bandit? He stopped to take a leek.
4. Did you see the movie about the hot dog? It was an Oscar wiener.
5. Do you want to taco ‘bout it?
It’s nacho problem.
6. Have an egg-cellent day!

7. Here’s my number, so kale me maybe?
8. I am not yolking when I say you are the very best.
9. I don’t mean to be corny but you’re so a-maizing.
10. I have bean thinking a lot about you.
11. I hope to see you again so we can ketchup.
12. I hope you find inner peas.
13. I’m taking the path of yeast resistance.
14. Let’s cut to the cheese.
15. Lettuce celebrate!

16. My heart beets when I think of you.
17. Nice to meat you.
18. The chicken is egg-quisite.
19. We are mint to be.
20. These potatoes are so a-peeling.
21. Udon even know how crazy I am about you.
22. What did the baby corn say to its mom?
Where’s my pop corn?

23. What did the cupcake say to the icing?
I’d be muffin without you.
24. What did the hot dog say when his friend passed him in the race?
Wow, I relish the fact that you’ve mustard the strength to ketchup to me.
25. What did the pickle say to his fans?
I’m kind of a big dill!
26. What does a nosey pepper do?
Get jalapeño business.
27. What do you call a fake noodle?
An impasta.
28. What do you call an avocado that’s been blessed by the pope?
Holy Guacamole.

29. What do you call a violent breakfast food?
A cereal killer.
30. What happens when veggies throw a party?
They get a DJ to turnip the beet.
31. What is the most attractive fruit?
A fine-apple.
32. What the hell am I doughing here?
33. What type of candy is never on time?
34. What’s a chicken’s least favorite day of the week?
35. What’s a foodie’s favorite country?
36. What’s a fruit’s favorite pick up line?
This may sound bananas, but I find you appealing!

37. What’s the difference between a shamrock and a bread knife that gets used a lot?
The shamrock is a four-leaf clover, and the knife is a four-loaf cleaver.
38. Why did the butcher work overtime last week?
To make ends meat.
39. Why did the condiment go to jail?
A salt with a deadly weapon!
40. Why did the pig go into the kitchen?
He felt like bacon.


Food puns can be incredibly hilarious. However, we don’t recommend telling these jokes while you’re eating as they could present choking hazards. Also, remember that like any joke, food puns make perfect sense when they’re well-timed.

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