Opulus Makes Retinol Somehow Simple Via Adorable Little Pods

If you think all skincare comes in the form of prepackaged creams or serums, you are wrong. And if you thought the only way you could adjust the temperature of your skincare was to chill it in a chic-but-space-stealing mini fridge, you thought even more wrong.

The Opulus Skincare System takes both of these notions and turns them on their head. Instead of buying a moisturizer or night cream from a drugstore that usually comes in a classic bottle or pot, Opulus packages its unique formulas in little pods called Opules. To use them, you put an opol into the activator, which melts it down into perfectly split, freshly activated, and optimally heated dosages.

“We’ve created a new format for cosmetics,” said Dr. Rob Ekridge, Inventor and Co-Founder of Opulus, “Think of a chocolate truffle with an outer hard shell and an inner one with a different cream or mixture.” Center is what allows you. To have a different experience. And that’s what each of these Opoles is based on the materials that we put into the outer coat and the inner core, where you can have an array of different products. Everything from face masks to creams to lotions, we can accommodate that.”

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Depending on the goals of your skin, Opoles contain different ingredients to achieve different objectives. Currently, you can use Opulus with its in-system weekly hydration treatment, exfoliation treatment, AHA treatment as well as nightly retinol treatment.

While all available treatments have individual benefits, Opulus’ retinol products have an added appeal: They’re organized into a prescribed regimen of active retinol treatment days and restorative hydration days. For those looking to get in on the retinol game but who may be intimidated by the potent ingredients and need for a self-schedule, Opulus’s gradually increasing retinol amounts and prescribed routine take all the guesswork out of it.

A photo of Opulus Retinol Pods.
Very easy!
Credits: Opulus

On top of the unique Opulus form and supportive retinol routine, Opulus’ technology ensures that your freshly thawed skin is treated at 107°F. According to Opulus’ development team, this temperature makes for the best possible absorption into the skin, making your skin care regimen more effective than ever.

in this episode beauty, hacked, Host Jennimai Nguyen tests out all of Opulus’ big claims over a 30-day trial period. After a month of using the Regimen 1 Retinol+ Starter System, she had tons of ideas about how to incorporate retinol into her routine for the first time in such a high-tech way. In addition, he was aware of whether 107 degrees Fahrenheit measured perfectly really Made a difference in product absorption. Tune in here to hear his verdict, and see for yourself whether the Opulus is worth the $395 price tag.

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