20 Examples of Innovative Technology Designs

Last Updated on January 12, 2022

Design is everywhere you look, including technology. Every single year we advance in tech with new curvy, sexy, and innovative designs.

While temptation to own the new shiny gadget is stocking your brain, it pays off to wait. The longer you wait the cheaper that product will get, keep in mind this only work fluently in the technological industry.

We wanted to explore some of the most advanced tech that recently has been exploited. While creating this article, we found so many intuitive product designs. To list them all, we would need an incredible amount of bandwidth.

The sad thing is that we could not get them all, however the great part is that we collected the cream of the crop! Find out which new tech companies really stand up to scrutiny over at CompanyReviews.com.

Without further a due, we encourage you to check of the following design.

Note: To find out more info, just click the image and you will be linked to the source.


Stylish and innovative monitor design from Samsung.

2. Wireless Charging Technology From Ecoupled

At CES eCoupled presented a magnetic induction system to charge everything from laptops to electric vehicles without physical contact. The technology currently has 98 percent efficiency.

3. TROMM Styler Clothes Steamer

LG is taking us to the future with their amazing steamer announced at CES. With it you can clean & dry garments while removing wrinkles, odors, and viruses.

4. U-Socket AC and USB Power Outlet

Finally a geeks dream come true, the U-Socket AC has two built-in USB power ports. The USB stays off until its connected.

5.  Touch Mouse by Microsoft

Although this mouse does look like a replica of Apple’s mouse, we still give props to Microsoft for being unique and not copying like HP. This beautiful design has touch sensitive points that respond to finger movements to manipulate screen elements.

6. Lady Gaga’s Polaroid Camera Glasses

Polaroid hired Lady Gaga as the creative director of its Grey Label line of products. Wondering what the check looks like, we appreciate the stylish design. The glasses have a built in video camera with a lens on the bridge and dual LCDs that appear to cover the eyes of the wearer.

7. Nomad iPad Paint Brush Stylus

A unique artist paintbrush and stylus for iPad. “Made with a long handle and soft bristles, it is the first paintbrush stylus for the iPad. Incredibly responsive, it is ideal for sketching and painting on touchscreen devices.” Check out more info at Nomadbrush.

8. iRobot Scooba 230 Floor Washer

The iRobot Scooba 230 is a compact floor washing robot. The product was designed to fit into the tight spaces around bathroom fixtures. The device is “is 3.5-inches tall and 6.5-inches around and has a 3-stage cleaning system that washes, scrubs, and squeegees the floors. It can hold enough cleaning solution for 150 square feet of flooring in a single clean session”. Want one?

9. Ceramic Speakers by Nendo

These ceramic speakers have a surface design inspired by traditional Japanese ceramic decoration. The speakers will look incredible on any wall, and is guaranteed to give your house some geeky swag.

10. TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits

TikTok+LunaTik MultiTouch Watch Kits for iPod Nano from Scott Wilson on Vimeo.

An innovative watch design for the new iPod Nano.

11. Tunebug Shake Portable

The Shake is a portable bluetooth based device that goes on your helmet while you snowboard, bike, or, skate. It provides a hassle and danger free alternative instead of wearing earbuds.

12. Impact Clock by Carbon & Artefact

This clock shows off current energy consumption and how it compares with the household energy history.

13. Check Point Abra USB Drive by Lunar

Apart from standard USB design, Abra defines sexy. The USB features a seamless cast metal casing that, when closed, looks impenetrable.

14. Innova Radio Mirror by Roca

Made by Roca, the mirror features a touch screen that allows control of FM radio, lighting, a clock, and an ambient temperature display.

15. Asus Bang Olufsen NX90 Computer Notebook

This super stylish Notebook is bound to give the Macbook Pro some competition. With a highly polished aluminum body, this ASUS notebook features two touchpads and was designed by none other than David Lewis.

16. Radio Active by Erez Bar-Am

Radio Active is an analog radio that requires you to physically move strings in order to turn up the volume or change the station.

17. ORA Watch Concept by Alexandros

The picture says it all, this watch has a unconventional creative display!

18. Heartbeats Headphones by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga created this design to ensure quality and uniqueness. You wont find any other headphone om the market that look like this.

19. BeoTime by Bang & Olufsen

This flute like clock provides snooze via motion sensor, automatic backlighting, display orientation with tilt sensor, and of course a good old radio!

20. Spica Speaker by Yuki Yamamoto

Whats better that hearing bass? Seeing the water bump to it!

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