Charge 3 devices at once for only $11.11 with this LED cable on sale

tl;dr; Doctor: You Can Get the LED Three-in-One Cable by November 16th(opens in a new tab) For only $11.11 instead of $29 – that’s a 62% discount.

No more reaching in the dark when it’s time to plug your phone in for the night. This LED three-in-one cable has connectors for Micro, Type-C, and Lightning devices, and starts glowing the moment it’s plugged into a power source. Normally $29, get one of these shiny charger cables(opens in a new tab) It’s only $11.11 on 11/11. No Coupon Code Required.

A cool looking cable for an awesome price

Plug in one of these cables for a hard-to-miss aesthetic tweak that’s as useful as it is cool. With selections in blue, red, green, and purple, these LED cables are great if you want something that’s practical, atmospheric, and easy to find when your phone battery is almost at 0.

this cute charger(opens in a new tab) Works great too. Get charging speeds of up to 2.4A when paired with a compatible AC adapter, and you can split it across up to three devices. Power your Android, iPad and any micro device at the same time. It’s 39.4 inches overall, and the end splits into three outputs with enough room that they shouldn’t tangle.

The LED 3-in-one is made of PVC and TPE material. PVC is a common cable material that is made to be fire resistant and durable. TPE is a flexible cable coating that helps protect your charger from breakage or wear.

With three cable outputs and high visibility, this charger can be useful to keep in your car or nightstand. Now there’s nothing to reach for when you want to plug in your phone during long drives in the dark.

A cable that looks and works great

Charge three devices at once with this vibrant, durable cable with connectors for USB-C, Lightning, and Micro, and you might not even have to pay full price. “Celebrate” 11/11 by Getting an LED Three-in-One Cable(opens in a new tab) For just $11.11 – with this sale ending November 16th. That’s over 50% off its regular price of $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

LED 3-in-1 cable on a dark background.

credit: Amedeo

LED 3-in-1 Cable
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$11.11 on the Mashable Shop

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