Google’s ChatGPT rival Bard is coming to search results next month

Not to be outdone by Bing, Google is bringing generative AI to search results next month.

At Google’s Live From Paris event on Wednesday, the search giant revealed new details about Bard, its conversational AI technology. Bard, a ChatGPT-style competitor, was announced earlier this week — a day before Microsoft unveiled its updated version of Bing powered by OpenAI’s artificial intelligence technology.

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Generative AI Search in Google Results
Google displayed a demo of its conversational AI technology.
Credits: Google

Google Senior VP Prabhakar Raghavan showed a demo of how asking about the best constellations to look at while gazing showed a detailed, interactive answer directly on the search page. “New general AI features will help [Google] Organize complex information and multiple perspectives, right insights. With this, you will be able to quickly understand the big picture and then move on to explore different angles,” said Raghavan.

Most of this news was already covered at Google’s Bard launch on Monday, though we now know a little more about how Bard will be used in Google Search. Ever since OpenAI’s ChatGPT launched, Google has been scrambling to capture the conversational AI technology that has taken the internet by storm and will be used to power Bing search results.

The small section of the event (which was padded with straightforward features for Maps and Search) felt like a last-minute addition, showing a rarely seen vulnerability from the tech giant. Since the event has ended, the livestream recording has been made private.

The Google livestream event featuring this is now private
Shortly after the livestream, the recording was made private.
Credits: Google

Bard as a chatbot, which is powered by a lightweight version of Google’s proprietary language model technology LaMDA, is already available to a select group of testers, but will be available to developers, creators and enterprises via an API next month. will be available for

Needless to say, the AI ​​race between Google and Microsoft is heating up.

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