Elon Musk suggests bringing back Vine, asks Mr Beast for suggestions

Elon Musk isn’t wasting any time converting Twitter.

Not only that, he’s taken on a customer service role, he’s poking fun at the expense of the company’s internal processes, and he’s discussing grand ideas and massive changes with his Twitter followers.

We knew the Musk era would be an interesting time for Twitter, but judging from Chief Twit’s first three days of reign, it’s also going to be intense.

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Take Musk’s latest tweet (at the time of writing) as an example. In a poll, he’s asking his followers whether Twitter should bring back Vineis a short video sharing service that it acquired in 2012 and shut down in 2016.

YouTuber MrBeast Chimes with a note. “If you did that and actually competed with Tik Tok, it would be hilarious,” he says. Musk replies, “What can we do to make it better than TikTok.”

And there you go: Musk is casually mulling over how to bring back a long-dead video-sharing service, a feat that will cost Twitter a fair amount of money with random people on the Internet. There will be no doubt.

With the speed with which Twitter has made some changes to the site (we’re looking at you, edit button), it almost makes sense that Musk would want to move things at a different pace. And he’s not stopping at the tips. As first reported by The Verge, Musk has already overridden some internal circuit breakers to make a significant change to Twitter’s homepage, which now shows trending tweets and news for logged-out users. is, instead of logging in (or signing up). for) service.

twitter homepage
Twitter’s homepage now displays this if you’re logged out.
credit: Stan Schroeder / Twitter

Echoing the way he sometimes handles user complaints about Tesla vehicles, Musk responded to some users by promising that he would help with their user account issues on Twitter.

In the last 24 hours, Musk has made fun of one Automated, Internal Email which inspired him to start a management tutorial, plans indicated The verification process is being “revamped now,” promising to make verification a subscription-only feature allow long videos on the platform, and said the character limit, one of Twitter’s main features, “absolutely”. be removed, How’s that for three days’ work?

With key executions pictured and reports of more layouts to come, it’s hard to say how soon Musk’s idea (and the ideas of his followers) might come to fruition. But it doesn’t look like Musk is willing to wait too long before introducing new features — even if a few things break along the way.

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