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You love your country, and you know it. You hang a flag outside your house so that your neighbors know you are a true patriot who is devoted to the land of his father and grandfather. You call the nation you live in a home, and you can identify with all the other citizens that take the same approach and share the same views. So what’s the best way to show your patriotic feelings to the rest of the world? By giving your baby boy or baby girl a patriotic name! There’s no shame in it, don’t listen to the ones that will turn around and say this is too much, or maybe even racist. There’s nothing wrong with loving your country, and we should never be ashamed of showing our devotion. Giving your son or daughter one of the following 100 patriotic names will guarantee they will also grow up to be true patriots as dedicated to your country as you are!Hello! My Name Is Abigail.

Patriotic Baby Girl Names

  • Abigail: From Abigail Adams, a former first lady
  • Amelia: From Amelia Earhart, renowned pilot
  • America: a surge of patriotism after the catastrophic events of 9/11 sent this name into the mainstream in 2001. The name America carries a very powerful image. America Ferrera, who starred in “Ugly Betty,” is one of the most known women taking this emblematic name.
  • Asia: a patriotic name for our Asian friends.
  • Belle: From the Liberty Bell
  • Betsy: From Betsy Ross, the one who made the first American flag
  • Blue: the color found on many flags makes it a patriotic name and can be given to both boys and girls.
  • Britannia: From the USS Britannia, a steamship captured by the Union Navy during the Civil War
  • Brittany or Britain or Britannia or Britany or Britney or Brittnee or Brittney or
  • Brooklyn: From a well-known city in New York


  • Cheyenne: A native American name that means unintelligible speaker. Also known as Shyann.
  • Coretta: From Coretta Scott King, activist wife of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Davida: a form of David, was one of the most powerful Kings of Israel, according to the Bible.
  • Deborah: From Deborah Sampson, a woman who disguised herself as a man and became an American Revolution war hero
  • Destiny: From “manifest destiny,” the belief that the United States was destined by God to expand across North America
  • Eleanor: From Eleanor Roosevelt, a former first lady
  • Elizabeth: the Queen of England, a true symbol of English royalty and an iconic figure in world politics.
  • Flag: the banner and emblem of nations that lead armies into battle. Many soldiers have died to defend it as the fall of a flag usually means defeat, an unfortunate outcome of the war.
  • Free: what we take for granted in modern societies was something that people had to fight for not in the very distant past. A free man was a privilege, and bearing the name Free will always remind the struggle of people to win their independence.
  • Georgia: From the state of Georgia
  • Glory: From the 1989 film Glory that was based on the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
  • Hannah: From Hannah Adams, an author who wrote books based on United States history
  • Harriet: From Harriet Tubman, who fought for equal rights
  • Honor: This word describes men and women of high moral standing
  • Jackie: From Jackie Kennedy, a former first lady
  • Jane: From Jane Addams, a leader in social work and women’s suffrage
  • Libada: a rare name of unknown origin

Hello! My Name is Liberty.

  • Liberty: is synonymous with freedom, power, and the right of a nation to autonomy.
  • Lydia: From Lydia Barrington Darragh, a Quaker turned Patriot spy during the American Revolution
  • Madison: From James Madison, a former President
  • Martha: From Martha Washington, a former first lady
  • Mercy: From the compassion and forgiveness the United States is known for
  • Molly: From Molly Pitcher, a nickname given for a woman who carried water to American soldiers at the Battle of Monmouth during the American Revolution
  • Nation: the state, the country of our fathers, the homeland which all patriots love and care about.
  • Pacifika derives from the pacific, so the name is “soothing.” After tension between the two countries, the conciliatory time brings peace and harmony back to the table; thus, Pacifika is an unusual but strong patriotic name.
  • Peace: a time of harmony when no war threatens home security.
  • Queenie: another form of Queen, a name of English origin where the royal family has a long tradition.
  • Rebel: From the most famous rebellion, the American Revolution
  • Rosie: From Rosie the Riveter, an iconic fictional person who was created to recruit and represent female factory workers during WWII
  • Spirit: the soul of a country, the essence of every tradition each nation holds. The spirit of soldiers during war needs to be always high. Spirit as a name will also bring a sense of inner self-balance and vital life force to the mind.
  • Starr: female name that derives from the stars on the flag of the USA.
  • Susan: From Susan B. Anthony, an important leader and women’s rights activist
  • Sybil: From Sybil Ludington, a hero and patriot during the American Revolutionary War
  • Utopia: an ideal, a paradise.
  • Victoria: From “victory,” which can best describe the Revolutionary War
  • Victory: winning the war is always a conquest, a triumph over your enemies.
  • Virginia: From the state of Virginia

