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tl;dr Dr: You can get the BOSMA Aegis smart door lock until October 12th(opens in a new tab) For just $89.99 instead of $119.99 – that’s a 24% discount.

home security(opens in a new tab) Home facilities can also be there. Some security cameras can even notify you when a package is delivered or let you check on your pets when you’re out of town. Now your lock can be smarter and more secure too. The BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock is an easy-to-install lock control that gives you remote access to your front door, along with other great features.

This is part of the Deal Days sale that runs until October 12, with the entire collection on sale(opens in a new tab)Including flat 24% off on this smart deadbolt add-on.

An intelligent lock that you can control with Alexa or Google Assistant

The Aegis Smart Lock gives you an extra layer of control over your deadbolt without preventing you from using your key. Installation is easy and should only require a screwdriver. Just take the cover off the top of your deadbolt, then put on the Aegis. Your door’s exterior will look the same, so you don’t have to worry about apartment or dorm room restrictions.

Once it is installed, you can start enjoying a better security system. Including auto-unlock and auto-lock. Aegis can be locked when you leave and unlocked when you return. You can also set up passcode access. Setting up a temporary passcode for the visitor(opens in a new tab) Might be easier than copying your key. Using the Bosma app, you can even remotely access your door and lock or unlock it from almost anywhere in the world. No more going to work and wondering if you remembered to lock the door.

And if someone tries to break in through the front door, Aegis will sound the siren and notify you immediately. It will also tell you if the door is left ajar.

lock your home security

Help make your home safer from unwanted visitors and more accessible to you. During this Deal Days sale, get the BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock(opens in a new tab) for $89.99 (reg. $119). No Coupon Code Required.

Prices are subject to change.

BOSMA Aegis smart door lock on white background.

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BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock
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$89.99 on the Mashable Shop

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