Complete your smart home with the Google Nest Protect now on sale

Save $20: Google Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smart Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Wired Alarm(opens in a new tab) Available for sale at Best Buy for $99.99.

Google has a way of making something as boring as a smoke detector a little exciting. their nest protect(opens in a new tab) This could be the final touch gadget to add to your home if you are looking to convert it into a smart home. (Or it could be your first smart home gadget.)

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector alerts you by speaking in a calm and clear human voice — basically like the Google Assistant(opens in a new tab),

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In addition to voicing its findings, it can also send detection alerts and battery status updates to your smartphone. It can even connect to your Nest Thermostat(opens in a new tab) To turn off your gas furnace when carbon monoxide is present. Plus, it comes with a spare battery to ensure operation during power outages.

Give yourself peace of mind and get the Nest Protect at Best Buy for only $99.99(opens in a new tab),

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Save $20 at Best Buy
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