Hello! My Name is Eagle.

Patriotic Baby Boy Names

  • Aaron: From Aaron Burr, a former Vice President
  • Abraham: From Abraham Lincoln, a former President
  • Amerigo is the male form of America, also known as Americus, Emeric, and Emmerich.
  • Andrew: Derived from the Greek andreios (manly). The name is borne by one of the apostles. He was a fisherman, a brother of Simon Peter, a disciple of John the Baptist, and the first disciple of Jesus.
  • Austin: From a city in Texas
  • Banner: From the “Star-Spangled Banner”
  • Benjamin: From Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States
  • Booker: From Booker T. Washington, one of the most influential Black educator and reformers, and developed Tuskegee University
  • Boston: From a well-known city in Massachusetts
  • Bronx: From a bureau in New York City
  • Carter: From Jimmy Carter, a former President
  • Cherokee: not the Jeep, haha!
  • Columbus is the man who found America; this name should be patriotic without further explanation!
  • Dallas: From a city in Texas


  • Douglass: From Frederick Douglass, a famous American abolitionist
  • Eagle: the symbol of power in America and in numerous other traditions.
  • Ellis: From Ellis Island, a site in New York where you can find the Statue of Liberty
  • Enoch: From a biblical figure who was an ancestor of Noah
  • George: From George Washington, a former President. Comes from the Greek word geōrgos (γεωργός), who is the person who works with the earth, a farmer. The first two letters of the name “ge” mean earth, making it a patriotic name as all patriots love their land.
  • Hamilton: From Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States
  • Harrison: From William Harrison, a former President
  • Henry: From Patrick Henry, a famous figure of the American Revolution and one of our Founding Fathers
  • Jackson: From Andrew Jackson, a former President
  • Jefferson: From Thomas Jefferson, a former President
  • John: From John Adams, a former President

Hello! My name is Ulysses.

  • Ulysses: For Ulysses S. Grant, a former President and Civil War General
  • Knox: From Fort Knox, which was named for Henry Knox, the first United States Secretary of War
  • Lincoln: From Abraham Lincoln, a former President, one of the founding fathers of the US.
  • Martin: From Martin Luther King Jr., a famous activist, and leader in the American Civil Rights Movement
  • Maverick: From Samuel Maverick, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
  • Mordecai: From Alfred Mordecai, an engineer who made important contributions to scientific research and military technology
  • Patrick: the name comes from the word “patricius,” which means nobleman in Latin. The name is well known because Saint Patrick, the Christian missionary who lived in the 4th century and is the Irish patron saint of their country.
  • Patriot: the one loyal to his country, the partisan nationalist who is not a xenophobe nor a racist.
  • Paul: From Paul Revere, a colonialist and patriot hero of the American Revolution
  • Quincy: From John Quincy Adams, a former President
  • Red: the color of power and rage, the color of bloodshot and inflamed.
  • Revere: From Paul Revere, a colonialist and patriot hero of the American Revolution
  • Sailor: is a person who serves in the Navy.
  • Salute: the move that all soldiers do when they are addressing a superior officer.
  • Thomas: From Thomas Jefferson, a former President
  • Valor: From those who displayed courage during battle
  • William: The first name of many former Presidents including William McKinley


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