20 Spooky Ghost Stories That Will Leave Your Child Wanting For More

Nothing can get kids more excited than a scary story. A bowl of crisps, cozy blankets, and a great ghost story by the fireplace would lift the holiday spirit like no other. But we don’t want to spook them out of their bones now do we? 

We have compiled for you the perfect list of scary stories, filled with just the right amount of spooks and scares! So that you won’t have to stay up all night with your little one.

As technology is taking over the globe, the habit of reading books is gradually decreasing. The best way to address this would be to spark a new wave of interest by introducing them to enticing genres. Inspired by nostalgic children folklore and classical folktales, these mild ghoulies will surely engage your child till the very last page!

Below, we have sorted these out into easy-to-access categories so that you no longer have to waste time looking for the perfect book.

Also, if you’re having a hard time getting your children to develop a reading habit, consider watching this video here.

10 Short Scary Bedtime Stories For Small Children

These stories are perfect for the little ones. Most of them would make them laugh at the very end and have just enough spooks to have them hooked to the story. 

The Ghost Of The Bloody Finger 

This is a very quick and short story about an old man who encounters a bloody finger in an eerie haunted house. Every night the bloody finger comes closer to him! Just when it’s about to get a bit too scary, the writer ends it with a funny joke and all the tension is relieved. It has just the right amount of scare so that your kids won’t be freaked out.

Cow’s Head

The cow’s head is a Ukrainian ghost story that starts with a young girl named Oksana. She lives with her horrid stepmother. The stepmother then manipulates Oksana’s father to send her off in search of food into the dark woods. Oksana then learns survival skills on her own but suddenly comes across a cow’s head who can speak!

Tommy Knockers

This short story is about the ghosts of California miners that reunite. It also has a funny and silly ending to give your children a nice giggle.

Dem Bones

This cute and spooky New Jersey ghost story is about pirates. Captain Kidd sets off on his ship to bury his most prized possession: his treasure. This stollen booty is buried underneath a coast near New Jersey. However, other people were spying on this burial and that’s where the problem begins…

Read it yourself to unveil the twist!


Haunted is a cute ghost story written by Harris Tobias. It is about a ghost who is a fabulous baker! He lives in a house that is notorious for its spooks. Soon, a family moves in and starts experiencing strange happenings. In the end, they find a funny way to get rid of the ghost.

The Thing At The End Of The Bed

This story is perfect for kids who are always spooked out from stuff that does not exist. This story has a lesson that your child can learn and get over his/her fears. 

The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle is a story about an old woman who can’t keep herself away from visiting an enchanted (or haunted) castle despite receiving multiple warnings. I guess curiosity kills the cat! She ends up visiting the castle and finds a coffin in the middle….

Find out what’s in it for yourself!

Two Heads

Two heads story has a unique background to it that children will find quite interesting. It is about a funny old taxi driver that happens to pick up a rather peculiar stranger. 

The Lady With The Emerald Ring 

This story is about love and how it leads to the resurrection of a lady. How? Due to the greed of the lady’s husband! Find out the strange twist in this story by reading it out loud to your children.

The Purple Gorilla

This story is as good of a campfire story as well. Reading it out to young scouts amidst a jungle might send shivers down their spines, but not enough to leave them frightened. This story is about a purple gorilla who terrorizes people but doesn’t turn out to be so daunting after all! This one would be more of a thriller story for the children.

5 Spooky Campfire Stories For Elder Children

Campfire HotDogs

These stories are for the more mature lot of children. What makes these stories interesting are their intriguing and mysterious plot sets. 

Just a heads up: these stories have a higher intensity of spooks and scares than the former lot.

The Phantom Hag

This story is set in the late 1850s. This French ghost story is filled with jump scares and a twisted ending. Excited? We’ve linked it for you, have a look!

The Dinner Party

This exciting story is written by Shaun Jex. It has an even more exciting plot location: a cemetery! Bonaventure Cemetery is one of the most haunted spots in Georgia and John Muir happens to spend 6 days in this cemetery during the 1860s. The rest is history! This short story is perfect to be read out loud near a nice campfire.

Robert The Doll

Here is another spooky ghoulie written by Shaun Jex. Who isn’t scared of haunted dolls? They send shivers down everyone’s spines, right? Robert is a haunted doll and his story is eerie! This might be a bit too scary for younger kids though, just a heads up!

Marigold Goes A Visiting

This story by Julie Ann Wallo is about a cow that goes missing and how all of this strangely links up with a haunting! Read it yourself to find more about the haunted adventure of Marigold and Earl.

Elleck’s Song

Elleck’s song is written by Cynthia Rintye. It is about a slave named Elleck who haunts a historic jail in the land of Lawrenceville, Georgia. Why? Find it out yourself!

5 Horror Paperback Books For Children

These stories can be enjoyed by children who have a good grasp on reading. These aren’t frightening at all and will give your kids just the right amount of chills!

A Curious Tale Of The In Between

This is a great book to get your child jumpstarted towards a reading habit. This story by Lauren Destefano is about a girl named Pram. What makes her unique is her ability to communicate with ghosts. She then befriends a ghost named Felix. The story gets very intriguing when Pram is set out to solve a mystery about a boy’s missing mother.

Leo: A Ghost Story

Another good paperback for your child. Leo is a friendly ghost. When a family moves into the house he’s living in, Leo tries to befriend them but his amiable actions are misconstrued for perpetual hauntings. 

Babar And The Ghost

This is a cute ghost story about baby elephants who are haunted by a naughty ghost after their visit to the haunted castle. With its mystical descriptions and intriguing plots, it will surely engage your child. This book is perfect for younger children who tend to get frightened easily. 

Cow Girl And The Ghost Horse

This is an illustrative book for very young children who wish to hear ghost stories. It is about a girl and her legendary ghost horse. Together they face an adventure that requires courage and valor. 

Gus The Gassy Ghost

This is the perfect book to get your kids acquainted to the concept of ghosts and spirits. The genre of this ghost story is humorous and it will surely make your kid laugh. Gus is a ghost who lives in a haunted house but turns out that the haunting is caused by his constant farting habit! 

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