Apple’s iOS 16.1 beta changes battery icon, fixes copy and paste bugs

If you were annoyed by the new battery icon in iOS 16, we have good news for you: Apple has changed it for the better.

After the advent of the notch on the iPhone X launched in 2017, Apple (regrettably) stopped showing the battery charge indicator icon in the top right corner, possibly due to lack of space. In iOS 16, the company brought the icon back, but it stripped it down, with a percentage number appearing inside the battery icon, which was (confusingly) always drawn as full.

Now, in iOS 16.1 public beta 2, the company has finally done what it should have done from the beginning: It changed the battery icon so that it slowly fades to “empty” as the battery drains.

Additionally, there is now a charging indicator that appears on the lock screen when the phone is charging. It is not always visible; Instead, it appears when the phone wakes from sleep and disappears after a second.

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Apple has also fixed the “copy and paste” bug that plagued iOS 16 users, wherein a message prompting to allow or deny pasting would appear way too often. Your iPhone should now stop asking if you allow pasting every five minutes.

MacRumors reports that this release hasn’t fixed another annoying bug where the iPhone 14 Pro’s rear camera shakes and buzzes when opened with third-party apps like TikTok. The fix is ​​reportedly coming in next week’s iOS 16 update.

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