71 Funniest Pregnancy Memes On The Web

Last Updated on January 12, 2022

Whoever said that being pregnant was the coolest experience in life probably only polled men. For women, pregnancy comes with mixed feelings. It’s a journey that inspires fear and felicity in equal measure.

It begins with delayed periods, which are eventually missed completely. It then proceeds to tender breasts that give way to nausea, fatigue, and bladder incontinence. At this point, it starts to dawn on you that those scintillating weekend sexcapades didn’t come to nothing, after all. Of course, as to whether the pregnancy was planned or accidental is water under the bridge now. A precious life form has already begun developing in your blessed womb, and it’s your responsibility to see it grow to full maturity.

So, you start to prepare yourself physically and psychologically for one of a woman’s most arduous journeys in life. You go breaking the news to your near and dear ones; others can wait for their ‘wow’ moment when the belly starts to protrude.

Now, the beautiful thing about pregnancy is that every single day of the 40-or-so weeks is a milestone worth celebrating. And in this age of the internet, there’s no better place to broadcast your expected bundle of joy than on social media.

But you can’t just go making a flat post on your social media profile to the effect that you have a bun in the oven. You need a suitable meme to capture how you truly feel about your pregnancy and the imminent childbirth. And that’s where pregnancy memes come in. We have trawled the internet for the cutest, most creative, and hilarious pregnancy memes to keep you entertained through those trying nine months.

Our collection includes memes that capture your situation across all the three trimesters with a special focus on the first trimester, which is arguably the most challenging one. Whether you’re struggling with strange food cravings or the sudden realization that your dresses don’t fit you anymore, we have just the perfect pregnancy meme for you.

We also have pregnancy memes that aptly depict the reactions of most men when it suddenly hits them that they’re expecting a baby. Not to mention, satirical memes portraying the baby’s take on the whole pregnancy situation.

Browse through the collection below for a perfect pregnancy meme to share on your next Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post.

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