Elon Musk is finally relaunching Twitter Blue

Those interested in buying the blue checkmark are in luck: Twitter is finally relaunching Twitter Blue.

Twitter announced that it will be relaunching Twitter Blue in a tweet yesterday (December 12). Twitter Blue was previously delayed as the social media platform tried to figure out a way to avoid Apple’s 30 percent fee on in-app purchases. To offset the fee, Twitter is now charging $8 per month on the web and $11 through its iPhone app.

So what does the membership fee get you now? Access to edit tweets, 1080p video uploads, reader mode, and of course, the iconic blue checkmark. Twitter will also review accounts before awarding blue checkmarks and will remove blue checkmarks and re-review Twitter Blue accounts whenever they change their handle, display name or profile photo. The announcement did not specify what makes an account ineligible for the blue checkmark.

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This will tackle the confusion over what is an official account by making everything more complicated. Twitter is eliminating the “Official Account” profile tag and introducing gold and gray checkmarks. The gold checkmarks will be for businesses, while the gray ones will be for government and multilateral accounts.

We should never hear about Twitter Blue again.

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