60 Best Conversation Starters When Texting for Dating

It may feel like talking online or through text is easier than in person, but it can often be a nerve-wracking experience finding the right words to send when striking up a conversation. Too often can text and online chat be misconstrued with your words taken out of context, especially in the dating world.

For those of you who find yourselves staring at a screen struggling to find the right words to say, we’re here to give you some helpful dating conversation starters.

Good Conversation Starters for Texting

With so many people glued to their phones these days, here are some good conversation starters to use when texting a potential date that keeps things short and sweet.

  • Did you have a good day at work/school?
  • What’s the best bad movie you ever watched?
  • Do you have a dream job?
  • Got any funny memes you want to share?
  • Have you crossed out anything on your bucket list lately?
  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to do?
  • Is your ideal first date something lowkey or more exciting?
  • What do you love/hate the most about work/school?
  • I think we’d both have a good weekend if we hung out together.
  • Binged watch any good TV shows lately?
  • Have any favorite types of foods?
  • Name your top five favorite/least favorite superheroes and why.
  • Prefer to plan or be spontaneous?
  • What’s the funniest movie you ever watched?
  • There’s a genie and you get three wishes … name them.
  • What country have you always wanted to visit/live in?
  • What would your theme song be?
  • Is texting easier for you than speaking on the phone?
  • What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
  • Do you have a favorite animal?


Online Dating Conversation Starters

The online dating world continues to expand, so it’s important not to use just any conversation starter when you’re interested in someone.

  • Is there something you loved doing as a kid but can’t stand anymore?
  • How willing are you to experiment with foods from different cultures?
  • Anything exciting happen lately at school/work?
  • Are you more of a morning person or is night owl your flavor?
  • Do you go all out when decorating for the holidays?
  • What’s the absolute worst trait a person can have in your eyes?
  • What’s the best/worst date you ever had?
  • Do you have a favorite book genre to read?
  • Is there a place you’ve always wanted to go for a date but never went?
  • Ever been to any live concerts?
  • Is there one relative/friend you know you could say anything to and they won’t judge you?
  • You’ve been given a way time travel—where do you go?
  • If you could have a dinner party, who would you invite (fictional, real, living, or dead)?
  • What’s your favorite/most hated season of the year?
  • Got any cool Halloween costumes or ideas you’ve always wanted to try?
  • What was your childhood dream job?
  • Exercising every week: heck yes or kill me now (no)?
  • Do you play video games and what is your favorite?
  • Christmas music during fall: yes or no?
  • You’ve been invited to a barbeque, so what side dish do you bring?

Best Conversation Starter When Texting for Dating.

What’s your greatest fear?


Best Conversation Starter When Texting for Dating.

Prefer to plan or be spontaneous?


Good Tinder Conversation Starters

With everyone swiping this way and that way, interest can wane quickly on Tinder, so check out some of these attention-grabbing conversation starters.

  • What’s the worst/best pick-up line someone used on you here?
  • Are pictures important, or do you like to get to know someone before making a decision?
  • You can be honest with me: ever purposely left someone on read?
  • If we were going on a date tomorrow, what’s the one place you wouldn’t want to go to?
  • Craving any dessert lately?
  • What’s the one thing about yourself you love the most?
  • Is there one trait a potential partner needs to have?
  • Ever gone on a road trip before?
  • What’s the most interesting date you’ve ever had?
  • Have you ever been on a virtual date before?
  • Do you believe in marriage or is it just a piece a paper for you?
  • What’s better: big gatherings or intimate get-togethers?
  • Got any favorite ways to stay healthy (eating, exercising, etc.)?
  • Are you close with your family?
  • What’s your greatest fear?
  • Do you have any regrets in life that you would do anything to take back?
  • If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?
  • If you won the lottery right now, what’s the first thing you would do?
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where you would go and who would you bring?
  • If we were stranded on a deserted island, who do you think would go crazy first?


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60 Best Conversation Starters When Texting for Dating.


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