Framework’s repairable laptop just got Google-ified

The most customizable laptop around gave users even more options.

last years framework laptop It was a boon for “right to repair” enthusiasts because of its modular design, and now it may come with ChromeOS. Framework announced framework laptop chromebook edition This week, Google’s proprietary laptop brought its high level of customization to the OS fans. you can pre order It’s now huge (by Chromebook standards) for a $1,000 starting price, and shipments begin in December.

For those who don’t know, the Framework laptop (which defaulted to Windows when it launched last year) is rare in the laptop world in that it’s basically built to be different. It also comes with a screwdriver and simple instructions for taking apart the device and replacing each major component like the onboard memory and storage. The real kicker was the swappable port system, which gives you any combination of four USB, USB-C, HDMI, or Ethernet (among others) ports on the device.

framework laptop port
You can swap the ports in and out depending on your needs.
credit: Molly Flores / Mashable

This new version comes with a 2256×1504 resolution display, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage, but you can upgrade the latter two specs to 64GB and 1TB, respectively. Like anything else with ChromeOS, you can install any app on Google’s Play Store, making it a decidedly Android-like laptop experience. The framework will also let you put different colored bezels around the display for some added personalisation.

I’d still personally go with the Windows option, but the Framework laptop is great regardless of OS. Now, people who love ChromeOS can get in on the fun too.

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