Leaked video basically confirms Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5G

It’s been a week of leaks for Samsung – Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Tab S7+, these were weird samsung galaxy earbuds(opens in a new tab), and now the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. The promotional video, which was presumably reserved for the Unpacked 2020 event in August, was leaked for all to enjoy.

Noted leaker Max Weinbach posted the video on Twitter, giving us a closer look at the latest version of the foldable phone.

Looking at the video, it looks like the 5G variant will be offered in two colors – “Mystic Bronze” (to match the Note 20 Ultra) and a dark grey. The standard Z Flip is available in Mirror Purple, Mirror Black, and Mirror Gold.

Apart from the new color though, there doesn’t appear to be a 5G version All which is different from the original version. There is still a dual camera module, a small cover display for notifications, and a free-standing hinge.

Of course, since it is equipped with 5G connectivity, the changes will probably be reserved under the hood. While the standard Z Flip features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, the Z Flip could instead pack the latest Snapdragon 865 Plus with support for 5G.

As mentioned earlier, we can expect the rest of the specifications to remain mostly the same. According to ledge(opens in a new tab)Samsung may replace the 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor with a 10-megapixel ultra-wide sensor instead – to pair with the 12-megapixel main camera.

However, Weinbach revealed earlier this month that the only change is that it might be slightly thicker and longer than the previous version.

We don’t have any details on pricing, but seeing as how the original Z Flip is priced at $1,500, you’ll probably have to pay a little extra for that 5G support.

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