Pay a little more and Uber Eats will deliver faster

If you’ve ever ordered a burger on Uber Eats and anxiously watched the app tracker watch as your meal was submitted, processed, cooked and finally picked up for delivery, there’s a new feature to speed up the process .

The food delivery app on Monday added a priority delivery option. For an additional 99 cents to $2, you can ensure that your delivery driver handles your order before it drops another order in line. This is going to guarantee anywhere from five to 10 minutes less wait time.

Here’s what fast delivery looks like in the app. Your delivery will come directly to you after being picked up. You won’t have to wait for other orders to be dropped off on the way next to your burger and fries.

Credits: Uber

Credits: Uber

The new option is currently only available to US users, but will eventually be rolled out everywhere by Uber Eats. The new fee will be added to the other delivery charges(opens in a new tab) You’re already paying, so the delivery person should get at least part of it. But this does not mean that they will be paid more than usual for delivery.

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For those who are able to hold out a little longer for their lunch or dinner, there’s also a new “no rush” option at checkout, so you may be willing to wait longer for your order. Or save some money. If you’re neither in a rush nor completely zen, there’s still the normal standard delivery with no fees or discounts to think about.

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