Can you get verified on Mastodon? what to know.
Can you get verified on Mastodon?  what to know.

Can you get verified on Mastodon? what to know.

Can you get verified on Mastodon? what to know.

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Bye, Twitter. All the cool kids are migrating to Mastodon.

However, Mastodon has nothing to do with verification or any such process. Mashable And while some things have changed on Mastodon, it remains true that “there is no official verification process”.

So what can do How do you get verified on Mastodon if you don’t have a profile?

In fact, there is no official verification process for profiles, as Mastodon says, “document-based verification and blue ticks are not possible without a central authority.” The company can, however, verify links – Mastodon cross-references links on people’s profiles to confirm that they are the owner. According to the platform, it “could serve as the next best thing to identity verification.”

So, if you place a link in your Mastodon profile, the company “checks whether the linked page links back to your Mastodon profile. If so, you get a verification checkmark next to that link, Because you are confirmed as the owner.” The company does this by checking the rel=”me” attribute – a standard way of checking whether a linked website belongs to a user on a third party site. Sounds confusing, as it does with Mastodon a lot, but essentially you’ll get a verification checkmark for your link – though not necessarily your profile.

Mastodon offers some tips for passing verification, making sure the link you’re adding is served securely (over HTTPS) and hosting Mastodon on your own domain.

Alternatively, as Mashable did a few years ago (see our DIY steps below), just add a checkmark emoji next to your name. Tumblr would be proud — after all, it’s currently offering two worthless blue checks to any user willing to pay $7.99. , MN

How to get ‘verified’ on Mastodon without actually being verified

Becoming a verified human in this world requires some credentials—unless you’re on a mastodon, that is.

While Twitter makes its little birds fly through hoops (read: pay) to earn that verification tick alongside their names, Mastodon — the open-source version of Twitter — creates the iconic symbol. excess more accessible. seriously.

Like Twitter, Eugen Rocco’s platform, Mastodon, allows users to create accounts, interact with others, and post status updates. But rest assured, there are several key differences between the two sites. In addition to the updates being called “toots” instead of tweets 🙄 one key difference is that Mastodon lacks the ability to officially verify its users, at least for now. This hasn’t stopped users from “verifying” themselves though.

Curious and a little skeptical to see if something so simple could be happening in life, I created an account to see for myself, and to my surprise, within the first five minutes of my mastodon life, I too was verified. was.

Toot tot!

Here’s my name and official looking tick for proof:

I’m official, baby!!!
Credits: Screenshot: Mastodon

So, if there is no official verification process, how are all these users getting verified? It’s as easy as a simple copy-and-paste task.

Not really.

All you need is this green check mark emoji ✅ and a belief that you have what it takes to be verified, or at least give others the illusion that you are. Simply click “Edit Profile” and copy and paste the emoji next to your name to do the magic.

I am not “verified”.
Credits: Screenshot: Mastodon

I “verified.”
Credits: Screenshot: Mastodon

Mastodon’s counterfeit verification process lets you alternative, If you want to be a little rebellious while still maintaining the appearance of a “verified user,” you can swap in these other check mark emoji instead to fit your desired mood: ☑️ or ✔️. , ng

Credits: Screenshot: Mastodon

Credits: Screenshot: Mastodon