Facebook will let you host livestreams from Messenger Rooms

It looks like many of us will be hunkering down until the COVID-19 pandemic passes, so Facebook is adding more virtual hangouts features to Messenger Rooms.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Empire Announced(opens in a new tab) On Thursday morning the Messenger Rooms video call app will get some integration with Facebook Live. From within the Messenger Rooms app, you can press a button and go Live on Facebook, sharing whatever conversation you’re having with the world. Invite up to 50 people to join the call and you can host the most chaotic live podcast ever.

Or a virtual book club, or a webinar, or really anything else you want. Once you start a stream, you get a chance to choose where it’s shared on Facebook and who can see it. You can add new guests in between broadcasts and kick them out if they’re becoming unruly. According to Facebook, it will be rolling out in “some countries” on Thursday, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get it right away. Eventually, it will be available everywhere.

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also allows zoom(opens in a new tab) Its users broadcast things on Facebook Live, so it makes sense that Facebook would mitigate this with its own built-in feature. Messenger Rooms was launched earlier this year amid the pandemic. Our reviewer Brenda Stoliar praised it for allowing up to 50 people in the same room for free with no time limit. That said, as with everything Facebook does, there are privacy concerns to worry about. Be careful, people.

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