Google is celebrating its 22nd birthday with a socially distant Google Doodle

Google was born 22 years ago on September 27. Naturally, the company is celebrating with one of its signature Google Doodles.

And of course, even Google’s logo is being responsible by celebrating its birthday as a Needed During a pandemic: A friendly gathering via video chat with cake, gifts and confetti. The cute little party is apparently being held on Google Hangouts – or is that Google Meet? I don’t know, it’s hard to keep up anymore.

If you’re not familiar with Google Doodles, it’s when the tech giant changes up its search engine’s traditional logo to celebrate special days and people. Whether it’s a famous artist or a holiday, unique doodles are created as a commemoration.

Usually when you click on a doodle, it takes you to the history of the subject or person. That way, you can take the time to learn more by diving deep into all the different links. You didn’t hear it from me, but it’s a fun way to procrastinate.

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However, with this particular Doodle, you’re brought to a bunch of current information about Google, like top news stories and blog posts from the company. But hey, it’s Google’s birthday and clearly, this is what it wanted on the day.

Given that we’ve probably all heard the history of how Google started a million times, it’s probably also for the best. If you want to know more, though, the company made sure to pen a short blurb about its origins in this blog post(opens in a new tab),

Speaking of Google’s history, it’s also worth noting that doodles have come a long way since the genesis of the first doodle.(opens in a new tab) in 1998. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin stuck a stick in front of the second “O” in the logo, to use it as a “away message” indicating they were off to party at the Burning Man festival. made a picture of

Thankfully, no more stick figures have been found. Instead, the company now has a dedicated team of illustrators and engineers working on something more in-depth and aesthetically pleasing to doodle.

And, if you’re bored, you can search through the entire collection(opens in a new tab) Over 4,000 Doodles. I know you’re most welcome.

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