New Samsonite backpack uses Google technology to connect with your phone

Looking for a way to interact with your phone without actually looking at it? Samsonite may have a solution – at least for some scenarios.

The company’s new Konnect-i backpack uses Google’s Jacquard technology to connect to your smartphone. Jacquard is a smart module that is inserted into one of the backpack’s straps, and the backpack also has a touch-sensitive part on the same strap. The Backpack supports a number of gestures, such as swiping up or down and double tapping, that you can assign to perform various actions on your phone.

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The Konnect-i comes in two sizes: slim and standard. (Pictured: Thin.)
Credits: Samsonite

These actions can be anything from starting or stopping a music track to asking for navigation directions. The Jacquard module also lights up and vibrates when you receive an incoming call or text message. This is all setup through a smartphone app that is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

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All options are controlled via a smartphone app.
Credits: Samsonite

How useful all of this is remains open to debate, as many of these tasks can easily be performed on a smartwatch or even a smartphone (yes, even without looking – the iPhone’s back Remember the Tap feature?). On their website, Samsonite has a funny ad where a sloth (yes, a real animal) steals one of these backpacks and then uses it to play music and take selfies, which I think is the least of the usage scenarios Not realistic. Joking aside, urban dwellers who never part with their backpacks (I often turn to one of those when traveling) can create a custom setup that can be helpful, especially if you’re often on a bike or scooter. are traveling

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If a sloth steals your backpack, at least he’ll be able to navigate the city without touching your phone.
Credits: Samsonite

Other examples of everyday items using the jacquard technique include Levi’s trucker jacket with jacquard.(opens in a new tab)where the module is located in one of the sleeves of the jacket.

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Aside from the Jacquard module, the Konnect-i is a fairly standard backpack with a water-repellent coating, multiple storage pockets, and a laptop compartment that fits laptops up to 15.6 inches in size.

Bag(opens in a new tab) Available in two formats: the standard version costs $219.99, while the slim version costs $199.99. The only color available is black.

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